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Lamborghini Veneno full review

Lamborghini Veneno full review

Veneno 2014 Lamborghini because Reviews & Technical Data

Lamborghini Veneno is a $4 million for spa, tere, that only 3 examples created. Where did the name Veneno? It means "Venom" in Spanish, a suitable name for this because in the light of the headlamps look like my snake Fang. Am I right?
Tea Veneno is on the basis of the Aventador in the enclosure and worn has 6.5 cilitate V12, good for 740bhp  The Monster engine is connected with a 7-speed semi-automatic gearbox. In the interior of the Veneno is a full carbon monocoque that is not only easy, but also very robust. The seats are from Lamborghini tea forged Composite and throughout the interior is the lightweight fabric carbon-fiber CarbonSkin®.
Each Veneno is with a green, red or white color scheme tea cars to celebrate Italian heritage. You would like to reserve one of the three Venenos? Unfortunately three buyers have already their deposits.

Lamborghini is developing its formal language, and it is more clearer than ever before in the Veneno shown at the Geneva Motor Show. On the basis of the Aventador LP700-4, it is in just three units, more tea Demonstrator because. What is the reason for another one for spa, tere, considering that Lamborghini has still not your ultra-low-volume Sesto Elemento Restaurant - to customers? It is the company's 50. Birthday, it flyer 'in May. And tea Veneno-named after "One of the strongest and most aggressive fighting bulls ever," such as Lamborghini informs us - is the perfect way to celebrate.

The cracked skin of the Veneno Aventador hides of carbon Monocoque, more aluminum front and rear subframes. A push rod suspension with horizontal spring/shock absorber units excerpted its race wishes. The interior is largely from the Aventador made from carbon fiber. Tea Veneno is with Pirelli P Zero learned it 20-inch front wheels and 22-inch wheels in the rear. Center-locking Hubs allow a faster changing - and they look great.

Power comes from the incredible L539 6.5 -cilitate V-12 engine, year upgrade to 740 horsepower. The additional performance of the Aventador packs 691 horses-has been found by the enlargement of the air intakes, tea for higher speeds, and the adaptation of existing exhaust system. Power to all four wheels is channelled through the seven-speed, single-clutch automated ISR-transmission, year ultra-fast unit that layers with all the subtleties of a club strike when you select the track-ready "Corsa" setting. The top speed of a high 221 mph, oven more than tea Aventador LP700-4, and it is no coincidence that we are of the opinion that: the McLaren P1.

While all this is remarkable, the real surprise is in the design of the Veneno. It is a radical departure from the view from the train chief designer Luc Donckerwolke with of the Murciélago and Gallardo. We have Lamborghinis are becoming ever more complex and playful over the years, goal, on the whole - which également counting those notamment extreme cars as tea Reventòn gold Sesto Elemento Restaurant --have developed. Purpose tea Veneno looks as if it has been assembled from separate, lce) system coupled, with bulging muscles and a provocative, LMP-like dorsal end in the rear.

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Lamborghini Veneno: only three of thesis is always there is nothing

says "Happy Birthday" as a street-legal racer on the basis of the Aventador.

If you have a weekend, year actor in the parliament and a Pope in a helicopter, it is peut not surprising that the Italians also have thesis Lamborghini Veneno. Veneno was a fight against bulls. One of the strongest, fastest bulls are there ever was. He is, however, most famous for gorging has matador to death in 1914. He was a murderbull. The Italians, one could say, are to your very best when you stop your pills ...

It is therefore a three-of-a-kind - and absolutely road-legal - on the basis of the Aventador showpiece. It has the same 6.5 -L

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