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Mercedes-Benz (german debate: [mɛʁˈt͡seːdəs ˈBƐNT͡S % ]) is an automobile manufacturer German multinational division manufacturer Daimler AG and with the trade mark is used for luxury automobiles, buses, coaches and trucks. Mercedes-Benz has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg , the Federal Republic of Germany.
Name and and for the first time the year 1926 with Daimler-Benz , but its origin in the Daimler-engines - society 1901 Mercedes-Benz and Karl-Benz patent until 1886, first in the auto industry. Mercedes-Benz financial of the best or har" (in English: "the best or nothing see" ).  Mercedes-Benz is part of the "great Germany 3" is a luxury motor vehicles, including Audi, BMW, are the three best selling luxury field.,

Histrory of  Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz effects active Carl Benz a first nature vehicles intended for the propulsion of Benz Patent Motorwagen##, finances " Benz) a patent 4 (January 1886 [ 5] was presented and the architects gottlieb Wilhelm مايباخ in transformation of fuel الاتوبيسات with the engine in order to this year - a car, was Mercedes put on the market was the first time the year 1901 Daimler. Motori-Germania . Mercedes-Benz of the same brand in 1926 following the inclusion of Carl Benz and Gottlieb company in a society Benz" [ 1] [ 5] 1930 S, Mercedes-Benz produce a model 770 Auto querida nazi-Germany. Hitler not sabia of delay this vehicles for his stay in an authority Parabrisas glass-front. Nor on the models of rod buyer of the private sector, which is located in a screen offering in the war museum in Ottawa, Ontario. Mercedes-Benz many technological innovations, the security in accordance with other vehicles. (6) Mercedes-Benz is one of the vehicles is a trademark of the world, it is also one of the most old vehicles in the world and still today, has a car in before petrol" [ 7]
contains information relating to months three estrellitas in the title, see the Daimler. The engines. The including the integration of Benz.

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