Monday, 28 October 2013

I'm in the middle of tasks, and now I hate it . It is hard , ugly , a lot of the time , the error is not to prove it again . It's not all peaches in the store every day , so I thought I 'd share what I think are some of the hardest BMW service. If you have one on my list, do not despair , but do not be surprised engineers seem to hate you. They do not hate you, I hate to exercise . It is not in any particular order , which is a difficult task and absorb more or less , depending on the assigned .

3.0 if ( E3 )

If you worked for one of the authors , do you know why I had it in the car. Transmission and fuel injection when the device is in its infancy, and although the intake manifold and the exhaust pipe under the hood , looks like a post - modern interpretation of Medusa . It all has a role , just fill a role , you have to remove a lot of things to spend twice as much. Select the cylinder begin work .

850i ( E31 )

Where do I start it ? This " super sports " , can be a nightmare because there is no effective system for monitoring the amount of diagnostic technology packed into the structure . Furthermore V12 engine and a lot of space to work and problems can quickly replace the spark plug. They are very common , because the engineers again - something associated car when this animal .

745i , Lee ( E65 )

This car is very scary. Replace the lid seal valve train is a real test and design leaves much to be desired . Oil spills are common and not expensive repairs. Disk increasingly worries me a lot , engine under the hood - just found the desktop , you can spend hours plastic transport. Strangely enough I do not see many of them on the road , but fortunately there are not many services. I started to feel like sitting in a hangar at Area 51

X5 4.4 , 4.6, 4.8 ( E53 , E70 )

It can be any ancestors . It inherits all the problems with the BMW X5 V8 engine to work harder. Shoes are solid shaft in the gearbox and transmission problems , a key question . This will usually require movement in the engine room of any work, when 6'6 . " Unfortunately , most parts are specific X5 , so bring them exorbitant prices. Two difficult and expensive car work for the consumer.

530i ( E34 )

For more than 10 years, it's just a car , never cry. His notorious problems with the engine linings end of the interview , followed by a BMW V8 engine market actually fell . If you need to replace the engine block and transmission mount between the O - ring and keep all medications and hidden weapons. Or call the patient and let others suffer. To be honest , the rest of the car is not bad, it 's just the motor on the list

CSI 630 ( E24 )

Although 3.0 is very similar, but with a smaller space and other problems. This is perhaps the most likely to be inhibited in the North American automotive emission requirements below .

3.0CS , CSI ( E9 )

My favorite cars. The vehicle is very difficult. If maintenance enhances the beauty of the time , this car is equivalent to Sophia Loren . In my career I have assembled and reassembled in four of these cars from start to finish. If all goes well , I put together about 40 or 50 they never easy , it is always a challenge. It may take the entire dashboard , back in the car , take a few days. BMW is one of the most beautiful ever, but in a hurry , they can become sick .

Chris Kiefer

La Jolla Independent BMW

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