Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Although the x5 is a little in the years come, it is always a competitive option. BMW has done a good job, the x5 still fresh. They have as well as they are not "soft".  The car affects almost one little einsch├╝chternd on the road. The x5-units is good, but it is not very interested in the "around $ 50K" "segment. This honor well the Porsche Cayenne. However, it is better than the best Audi q7 AND SMALL Mercedes M-class. The BMW, with 4 engines, a must-6, diesiel MUST-6, V8 and the monstrous V8 version biturbocharger m. The M-version, which can x5m of 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds. It is damn it quickly, but it is TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE FACT THAT THE COST x5m 90k $near. Price of best versions begin with the 47,000 for the MUST-6-BASE: xtreib-Module -nr.35i . The x5 offers a 3e series, even if a very small. BMW is not recommend the 3 row of seats for the whole over 5 ' 5 ".  This means that only the youngest son of man are adapting, for most people. If more space, do you see to the Audi q7 or Mercedes GL-class. The x5 is urgently renewed, it should be so, a few months for the new, when it is to the purchase of a x5. As it may be, the BMW-combined with a good noble dynamic functionality.

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