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Mazda Motor Corporation

Mazda Motor Corporation

: A company ( matsuda. gaisha) is a car factory japanese fuch ū was hiroshima, in the region, Japan. (2) in 2007
produced about 1.3 million dollars vehicles world-wide sales, most of the (about 1 million dollars) plants of Japanese firms, with the remainder various plants in the world. [ 3] 2011 xv: this is the production, the more automobile industry throughout the world, the

Mazda Motor Corporation
History of Mazda Motor Corporation

company's web site States, whose name" of the products of the cultures older Asia West) ... (WISDOM Dios intelligence and the harmony ... " : THE institution iranian Dios. Location of the firm, and that the names" of the identity of the head, jujiro matsuda."

The: a company Cork it has in Japan in 1920. Cork name itself has limited1927 تويو machine tools has manufacture motor vehicles with the application/ -Go in 1931; for the manufacture of weapons japanese military during world war II, in particular a series 30 to 35 fusiles type 99. The company was officially the name of the 1984: despite all the vehicles from the beginning that achieves name. R: 360 1960, then engines: 1962.
In the early 1960 S: the development of a technician the main engine for development autorenouvelable a discrimination against all other vehicles Japanese firms. In principle, and with an insufficient production of the hotel 1967 COSMO sport remains in the current situation: with the company: championship finished type only natural erosion of the staff ((is a vehicle of the conception two 1970 with the original model joined the efforts of the general in general there is no production of materials activities)
these efforts to draw attention to themselves have helped: quickly, and the export of vehicles of all the renewable energy models have done that in all the world. autorenouvelable models quickly to a group is now an energy and shortcomings in average my-comparison is now more competitive V 6 or 8 engines v energy production. (famous 100 RX (RX.  RX) 2 (3), 4 (Society for exports.
For the year 1968 has begun operations : Canada (mazdacanada well mazdas in Canada 1959. 1970 OFFICIALLY in the market: the USA) : North America) and has been very successful so far, the creation of a society "Mel: rotary" (the list of traditional (b) a series) model not only in North America. Still today, not only for car manufacturers of power generation trucks. In addition, it is also remains never approves the company "rotary" bus (: Parkway, which Japan) or vehicle (3 RX- "amp; RX- 4 in the markets of America).

autorenouvelable success: up to principles of the year 1973 OELKRISE customers (and in other countries have now become the most efficient vehicles relatively rapid fuel consumption autorenouvelable lack of models and started. already highly indebted countries.
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