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W Motors Lykan Hypersport full review

W Motors Lykan Hypersport full review

If, in the search for a global server to present our, but I believe that the Ferrari laferrari or Bugatti Veyron too often, quotas to go to Dubai.
Last year, W-engines introduced the lykan hypersport in form of concept of Dubai, motor show. This are again this year with what she said, the serienversion.
counting after the Middle East for the first shall present our, the hypersport cost an incredible amount of EUR 3,4 million, and only seven.
At least, they must ensure more not to see another to justice fire change.
exclusivity can justify that if. Therefore, that is exactly what is the chance, seven buyers, they have for their money?
A Diamond-encrusted cockpit for a. We are not sure that the hypersport is as many diamonds as the Rolls-Royce Phantom astronomical, but, given that the bling bling appeared at the original design - however, it seems that if W-engines beat rollers to the domination of the latter. The phantom has not the hypersport's Display holografische, either.
the cars to two equipment level. The top-of-the-line hypersport has a large 3.7 liter turbomotor flat-six developed the legendary Porsche tuner reputation. W-motors said that it is a good thing for 750 CV and pushes the hypersport, 60 km/h in 2.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 245 km/h.
A "base" supersport with a little less efficient version of the turbo flat-SIX is offered.

That is very impressive, but unfortunately, all the world, with the money is not that one can buy an enclosure attractive for this engine. The hypersport nature appears as a mittelmotor scion FR-S, fired from a person who is only a lineal. At least the lace angles deterrent, spectators before the contact with the car.
If the owner is in addition, a cyrus klepcys Watch sizes on measurement, to hear of a value of approximately $200 000.
Most of the aufsteiger supercars of wind, but the lykan hypersport has a number of particulars of impressive curriculum vitae. In addition to the reputation, W-engines, support of Automotive Supply Giant Magna Steyr, italian and House Design Studio Turin.
with the financial, the hypersport appropriate have a better chance, and someone the opportunity to test if 245 km/h speed.

W-engines has also confirmed that the serienversion of lykan hypersport is the first time during the 2013 Dubai motor show in the month of November. A concept version was shown at the beginning of this year 2013 Qatar Motor show.

two versions of the car developed: the spitzenmodell lykan hypersport they are located here and a little zahmer lykan supersport. The two are on the basis of a platform sizes on measure and have a be with flat-six Engine developed the famous Porsche tuner reputation. The lykan hypersport is developing as much as 750 PS-power and must be able to accelerate to 60 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 245 km/h.

To justify their would have done well felt, the lykan hypersport has been developed specifically for the metals not and valuable in their construction work and advanced technologies, including an interactive system holografische Display, within its precincts.

If you have been very easy to juckte, the drop EUR 3,4 million to one of the seven examples W-engines, buildings, we hear all the cars already been taken into account. Fortunately, when we know that success, we are certainly the company launched a folgenachricht write.

A new global server to present our, in the Middle East, a, it is difficult of certain evaluation criteria offer, not only as regards the performance and technology, but also in exclusivity and price. We are, of course, during the discussions on the next lykan hypersport to present global server to launch our W-engines.
The company has announced today, that the lykan hypersport, in the retail trade for an incredible sum of 3.4 million euros and, in an exclusive EDITION OF only seven units, is at the rear the "suicide" doors.

These latest renderings show that the doors aspect can, if fully solvents and reveal a design was not to another for shall present our currently in production. Rolls-Royce Phantom rear ve
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