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Mercedes E-Class full review

Mercedes E-Class full review

The medium sedan diesel Mercedes - Benz is a strong concept that can be found in autodom . He founded the first Mercedes diesel car series in the world in 1935 , and began oil burner in the middle Sizer (aka pontoons ) in 1955. The words " Mercedes diesel " conjure all kinds of associations , university professors, who have their Peugeot , the German car abandoned steep for a taxi driver in Kabul. This is an archetype , a 911 Turbo for places of foam smoke, a Shelby Mustang for those who fought for the secondary school. Let's see how this new E350 BlueTec to , batteries , okay?

Diesel agitation in the formula E - Class

Regard store all of its engine, the E350 E350 BlueTec a regular basis. It divides the body of the traditional sedan , the seven-speed manumatic transmission , coil springs and multilink suspension , seat long-haul and domestic no- BS . But the 3.0-liter diesel engine of the car radically changed the nature of the beast.

In contrast to the 3.5-liter 90 -degree V - 6, the diesel mill , the E-Class with gas is smaller than a pint and contains only 72 degrees between banks. This engine first time in the United States under the hood of the E320 diesel engine in 2006, but is now almost all with Mercedes urea injection rubbing emission of NOx emissions and is the law of the state machine 50 ° Producing only 210 hp diesel V - 6 muscular 400 pounds -ft , more torque than £ 391 - meter mark the E550 sedan .

The acceleration is not as surprising as these torque values ​​might suggest. Our test car was a 7.2 - second heating time from 0 to 60 , almost a second off the 258 pounds - feet in the E350 gasoline 6.3 seconds . We realize some of these laggardlyness 300 pounds of our diesel , most of the structures purge gas , but also the fact that the motor exceeds diesel operation , low 4500 rpm . And so , predictably , missed the thrust of his approach before BlueTec disparities brother petrol almost a full second as the diesel has increased from 30 al 50 mph 50 to 70 mph , and the fourth - a thousand years.

The character of the engine , however, is perfect to that of the car - solid, solid , tuned unbreakable . E ' less coarse and rattles that is imagined to diesel , including improving Schallpegelmesswertewir have the regular gas E350 at full aperture and the speed of 70 miles per hour. The direction is slow, a bit ' numb, and is not very linear , it becomes correctly with G - loads the tires. Stop the car in a very spectacular way to 172 meters , the brakes are more consistent and predictable . The ride is very stable , and the car following with determination locomotive. The responses are robust, which is a linebacker , not a wide receiver .

Aside from the couple , the other great benefit of diesel engines is their reach. The energy density higher than that Gaskraftstoffbedeutet cars like the E350 BlueTec burn juice at a slower pace. The EPA engages the BlueTec at 22 mpg city/33 highway/26 combined in comparison with the regular E350 17/24/19-that about 30 percent higher overall . We have come from far, far away from that in our tests , with a 21 mpg combined . The economy of this particular car has suffered because we defeated earlier in our 10Best drive , after which the tar was quite the thing . We have 35 mpg highway cruises in other contemporary diesel E-Class .

Clean a luxury car

At $ 51.775 , which manages E350 BlueTec $ 1.500 more than its petrol sibling . Our test car added $ 6450 for the premium package 2 with its navigation, among many others ( sports package on our car is a choice at no extra cost ) Harman / Kardon audio , HID headlights and heated seats . But nothing comes close to the total cost of the equipment BlueTec system seems to be transferred to the consumer , and fuel savings promise to be important when diesel prices remain close to those of gasoline. About this urea, but : If you have no intention of extracting and refining itself , expect to take stuff 100.000 miles spend about $ 1,500, which is much negate the fuel savings. Note that there are 100,000 miles . Diesel E - Class of expensive to buy and cost the same , run all , but it will keep until his death. For this reason, the Mercedes diesel loyalists tend to be evangelical , and the diesel version still holds its value better than any other E - class .

There is a fair argument thinner. Over the last quarter century, the definition of a luxury car has been expanded to have a high level of sportsmanship. Not everyone wants , especially nerds above. It ' refreshing and a little ' nostalgic , compared with a premium hatchback defined as the E350 BlueTec , a car that luxury as a stress reliever .

"Fast" rarely feels good. The 49ers almost turned Super Bowl XLVII . Commissioner Gordon almost saved the girlfriend of Batman. S 2014 model of the Mercedes -Benz E63 AMG offers nearly 600 horses, but I'll bet that few people are terribly disappointed that there are actually 23 shy. And 590 Nm of torque, to test the limits of the four-wheel drive , it's hard to be anything other than a feeling of anxiety dizziness .

That's right , all four tires. To provide only the energy back 285/35-19s was to test the common sense not only their own limits of driving, but also the limitations . How close sedans -600 - Horse executive are nothing if not make sense, all-wheel drive is now standard on the 2014 E63 AMG S and base . Its official name is now E63 AMG 4MATIC . Here, the system defaults are 33/67-percent to a collapse of the torque front-to- back , although will send a maximum of 70 per cent at each end. It adds 154 pounds less than A6 Quattro adds xDrive or a 5th series

Make sure a lifetime of punishment for Allradantriebssystemist bi-turbo 5.5-liter V - 8 of AMG . The management of the engine from the car beat the basis of last year's 518 horses and 516 pound-feet to 550 and 531 settings. Already offered a Mercedes AMG Performance Package $ 7,300 on E63 for the power brokers . What is now called the Model S AMG , an increase of 13.0 psi for the aforementioned 577 hp and 590 pound-feet enabled to 14.5 . A limited slip differential is standard on the S ( is an option on the E63 AMG) , where it is necessary, as was the couple extra hand . For example, in the car, lighted fools - just more melody - output in a masterstroke of customer understanding will offer E63 Mercedes buyers.

And remember, since the machine now has all-wheel drive ? Phew . Our educated guess ankle involuntary grunt that accompanies all gas equivalent to three sit-ups for the launch . Ascension of Our technical department is expected that the E63 can hit 60 mph in 3.4 seconds , 3.3 S, and the other version Blitzkrieg completed a quarter mile in less than 12 seconds. If you manually move your reflexes had better be quick. Bankruptcy, the report after the second red rev counter flashing anger , and 5.5 s for the loss of consciousness before ending abruptly rpm rev limiter . Even in the higher gears , Traktionsmotorbei low speeds , which leads to illegal speeds .

See also " 4MATIC " has taken on the name of one of the best hot rod shop in us wince in practice, the system is fair. With its muscular rear polarization , is the Allradantriebvor all off-road cornering - except when it helps optimize machine especially close . And the management is not substantially damaged . Computer programming automatically brakes the inside rear wheel to spin that helps the car feel amazingly agile. Oversteer is always an option , but it requires much more effort , the driver time to induce . It's great development of the suspension, even in the most relaxed of the three modes , it never feels too soft when you press too hard or over bumps .

We all agree that relationships are difficult. In addition to finding the right person, in the midst of distraction and confusion, is the effort to keep everything fresh and exciting affair .

For many years, the E-Class Mercedes -Benz for the type of luxury car that allows you to build a meaningful relationship. It was sophisticated , attractive, reliable and willing companion on the road. It ' was the car that you would be proud to take home with you. For 2014 , the E-Class Mercedes -Benz , but a small bump in the road they took. A crisis of the mid- cycle , if you will. He did a little ' cosmetic work , and moved a bit ' in the process, his personality, too .

Other Features New Look
For 2014 , the E-Class Mercedes - Benz , the first update suffered because this fourth generation model debuted in 2010 . Our test vehicle came with the sport package E350 which eliminates the traditional three star hood ornament and exposes a small amount much larger in the middle of the grid. There is also a smaller and the coating of the body sports suspension . This is a free option , but it reduces a bit ' the elegant sedan presence on the road. By design , it looks like he's trying too hard to get something that is not there.

2014 Mercedes- Benz E350

Above, the sports package you get a heads up much more measured , with a subtle tightening around the famous Tri-Star emblem grille back of the hood, headlights and other updates chin printed.

This mid-cycle update also brings new features as standard . Attention Assist helps the driver alert while driving, and if you decline their attention , Collision Prevention Assist reduced the possibility behind - the end of the first machine . Meanwhile, a new emission of stop-start function echo an extra mile or two per gallon of premium gasoline . Optionally, customers can choose from a number of security wizard , select : Surround Camera System , Cross Traffic Alert support , active park and protect passengers before the collision .

Take the good with the bad
Under the facelift and updated safety , quality and many hearts will remain . It is , after all, do luxury . With a footprint of sophistication of the old school , with rich woods and fine-grained surfaces , the interior should be like a Mercedes majestic. We are particularly pleased with the MB- Tex faux leather that has the ' appearance of genuine leather. For this is a reasonable amount of acoustic insulation that keeps invading the road noise and wind.

While the tasks of normal driving E350 maintains the balance with the changes that are so smooth , they are virtually flawless. The new arrest - Launch Eco is as good as these systems also because it is fast , stop the engine without waking cringe intrusive. They are also commendable that the front seats offer hours of ride comfort, but the biggest driver pointed out that the seat cushion did not support the thigh. For many positive attributes of the E-Class to complete are excellent visibility in all directions, an intuitive COMAND and a big trunk of 15.9 cubic meters.

2014 Mercedes- Benz E350

But somewhere along the way , the Mercedes - Benz E-Class in 2014 seems to be a certain stature and power that we have become accustomed lost. It no longer feels carved from a block of solid steel . It feels a bit ' more normal and a little ' less special .

From the point of view of the driver, one of which is a part of the new part of the electric power steering basis . Any idea of immediacy and road connection is lost, and the comment of revised expenditure . If the direction of the Mercedes was usually on the heavy side , the new direction is too little effort and just get over with fast inputs . Help in passing, is the resistance undermines confidence replaced . In addition, the effect of self - centering seems to be missing lazy.

Sport Pack , also changes the character of the car. We are on the E-Class is used to soak up the error surface with grace and ease , but our E350 was just too steep bit on rough roads .

It is not the sportiest sports sedan
Under the hood is the same 3.5-liter V6 is still churning out 302 hp and 273 lb- ft of torque. It is taken with a seven-speed automatic transmission that transmits in our test device 4Matic power to all four wheels. The EPA estimated fuel economy of 24 mpg in combined driving (21 city/29 highway ), but we were able to achieve 25.8 mpg on our itinerary analysis seriously and 18.7 mpg on his time alone with us .

2014 Mercedes- Benz E350

On the route of the E350 4Matic the sprint to 60 mph in 6.0 seconds ( 5.8 seconds with 1 foot of rollout like on a drag strip) , which is essentially what you would expect his opponent BMW 5 The brakes are equally effective , to bring the car to a stop from 60 mph in just 110 meters.

Even with the promise of our E350 Sport Package , handling reactions were anything but athletic . And if they wove through our slalom at 65.1 mph and 0.87g designed around the skid pad ( also comparable to a series of 5 digits) , Mercedes never feel confidence . On the road fast transitions are not as easy to handle as they are in most of the competitors , and things management composite lazy , so we guess how the car reacts .

Even if all the values ​​are sufficient for the segment, and not the average driver , which may require a better performance . Although sporty driving may not be a priority for most drivers , it is worth noting the shortcomings of the E350 worth it.

It might be a better choice
The Mercedes - Benz E-Class 2014 is always a good luxury sedan. Perhaps without the sport package , it could be even better. If we do not care to travel in luxury , the ' E350 is the first choice , but if you're after a performance and luxury sedan that perfectly balances , there are better alternatives. The Audi A6 , BMW 5 Series and the Jaguar XF hit the mark with precision.

With a base price of $ 55.325 E350 4Matic for our own, the Mercedes is a competitive price. Our well- optioned tester was $ 65.300 , which is still comparable to similarly equipped with its competitors . But the bottom line is effectively equal , Mercedes -Benz could have done better . And with all these fish in the sea , you could do better, too.

There is no denying that the Mercedes E - Class is a fantastic car executive room - its slim dimensions are subtle, but elegant , the interior of pure quality and treatment is as good as you could want. And ' in three main features - SE entry-level , mid-range AMG Sport and model of high-end performance , the E63 AMG - and offers a wide choice of engines, even with the cheapest E200 CDI turbodiesel offers good performance . Fuel economy is impressive, especially with the introduction of the E300 Bluetec diesel hybrid . Although the Jaguar XF and BMW 5 Series can not compete for the driving experience , the E-Class is certainly safer and much more comfortable. The E500 and high - spec E63 AMG can go seriously fast , with 5.5-liter V8 , 549bhp E63 mammoth. We recommend using the E220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY for its large economy and competitive price to go, but considering the E350 CDI for the best combination of performance and economy , if you do not mind the higher price. Like the sedan , you can use the E-Class as a series , a three-door coupe and a convertible convertible to get everyone to get a new front in an update in early 2013 further improved.

MPG , operating costs and CO2 emissions

3.5 / 5
Engines entry-level offering tax-efficient CO2 emissions
Since then , it has developed its technology BlueEFFICIENCY fuel consumption, Mercedes cars have reduced their CO2 emissions and their economies to maximize the track. Diesel E - Class were already very effective, but are now the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid diesel emissions as low as 109g/km and fuel consumption of 67.3mpg able to offer connected . However, it costs much more than the E200 , E220 and E250 CDI , already returned 53mpg and emits 142g/km of CO2 , so all you will receive daily costs offset the initial investment . As today's standards , the base model petrol costs more to operate on a daily basis, while the E350 CDI powerful still manages 47mpg despite its high level of performance back. The V6 turbo diesel more expensive, gasoline engines and high- spec V8 engine of the E500 and E63 have significantly higher operating expenses , which correspond to their best performance. The E63 AMG model is particularly massive expensive to own and operate .

Decoration and comfort

4.4 / 5
Rear passengers have plenty of head and leg
This is where the E-Class is designed for incredible comfort - especially on long motorway journeys . The driving position is almost perfect , and the front seats have a lot of customization and provides excellent support for your back. Rear passengers have plenty of leg and head, but the average passenger to be a little ' less comfortable. SE models have a suspension softer and more comfortable , while the sportier versions are a bit ' more closely, so that they give a better balance of handling and comfort . E300 BlueTEC Hybrid reduces the suspension and suffers a bit ' as a result, with models sporting feel a bit ' too tight because of their harder suspension set-up. The ' E63 AMG has a performance-oriented ride really hard , as expected, and can be a bit ' noisy, but it's the kind of sportsmanship that many buyers appreciate . Diesel little ones are a bit ' noisy, but when you start to reassure themselves up to speed.

Convenience and trunk

Kabinenstauist decent with a good-sized glove
Thanks to its external dimensions , it would be a crime if the E-Class has not had a spacious interior . Fortunately, there are a lot of leg and headroom for five adults can easily sit comfortably within the Mercedes. The middle passenger in the back seat along the runway , but due to the fact that the floor is not level . There are many storage compartments, including pockets on the doors of adequate size with a large storage compartment. Shoes , now offers 540 liters of space , themes and includes hooks, and is the largest of the boots of the rival Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series. Exceptionally , the rear seats can be folded 60:40 are only available option that is open essential if you want to have the flexibility .


Reliability and safety

3.6 / 5
The list of safety equipment for the E-Class is large and impressive.
Mercedes safety and reliability record that is the envy of the industry. It 's just from Mazda, Jaguar , Lexus and Skoda in satisfaction surveys Auto Express 2013 Head of the Customer, where she defeated fifth place , the performance improvement in the detection of 2012 the five seats. This is an expression of class and commitment to the quality of the brand, and as Mercedes Class 10 spaces in front of their rivals on the main market , the BMW . The E-Class reinforces this reputation with the rank 10 among the top 100 cars , even with the previous model of the 38th to come - a nice double blow to the sustainability of a machine. Although the previous E-Class was not 100 percent, but recent revisions of the current car have banned these concerns. The interior is solid with high quality materials built really , but the console does not have visual appeal rivals BMW and Jaguar. The list of safety features is impressive as you would expect , all models are equipped with at least seven airbags , electronic stability control and driver fatigue detection facilities. And the addition of a pop-up engine hood to protect pedestrians in case of impact . Options include night vision (yes, night vision ) , blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control . Of course, the E-Class has earned the highest rating of five stars in the Euro NCAP safety tests .

The motors that drive performance

3.6 / 5
The ' driving experience can be anything from mild to wild
Due to the number of powers that are available in the E - Class , the driving experience is very variable , perhaps more than it should be . If you opt for the ' entry-level E200 CDI diesel produces 136bhp but it's too quiet, with the E220 CDI diesel engine proves to be the best all-around . It has enough power and speed for high performance combined with lower fuel consumption , too - and all for less than the E350 BlueTEC . As expected, the fuel consumption in gasoline engines increases less because they do not have enough hard to get the most out of them are processed. Only the E220 comes with a six-speed manual , all other models with September 1st to get - up - speed automatic with steering wheel paddles , which are not as sensitive as the equivalent of BMW . Be prepared for someone really interested in behavior should probably live to see the BMW 5 Series , instead of , or for the incredible power of 549bhp 5.5 - diesel engines for the general mood in the class E, the better it is easy for the conducting intensive cruise - liter V8 E63 AMG . An even more powerful AMG S - model is available for those who want to go even faster too.

Price, value for money and options

3.3 / 5
All versions are equipped decently
When Mercedes, the E-Class is a bit ' more expensive to buy than many of its competitors , but all models are treated with excellent services and amenities. These include Bluetooth phone connectivity , air conditioning, alloy wheels, rain -sensing wipers , heated front seats and electric adjustment of the driver's seat. As data can include the list bi-xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights and the Volllederausstattungin , while the Sport models are equipped with AMG style " if sporty interior .

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