Monday, 28 October 2013

Mercedes Benz SUCKS !!!

I tend to be a strong defender, firmly Mercedes Benz.
I'm sure best buy vehicles in the world, I have in the first place to purchase e 320

Mercedes Benz 1
320 after three years with governments, as it is launched and at intervals,
leaving you in due time on the long road without packing the air.
The Mercedes Benz cannot resolve the problem.
Finally, I have the sale of cars, it is intolerable to the training without air conditioning in a interest in the climate.
I have the honor that acquired e) 320.

A car Mercedes Benz terrible.
Speak to 160 kilometers per hour, I suddenly lost to an altitude flying over the control of the administration.
This is what happened in the corner on the open road.
With all my colleagues, administration, the police of altitudes to keep a car on the road.
Only the Department from which all of us dead.
Have been provided by my wife, infants in his car.
In the graph on board of an alarm signal red blood.
I have tried to stop a secure location in the vehicle.
In brief, I consider it a suitable place, left a car.
The engine of the overflow when you open the car in the investigation.
Vilebrequin Poulie of the insert, rubber, Poulie links, such as a piece of administration supported pumps, water pumps.
The Poulie more timing cover, Carter series, which caused the drop of oil.
My wife, infants can work on the next day in a car in the light of the sun hot, whereas has assistance treaty.

At 24 h 00 at night, we have finally come to be discussed at the hotel.
After three days, a vehicle temporarily its reform.
Needless to say, a car they sell.

This time I have 3 Mercedes Benz purchase a quantity of 240 E).
This is the best in a car of the amount.
However, once again that as the problems.
It has been given and vaporateur had problems replace.
and its annexs.
The ceiling limit their appendices opening has increased.
Finally, in a vehicle is sold, e) 500 acquired.

Mercedes Benz 4
500 and also opening
indiscriminate in separate engines, in a car was slower,
i was forced to concentrate.
Of course, once more in meet.
It had obtained a Mercedes Benz, taken in workshops.
Three days later, have been assigned, it is not its reform.
Cannot find as not as!
For short break, for a long time, remains a problem i have sold the car.
Now I have purchase a quantity of AMG e 55 55

AMG a Mercedes Benz 5 and important, until the security has concluded.
000 23 Kilometers of guarantee that had not gone right.
Once more to address.
To do this?
There is no mediator anywhere close, I have to drive 1500 km as a vehicle to be rehabilitated.
This distribution is very high, since the car arrived to the suspension.
Has been requested financial assistance from Mercedes Benz.
This has been rejected.

E 55 AMG already to be discussed at the workshop future compensation.
At the level of mobilization that deliver residual no part.
However, I can wait 11 days for the reform.
Perhaps the rivers Mercedes benzes.
Once again, they are e 55 AMG emergency for almost

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