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Porsche Automobil Holding

Does Holding ad hoc, do (german pronunciacion] ˈpɔʁʃə), I have heard) (2) ( this is a German company investment in the automobile industry.
Do, which has its headquarters in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen of the city the settings of real property do yesterday sunday their families. In July 2012, has stated that the Volkswagen company-german, has been adopted by the company do vehicles the entire, which could even name, but it is not under-do. [ 3] [ 4] in June 2013, Qatar, as regards the investment Qatar vendio 10, now go to the family of its founders to 100. (5) do not have 50.73 of the right to vote, the Volkswagen-. [ 6] has been created
in a society Stuttgart, the doctor. - To grant an honorary doctorate. License in Law F. do GmbH (in 1931, Ferdinand does [ 7] Ould Austrian civil maffersdorf, during the time, has looked at everything and not yerno Anton yesterday, Sunday, the lawyer....

History of Porsche

EC Porsche on the basis of the airline "Dr. ING. h. F. Porsche GmbH" in 1931, with the most important offices 16] in Kronenstrasse 24 in the center of Stuttgart. Originally, the Society has offered vehicle motor vehicle industry work on the development and the consultation [ 16] However is the establishment of with their own name. One of the first and the new entity was sent to the German government for the establishment of a car for people, a "Volkswagen" . [ 16) This has the Volkswagen Beetle, more than one of the successful model car for all phases. (17) Before 1939 Porsche 64 the use in many parts of the Escarabajo
during the second war global [ 18] Volkswagen production military relations on the way to the version of the Volkswagen Beetle, Kubelwagen, [ 18] produced 52,000 and amphibious vehicles, [ 18] 14 000 products. Porsche has contributed a number of models of measurement for heavy commercial vehicles in the current war, loses its meaning in the interest of the report "amp; polyester in the two contracts, finally, the Tigre tigre I and II. However, not all this work has been desperdiciado, such as the Porsche and the for the Tigre I was as a basis for the deposit of elephant destructor. Porsche also developed the super-mouse in the deposit of the in the phase of the war, are between the two. [ 19) until the end of the Second
World War in 1945, the waste water treatment plant of Volkswagen KDF-city, is for the British. Since the EC will be lost, the President of the Management Board of Volkswagen and "Hirst, a British army major, from the factory. (In Wolfsburg, Volkswagen reportajes Apodado "Commander UK has considerable Volkswagen. "20 On 15. December this year EC was at the same time careful war crimes, but not to. Its 20 months in prison in the current EC Porsche, the Son, the in the Porsche decided, the structure of its own vehicle, because it is to find an existing to buy the. It also of the-of the society by some the most difficult that the surname until the release in the August 1947. [ 21) The first models to that in the 356 was built in a small (, sawmill in Austria. [ 21] The prototipo is on the in the German should be, and if the pre-applied for a threshold is reached, the production has begun. As many as 356 coils because the first Porsche was the first model you by the company. Porsche Zuffenhausen Reutter, a company entrusted with the bodywork, the already colaborado to businesses in Volkswagen Beetle also, to you the 356steel body. In 1952, Porsche builds a plant of the assembly (Plant 2) off the coast of the special Reutter with the bodywork, the on the road the most important in in front of the coast of Plant 1, the more than ex-building Porsche, now as Porschestrasse. [ 22] attestation of the 356 1948 on the road.
Porsche of the logo of the company on the escudo free state in the population of the Wuerttemberg ex-germany (, has as its capital the Stuttgart Baden-Württemberg and the part due to the consolidation common Germany West Africa in 1949. After the little on 30. January 1951 EC Porsche, this after a career.

In Germany, the items were generally cortocircuito in the diet, so that the 356 automotive components of the Volkswagen Beetle be used, including their internal search engine combustion, transmission and suspension. The 356, but has several stages development, a, b, and C, while in the production, and many of its elements have been replaced by Porsche Volkswagen items. The last 356s were fully the spark-ignition engines by the Porsche-engines. The elegant carrocería was the by- between also has the on the body of the insecto. Porsche's signing of aim, since the beginning lancha, frozen by the search engine (such as the air Ruckschritt-Handhabung Escarabajo), rara for other automobile manufacturers, however, the of are very well balanced.
In 1964 in connection with a bound;
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