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Ferrari s.p.a. , is an italian sport car manufacturers is based Maranello, Italy. Base Enzo Ferrari 1929, Scuderia Ferrari, sponsored by the company pilots and manufacture cars racing before it is put into production in the street legal vehicles as Ferrari s.p.a. 1947. 1969, Fiat Spa is now a major shareholder Ferrari and now majority shareholder was. In the course of its history, the Compagnie is retained for the continuation of its participation in the area of hunting, especially in formula, where he was a great[citation shall] success. The street cars Ferrari in principle as a symbol of speed, luxury and wealth.

History of 

The way I get a Ferrari 1947 125 s powered by 1.5l V12 engine; Enzo Ferrari Building reluctantly and sold cars to finance Scuderia Ferrari. 2 In
early 1969, the Fiat to 50% share in the Ferrari. As a result of an immediate increase in the funds available for investment, and started work in that one of the Factory aims to expand the scope of the transfer of production of Fiat Torino Engine Factory Ferrari Fiat Dino. A new model for investment in the Ferrari so received a boost.
In 1988 Enzo Ferrari supervised the Ferrari F40, Ferrari in New Load before his death later this year, one of the most famous cars from 2002 to 2004 produced Enzo Ferrari. It was Enzo Ferrari as soon as a model in this time, and introduced and named in your of the company's founder, Enzo Ferrari (although it was called f60, from 40 to 50, but Ferrari was very pleased, they called it Enzo instead). He has offered the loyal and repeat customers all 399 (minus 400, which have been donated to the Vatican for charity) may price of 650.000 Dollars.
In 2012, 15 September, 964 a Ferrari (more than 162 million US-dollars) attended days Ferrari driving in the Arena and then you at Silverstone Silverstone monolithic World Record" [ 3]
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