Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hyundai Group

Hyundai (Hangul: 현대그룹; hanja: 現代그룹. /ˈhjʌndɛ/) [ 1] multinational families (based in Seoul South Korea. The foundations of Chung Ju Yung 1947, with company Chung directly to the company until his death in 2001 1997
, as a result of the Asian financial crisis and death Chung, Hyundai has been the restructuring of the Trade Division of Hyundai container ship services not only raise production and tourism. Today, the majority of Hyundai companies with the name of the Group should not be on the Hyundai. This, in particular of the Hyundai Group Hyundai Heavy Industries Company of Hyundai Hyundai. More from Hyundai Department parents Chung. If these companies had studied a family and will continue to, a company in South Korea in the field of politics, the economy of the country.

History of Hyundai Group

Hyundai to small enterprises and create Yung Chung an atmosphere of 1947. (3) establishment of Hyundai started out of South Korea in 1965, in the first instance, in access to markets Guam, Thailand".  ] 4]
Hyundai task in 1967. (5) Hyundai Heavy Industries, 1973. (6) in a ship in june 1974. 7)
in 1983 Hyundai interference in the semiconductor industry to build Hyundai Electronics Hynix name 2001).  (8)
Hyundai in the restructuring of the Department in December 1995, 404 " [ 9]

in April, in April 1999 Hyundai and corporate restructuring, with a majority of two-thirds of the decline in the number of the units after today a plan of action with the task force of the Group of five groups of independent firms until 2003

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