Monday, 25 November 2013

Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari

They expect a Ferrari Enzo for quickly; a "supercar" so slowly is an oxymoron as "almost mopeds".  You can also only after a; Ferrari Enzo in order not freely admits as Post-Lieferung mechanical failures are part of the development process. More importantly, what you expect them to be good. Remember: if the $ 650k Enzo not nice, all those who want the man as the owner of an this.

Benny Caiola) Ð Jr not delude ourselves. But they give their Ferrari Enzo an alien? In front of you to reply, they think of the : The New York promoters owner of two of them. And a F40, F40lm, F50, 333SP, 512bb, 575m, 456, 355, Dino, four 360s, Lamborghini Diablo and murciã©lago, Pagani Zonda, Porsche GT2 and Aston Martin overcome. Also, if a journalist visit carved in the motor vehicle industry in a sense of buses not despicable, Benny ...
in any case, as I approach Benny's Enzo, I respect the Human Rights flavor. With the exception of its rear position (side) lamps concrete reinforcing bars and horses caracolant icon integrated behind engrènent, Enzo sometimes not a concept single cue with its predecessor. There is no doubt that Ferrari. The F1-style nose deserves all the press, but the Enzo mixture of details Teams and balanced relationship, specifically the brand creates his charisma. To say that the final result esthetiquement attractive is, as I said, Enrico Mr could carry out a melody.

The Enzo's melody begins with a vehemently bark. Ferrari largest V12 (passenger cars) affaisse quickly with so much idle in a low frequency bass you assermenter an alien mother ship was the ceiling. The cockpit eight buttons on the steering wheel, seven lamps REV countries analogue speedo and under-tours, brilliant digital display traditional, column, the stalks and ears on-mouse a challenge of paddle Decale frightening people for an operator. Fortunately carbon fiber seats provide comfortable chair for Trier!
Before I make this Benny's drive, I am astonished at the answers Enzo is a very delicate matter. The slightest touch the left foot and 15" Carbon Ceramic Brakes hurl threaten would like through the windshield. The smallest entry in the wheel and governs us in a meaning different. It is clear, fortunately, days in the implementation of the Ferrari meant to the relentless the sketches in a sauna the strongest in the world ended with the adoption of the Enzo's namesake. The last Ferrari and larger a finely balanced instrument of precision, not pay them nothing except money) for the privilege.

The Enzo shows itself as martelaient like around the city like a big beemer. With 485 LB-PI torque on tap, there is never a matter bunny hopping or the hunting of the spiral right. Stop parallel is a sonofabitch, and space for luggage, they in their pockets, but the Enzo is easy-to-use dynamics of the under-speed warp viable - so amazing - pilots everyday life. If Benny points Hutchinson River Parkway onramp Seminar, aspect of your face says batifoler time even more people the time give the Enzo the foot represented the prohibition, 660hp from a horse race with all commandment genetics boulonnage barriers. So explosives I fight for the operative part the assessment of my exact role in the procedure. Instinct says the votes in your third report before 48-valve engine places, and to avoid objects hardness. Five seconds later, I have succeeded a calming of the situation subjectively 150mph calm.

Since I have now for the implementation of the transport, you cannot leave my very quickly - literally. For the time of the driver watches Enzo yellow bug in its rear-view mirrors I am already in anticipation for you. Consequently, I can the Enzo in his hole can give a number of a new meaning of the words "in the acceleration".  While the M
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