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The Mitsubishi Group of Companies

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi GORE (三菱グループ ūpu) (known under the name of a Mitsubishi Mitsubishi or companies is a group of independent Japanese multinational companies (CBS) [ 1] Mitsubishi) old.
Mitsubishi Group of Companies in the form of a Mitsubishi keiretsu, often in Japanese media multinational all Official reports have been identified. 25 members of the Mitsubishi yō Kay" or "club" on Friday to meet every month. In addition, the strengthening of the Commission on communications Mitsubishi

History of   Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi of the Internet the first shipment to build a society of Yatar (Mr. Japanese) 1834 - 1885 - 1870. In 1873, who changed the name of the Mitsubishi Mykola Shokai Co.. Mitsubishi 三菱 name consists of two parts: " Metsu " mean " three " and " hishi" ( "Bishi" under rendaku ) means: Water caltrops" ( "chestnut water" ( ... "RO M bus" in the form of contact your business. The translated into three diamond trade. (3)
1870 Mitsubishi created after two years at a time not with maritime border. Often in the relevant areas. Input coal mining, oil and coal ships on the theater of the Government to repair ships iron ships received information on the iron is the area of ships started in the marine insurance companies and to the administrative authorities after the technological capabilities and experience gained during the consolidation of ships used, expanding aviation industry and equipment. The abroad under the auspices of the United States to enter the industrial products" [ 4]
has acquired mining companies in the areas of mine 1881 1890 Takashima hashima Island, in making fuel from ships. It was presented in a manner different from the promotion of ships, banks, insurance, storage and trade. Later, the organization diversification in areas such as a document, steel and glass, electrical equipment and aircraft oil immovable property. As indicated Mitsubishi important, it plays an important role in the modernization of industry Japan" [ 5]
commercial navy to diversification and, finally, the oldest three units:
Mitsubishi Bank currently is an integral part of the Mitsubishi Group u and Jha financial, 1919. Integration with Bank of Tokyo 1996 u and spawned the Holding Company in 2004, Japan.
Mitsubishi, which was founded in 1950, trade in general Mitsubishi
Heavy Industries, including industrial enterprises.
Mitsubishi VI most Japanese cars
Mitsubishi - nuclear power industry.
Mitsubishi Chemical
Japanese Mitsubishi Company, Energy Division of Nikon Corp
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