Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster 2013

 Mercedes adopted AMG

AMG new dream of motor vehicles: 2012 my country adopted AMG Mercedes رودستر. These vehicles sport sensacional with an ideal combination of managers and welcomes minister brilliant dynamic help tip of light. 2012 Adopted AMG رودستر if the United States for the first time in the autumn of the year 2011. The assistance of

parameters 2012 functions adopted AMG a ordinance accessible to all bodies of Aluminum spaceframe AMG 6 ... three liters V 8 hours half Hauptmotors olive oil with a crate of changes of liquid cold وفلتر autorenouvelable lubricants dry matter production record more and more 563 and me 479 books transport determination bilateral agreements in the field seven in writing the airlines a airline movement movement sports suspension of activities in aluminum , dual requirement will get sports of vehicles with a great dynamic management direction was a fiesta.

The less tender tissues taken Mercedes AMG رودستر opens, concluded the ten only rapid transmission up to 31 km/h (50 km/h).  New adjustment sports طلته شازين suspend with electronic means of additional access will be optional. This mode allows the modification of a esophageal variceal hemorrhage Euroicono characteristics. The use or exploitation of group driving force behind the cars adopted AMG open and decide the suspension of the staff. The three conditions: "consuelo" and "sport" and "more" field.

AMG media "competence" and a new version advantage: modern cars, hit by a system multimedia offering combination are not comparable reveals some it will be a accelerate the parties written information and various events in the basin area career armaments.

Dr kordel Novi, chairman of the board of directors and the executive director of the company for vehicles AG Mercedes : " adopted رودستر considerable sports vehicles, country very desirable a dream of vehicles at the same time, the succession of states which are the characteristics of information sports vehicles Mercedes Benz ... "

- Kae llenius president Mercedes-firms or GAI: "easiest method, the results extremely, firmly in the open air sensorial analysis was a fiesta of the new direction taken Mercedes AMG car open AMG would perfectly with philosophy German civil professionalism. This model already gullwing welcomes the sporting activities of vehicles throughout the world, is now a model for convertible securities certain counter a

good drawing رودستر

رودستر with other dimensions of the new dream a adopted AMG second a car with the family. President of Mercedes-Benz and Wagner, president of the company كابيتال International, the following: "المانيكان gullwing sports immediately exclusive determination considerable or are not open or surface, adopted AMG Mercedes رودستر and it was a fiesta art! " Exemplary phrase, in particular, we must not forget: long, the gas with the successor to short radius traseros automatically as well as the extension areas quarters traseros of vehicles with long, a screen packaging and for a short period of time reasonable. In summary, easily convertible nations
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