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Ford Motor Company

The engine Company (then known as simply a) Is an American meet automaker headquartered in words, Michigan, suburb of close. It It found by Henry to and Incorporated and June 16 1903. Tea sells cars and Commercial Vehicles under the a Brand and luxury cars under the fire. In the past it has also produced enterprises trucks, tractors and automotive two. IN owns in small stakes of Japan and/Aston Martin of the United Kingdom. It is listed on the New York with Exchange and is controlled by the Family, although they have crime of another 2 [ at
(methods for wide-children their of Cars and wide-children Management of a non-using elaborately (the sequences typified by moving house; by 1914 these methods were known in the world as Fordism. A's training UK merchant each and Land Rover, acquired in 1989 and 2000 respectively, were sold to a engine in march 2008. A owned the Swedish automaker TUESDAY from 1999 to 2010. [3, [in 2011, discontinued the Mercury fire, under which it had allow marketed-level luxury cars in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East, 1938.
A is the second-largest U.S. -based automaker and thee. largest in the world based on 2010 in another 4 (salts AT End of the 2010 thee - largest automaker in Europe another 5 [a Is the - eight. overall ranked American-based are in the 2010 Fortune 500 List, based on global revenues in 2009 of 118.3 a million extra another 6 [in 2008, produced 5,532 million motor vehicles[ 7 [and" about 213.000 employed AT after 90 plants and provides Worldwide.

History of  Ford Motor Company

Henry Ford's car was the first attempt companies under the name of a company Henry Ford for the November 3, 1901, today a company vehicles كاديلاك August 22, 1902, Ford ( his name to the right. The companies Ford began, for the conversion of the factory in 1903 28.000 a amount of twelve species as investors, in particular John would be): (he had a car companies).  In the early years of production, the company, a small number of vehicles today at the factory, Mack, rue de la city Detroit (its mandate. Two or three men, the work of a vehicle group all of the parts, most of the firms-suppliers subcontracting Ford. A company in the world, and refine the threshold of the Junta of general shareholders and Ford soon to a large extent the production of a vertical integration begins to improve.
Henry Ford, 39 years old, when the foundations for a company Ford, which is one of the biggest and most profitable enterprises, as well as a great recession. In one of the greatest family businesses in the world a company Ford to this family from fa 100 years.
After a first modern vehicles already 1886 germans take Carl Benz Mercedes-Benz Ltd Motorwagen##) production methods more effectively to the achievement of such vehicles at reasonable prices for small and medium-sized enterprises Ford helped, for example, the first movement line 1913 of the General Assembly.
The first of them Ford 1908 in probably hard a motor delete with the president, the previous model 1930 Ford model on offer for a vehicle with safety for the first time in glass glass advanced. (8) Ford, in the first place at reduced prices V 8 a car in 1932.
Ford has presented a series safeguard the security 1956, the innovation to accelerate the profound leader apply optional progress for the first time in a order safety report will be permissible التابلوه belts top" [ 9] Ford has a son after the closing of the door its products 1957 for the same year, the first the upper part of steel right were kidnapped six seats for the production of automobiles. Ford موستانج 1964. The Ford 1965 seat belt use there is a link between the safety.
With 1980 S Ford has presented various tools success throughout the world. In the course of the year, Ford, using the declaration on the " direction Ford recently'" the mark of the customers of the modern vehicles seem to be. 1990 AND 1994 have received each of them Ford vehicles International Martin" [ 10] the middle and end of the 1990 S Ford has said the sale of a wide range of motor vehicles for the prosperity of the American economy with an increase of the stock exchange and the decrease in oil prices.
At the beginning of the century, the heritage and expenditure for health and the rise in oil prices, which has started the economy has caused a decline in the market and the decline has helped sales profit margins or less. Most of the firms of the benefits loans vehicles intended for the consumer Ford are businesses with resources

For the year 2005, Ford general obligations of the undertakings is reduce a high المنتفخ" (12) for the contributions of the health care of America for the force protection of aging and the rising petrol prices reduction of their market share, the decline in the sales of credit institutions of the automobile sport. Margins a considerable decrease of vehicles due to the "incentives" (in the form of interest or cuts demand reduction of appropriations for the compensation. [ 13] in the second half of 2005, president Bill Ford (Ford, recently appointed head of division americas Mark develop a business plan to make a profit. Sectors determine this plane, whose name appears the track, on 7 December 2005 a meeting of the board of directors and has been the advertising of 23 January 2006) the financial journey toward the size of the company change responds to market conditions eliminate some less competitive and models, the effectiveness of production lines and closing 14 factories, the reduction 30.000 jobs. [ 14]
Ford introduce a series of new vehicles, even through sport" their laws radical new unibody vehicle not the institution of the structure. The development of techniques for the payment and the movement of electrical Ford اسكيب هايبريد sport Ford Toyota by similar under license technologies [ 15] not Innocence violations" [ 16] Ford stated, with the enterprises edison california South Africa (European cooperative society) to examine the future, inside the vehicle of energy systems to the electric mains. In the framework of several million dollars, a multi-annual project Ford fleet conversion of an organization اسكايب Ford-delivery, permanent committees of experts, we have vehicles instrument, together with the aid of the electric network. Some vehicles, the assessment of his customer type "Preparation" after a company).  [ 17] [ 18]
William more Ford; -Henry Ford (name known under the name of financial law" ( ... ), appointment of the executive chairman in 1998, and the executive director enterprises in the year 2001, with the a Jacques Nasser is continuous and was the first member of the family Ford president of the company its pension after his small Henry Ford II for the year 1982. The executive chairman of the old-age pension C badila in april/april 2006 Bill Ford of the respective functions. After five months for the month of september, Ford مولالى name today executive president of the Ford, executive chairman. In December 2006, a company that repealing the ability of taking in about $25 million in almost all the company's assets is guaranteed. [ 19] president Bill Ford he: "failure is not a choice. [ 20] Ford and the European Union day vehicles approximately 46.000 is a factor every hour in North America, it was decided to send a historic commitment in a society November 2007 on the granting of the parties to the extent of the cost of health care and other economic matters. The agreement on the creation of a society separately managed the House volunteers beneficiaries officials (VEBA (trust transfer to load of health

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