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Lamborghini Sesto Elemento full Review

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento full Review

The world Lamborghini expects that this year shows its Murcielago replacement in the wildest dreams of Paris Auto Show-PRODUKSTIN Taurus has ended, but the future maker decided for the spa, US agacent rather than this concept, which your new product PHARE for the month of March this year in Geneva Auto Show. Ah, you must now be thinking about this little car, so that an overview of a home based replacement! No, not only the one or the other.

What is then the Sesto CEE? We are now outside. In spite of the many new, the concept seems compact with short house-to-rear wrong. wedgy forms typical Lamborghini, but the car was still extremely that the Super-Eckpunkt reventón, ultra-small scale Murcielago spin-off a few years ago. A wealth spoiler, give your body elements, triangular and exceed or dead. There is a race to the nature of the filling fast. The rear is the spectators with a clear overall picture of the transmission and of the exhaust system, the last, remarkably, flows through the lid of the engine to the rear position (side) lamps.

Front and roof marked by a strong, obviously the bent, and the rear part of the flag State it is two channels for the admission and two parallel lines with five holes on the part of the cylinder are located above the ten openings is, obviously, a V-10. These elements form the hexagonal is an allusion to the fixed idea of the former just order Marcello Gandini shows the miura, Countach up.

seems familiar and more

open in spite of the familiarity with their form, Sesto CEE seconded is the brand, but the current design language. The Wild details you something you only in a game Video or in some on-tuner, but not enough this Lamborghini, not on the brand has worked very hard to overcome the style clichã©s of the past. It is said that it was a significant amount of the discussion by parents and teachers conferences of Lamborghini and Audi to show how a Design remote car. At the end of the public was that it was not a bit of damage, the production process" a bit this proportions and architectural and design characteristics of the Murcielago replacement on the way.

One of the aspects of the most outstanding of the Sesto CEE your whole body includes visible carbon fiber mat (the so-called "sixth point" by the translation of the word, the name of the Italian), as a material such as prefer it easier. The curb weight of the cars only a simple 2200 pounds. The estimated curb weight is 1100 less alleged "Impression" based superleggera.

Evil Quick low weight and

v-10s 570 CH to 8000 rpm, the torque 398 lb-FP up to 6500 rpm) and performance should be explosive; Lamborghini reaffirms the car in a common approximately 62 km/h in 2.5 seconds. Maximum speed of only mentioned, lambo said, "In the interests of completeness" such as the maximum speed was many of the fourth and the first priority for their products - is "significantly higher 185km/h." We suspect this modesty conceals a terminal velocity north of 200 km/h.

The use of carbon fiber covers plates outside : The Fluggast-Holding should, the cradle to areas only the wheels of the material. The cradle of hindquarters, however, is made of aluminum. Most otherwise it was simply forgotten. There are no dashtop-structure behind itself open and pillows seat a should. An element, with which we hope a has been taken into account a foot operation of the clutch. The Sesto CEE Sechs-Geschwindigkeit equipped the E-speed transmission automatic fire detectors, the nutrition is given by lambo all driving wheels of the system.

Without prejudice to the future

without realignment Design duster style lambos Lamborghini, Sesto CEE is, however, considerably, since a railway wagons for the commitment of the statement of the brand carbon fiber; all future lambos is largely use of a
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