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Birth of the company and its name Audi

Birth in the company, whose name] [edit
already in 1885, the community of vehicles wanderer has been created, no later than that achieve a service of the audit AG. and of the Community, usn, more afternoon, the audit and integrated, which was established during the period under review and, subsequently provided to title of the company failures in four wheels. [ 13]
November 14, 1899, August Al (1868-1951), that the creation of a company A. Al under the Palestinian Monetary Authority; Geneva in the district ehrenfeld Cologne. Ten years after, by a dispute between Al, the Supervisory Council, have had to withdraw from the society. (14) 1909, the Second Committee has created the company, Al devoted. Werke GmbH in Zwickau, that it still has to use the name et al. That the former partners have started work on an offense commercial signs. German Supreme Court (reichsgericht in Berlin, [ 15] Finally, a signed Al belonging to Antigua company. (14) has been the first audit, a vehicle of verification type 10/22 HP (16 kw) Sport-Volkswagen, occurred in 1910 zwickau

August Al prohibiting the use of "Al" whose trade name in this new automotive company, to convene a meeting with your loved ones friends, Paul, Franz of Zwickau, Germany. on the ground Franz, has been discussed at the way in which the name of new in the society. During this meeting, Franz of files ( it is in the quiet a study to the point of view type. Several times at the beginning and if i on the question, I would like to say something, but it must be that mere words image and to continue to work, until the end of account cha, "the father, does not in any way change-.  .... It is not a good idea of the audit instead of Al? "17 [ "Al" in the German language means "hark" or "hearings" is "revision" in the singular it is urgent to THE audire means" - "hearings". Latin. The idea was accepted with enthusiasm all the participants to the meeting. (18) has been the first revision of the type B, and 10/28 has been recognized from the beginning of 1910. (19)
verified began with 2,612 CC--four motors of a model type 3,564 , then CC type, as well as 4,680 5,720 cc DC models These vehicles have been particularly sporting events. was the first type of model six cylinder P. , 4,655 C C as evidenced by the 1924. [ 20] August
Al left audited Company in 1920 in strong position in the Department of Transport, but has always been a violation of verification as a member of the board of directors. In September 1921, became the first audit for the automotive industry German production of passenger cars, audit gaucher type with enough drive. (21) behavior left, non-proliferation has been created a dominant position in the course of 1920, because he had received more than the movement to go in the opposite direction, which makes rebasamientos safer
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