Sunday, 1 December 2013

Indian Luxury Car Market Sees Increasing Sales Thanks to Indian young Women Buyers

Indian Luxury Car Market Sees Increasing Sales Thanks to Indian young Women Buyers

India young women always have the connoisseur of the shopping and major target for marketers large luxury clothing and jewelry brands. But now, you will get laid their eyes before your next Market Focus of luxury-class cars. This was the exclusive of the rich and powerful men now the last property of their partners of women.

A growing number of brands of luxury-class cars began offers you products and services, to Lady buyer of passenger cars and the increase in the application is increasingly viable opportunity Marketing.

For example, Mercedes-Benz has until recently were only a very small percentage of women buyers under their customer about 5 % during 2011. But in the introduction of the new class was launched a few months ago, the women have begun to show an interest of the brand in general and in particular in the class.

Mercedes-Benz largest competitor in India, BMW has having regard to its palette X receive a lot of interest to the women the buyer. Special mention to the x1, the particularly attractive for women thanks to their ease of control outside of the anti-release functionality that you perform some time despite a.

Michael perschke, Head of Audi India has said that the women showed great interest for Audi luxury continuing the line. Audi India is trying to attract more women buyers by launching marketing initiatives such as summarized " Audi of women's power drive" on the women succeed in various areas of working life Training Audi Q3s, q5s and Q7s through difficult and difficult land.
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