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Audi RS5 Cabriolet full review

Audi RS5 Cabriolet full review

The Audi has CAN rs5 in Australia, with the 175,900 and is in the more rapid and more efficient open-air -German model in the car manufacturers of the history.

The new car rs5 subscribed to the rear rs5 in the Audi-A5-based high performance-series, the latest 5500 today the less expensive than previously to 155,900 the .

The Audi rs5 CAN if the previous generation car Audi rs4, it was expensive with the 187,500 if little time it has been sold in Australia in 2007.


be 15 as hardtop twin, the car is rs5 with a saugmotor 4.2 -l-V8-petrol-manufactured 331 kW engine performance 8250/mn and torque 430 Nm between 4000-6000u/min cease to do so.

of a weight of a large 205kg more than the rear, the 1995kg Audi rs5 can takes four tenths more the fact of 0-100 km/h (4.9 seconds), and worked with 0.2 liters per 100 km of fuel, say 10.7 l/100 km in combined cycle.

Seven-S tronic automatic doppelkupplungsgetriebe opens the equipment to the four corners of Audi Quattro four-wheel drive, the distribution at 40:60 front and rear IN NORMAL CONDITIONS conditions, and up to 70% on the forequarters and 85% on the rear axle according to the needs.

Audi-rs5-MAY 6

Audi said ultimate kurvenverhalten can be reached by the constitution sport landing gear and Dynamic case Control, it is the 4700 option or a part of the 5900 Dynamic sport package, which also integrates a sportauspuffanlage and greater 20-customs leichtmetallräder (of the 19- s).

The Audi rs5 car has a slight particularly stoffdach with a foam to provision high sound comfort. The upper part may increase and lowered to 15 and 17 seconds, and takes up to 60 liters / 380l boat stowage.

The rs5 rear car and also the first models in Australia offered with Audi Connect Internet functionality. An option the 800, Audi Connect also allows you to passengers, if is online on an integrated system that hotspot, and offers the driver on the access to google search and Street view, Panoramio photos wikipedia and information in the context of the navigation of the system more.


standard FUNCTIONS OF THE rs5 may, xenon more-projector with adaptivem kurvenlicht, rückfahrkamera and einparkhilfe, DVD-navigation by satellite to 20-GB-hard drive and two SD-kartensteckplätze, a 10-speakers 180-W audio system, climate-controlled and heated rear, and a flat flywheel RS with schaltwippen.

The recent spross Audi Australia's high-performance aff Line will follow during the first quarter of the next year of two fresh supplements, the rs7 sportback and the bestimmtheitsmass3 crossover.

The introduction of the read rs5 European Cup in 2010, Audi has been able we wait two years before the issuance of the aroma travel our path, which coincides with a Mid-cycle load for the year 2013. But it was worth the wait, as we believe after a trip with the rs5 last month, and today, the company has shown that it is a new variant open on behalf surprised that it is not that the rs5 can. Even better, it is a little good news on the homepage: Audi, the issuance of the new rs5 car our path for the next year a model 2013, at about the same time that it is the sale. It is a much shorter than waiting times have been, and we are to cut the rs5, and as we have short waiting time.

"ABOVE WITHOUT" seems well and is not expected.

The rs5 CAN is far from being a shock, we have our first experience of Audi the plans for such a model in a number of patents of the company organized last year, as in the recent CARB chips-but the car is almost simultaneous availability in the United States is a pleasant surprise. Also is not shocked, this is may's TECHNICAL DATA SHEET-it was predictable, it essentially reflects, that the back-but this is not to say that the rs5 can is not a single draw hot. First of all, the rs5 cab is then well hunts, such as the back, the beautiful droptop unites the A5's pleasant seems dangerous with gestures through the aff logo. The essential difference is of course, that the rs5 can replace the rear's metalldach klappdach for a backdrop.

What is the case with almost any high-pe

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