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Volkswagen Golf 2013 full review

 Volkswagen Golf 2013 full review

Golf then. One of the few cars that can just be themselves, and one of the few that defined a genre. This is not "Hyundai / Ford / BMW / new Golf rival , but it is simply what it is: the epitome of the small family car and those considered by the others.

Now is a field through a platform called MQB shape Mk7 , the main responsibility for the Volkswagen Group is supported. Dozens of cars in the group are based on this architecture, while the group of brands, in sizes from small car VW Polo who like to have seen a seven-seater SUV like the concept VW Cross Blue .

Stuart Milne
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The earth is the substance outside the automotive legend and the most popular model of VW
The Gulf , as always, is the evolution of almost clinical in his touch and appearance, but it is essential to cool the MQB platform technology for the new engines in its thin angular body .

You can not escape the fact that golf is a recipe that works and Volkswagen would be crazy to change it. 29 million have sold since they launched in 1974 for life, proves it.

Since then , the region has been greatly expanded to include everything from a 1.2 -liter petrol turbo , due to the rapid hot hatchback Golf R with Sportwagentempozu . The types of bodywork are three and five-door hatchback and an estate.

To come is a spacious MPV - offering style , replace the Golf Plus . The Golf Cabrio is still sold alongside the new Mk7 range , despite its documents Golf Mk6 .

The arrival of the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf to mark a scalable design for almost 40 years of work.

Although the golf unequivocally the latest incarnation of all time bestseller Volkswagen includes a variety of vision problems and improvements that ensure the basic Golf VII should have a life span longer than its predecessor VI , its local debut in 2009.

Even at this level covered entrance , the new Volkswagen Golf A more aggressive stance , thanks to the flexibility found in modular transverse matrix platform of the Volkswagen Group granted .

Volkswagen Golf 06

Consequently , a longer wheelbase (57 mm ) that is closer to the ground ( 28 mm ) and 13 mm compared to the car it replaces . Despite these changes in size , the new platform is not as "bundling " of design courses.

If nothing else , the Golf VII will be well packaged design with well-defined folds and shoulder lines . More importantly, the new Golf is slightly more than the previous Golf 100 kg .

Changes inside are obvious. Although our test car is $ 21,490 , down 90TSI VW Golf, is a big step from its predecessor.

Volkswagen Golf 17

Clearly , Volkswagen has made ​​great efforts to preserve the state of the course reference in the competitive small car segment wilderness.

Bordered by a flat-bottomed steering wheel is connected to the standard black buff Klaviereinlagenund beautifully designed multi-function buttons , intuitive touchscreen infotainment system 5.8 inches, the revised framework and a new brake hill-hold electronic license course is taken, set the tone for the small car sophistication.

The standard audio system is a pleasure to give a very neat layout via Bluetooth from his eight-speaker sound .

Volkswagen Golf 13

Levels of fit and finish in the cabin are all of high quality and designed to increase the gulf state of "modest" "special " - even in the entry level.

There are soft-touch plastic almost everywhere and they all have an image of quality and feel about them - well above the class average and tied with several luxury packages.

The ergonomics are exemplary. There are a number of parameters of comfort for the driver with a dashboard and driver - centric dry Polsterstoffvor practices we've ever sat in.

Volkswagen Golf 35

There is also more room for the rear, and the shoe has grown by 30 liters to 380L . Fold the rear seats (almost flat ) and luggage extended to 1270 liters, with a low load sill ( 17 mm ) for easy access.

Golf is equipped with a space spare wheel, while competing models, including the Hyundai i30 , Mazda 3 , and the Toyota Corolla is equipped with a spare full-size standard .

There is good news under the hood of the base model Volkswagen Golf with Australia chosen to open the area the last 1.4-liter turbocharged direct injection four-cylinder engine with 90 kW of power and 200 Nm of torque. The previous entry is only 1.2 77kW unit .

Volkswagen Golf 03

Our test car came with the six-speed gearbox as standard, but buyers can choose a seven-speed DSG with an extra $ 2500 - much less than other online 90TSI Comfortline $ 24,990 , but loaded with more kit including rear-view mirror camera and climate control two areas, always gets the same transmission in its standard form .

Although there are many things about the possibility of dual-clutch fast switching , light boxes are VW perhaps even more refined and definitely more fun. The clutch is well weighted and the switching process itself is quick and effortless .

Forget that it is at least 90kW 13kW down on his rivals, because the power delivery is smooth and linear right of the get - go, and the maximum torque (200 Nm) available between 1400 4000rpm , but it is also a wonderfully flexible engine with a strong mid-range - to start pushing .

Volkswagen Golf 22

Only the fact that it requires a system of super unleaded can then distracted an excellent player .

There is not much of a note of the engine of the VW Golf 90TSI , though, as the 1.4 Turbo is barely audible most of the time (put the refinement of the first class) , except of course if you squirm around its 6000rpm redline .

It might just be the field of the variety of cuisine , but also the benefits of fuel saving technology 90TSI Volkswagen BlueMotion , which sees all models with Start / Stop system and battery regeneration mode of measurement.

Volkswagen Golf 23

In combination with the economic nature of the 1.4-liter TSI engine , according to Volkswagen combined 5.7l/100km and from 4.7L/100km on the highway with the DSG .

The overall quality ride sees another leap forward with the ground. Variants with 90 kW and higher benefits than multi-link rear axle ( small models of motorized golf getting a cheaper torsion beam set up in some other markets ) .

The result is remarkably comfortable to ride in a most embarrassing position of some luxury cars that cost tens of thousands.

Volkswagen Golf 21

The huge amount of flexibility and shock - absorption capacity of golf on our roads neglected both extraordinary and certifiably game changer for this segment.

And ' consistent with the 90TSI , 15-inch steel wheels running 195/65 high-profile rubber unlike models raised , 17 - inch wheels with 225/45 tires , low profile , providing a slightly firmer go about.

Even though the electric power steering is not the exact driving the front wheels of the Golf ( an area where it has the rival Ford Focus ) provide , under certain circumstances , it is still change direction quickly and accurately .

Volkswagen Golf 16

There are many sides or extras, and there is a lot of grip , stability of the Gulf and advanced differential lock ( XDS ) Front (formerly GTI model only ) , which mimics the ' behavior assisted by a limited front braking slip differential to put in when the wheel out of corners .

In terms of crash safety , the latest high-performance Volkswagen Golf ANCAP five-star Euro NCAP crash tests . Seven airbags, ABS with electronic brakeforce distribution and brake assist, brake multiple collision (to minimize the brakes automatically after a first collision with another injury to third parties) and fatigue detection (ie, the continuous movement of the steering wheel and other signals ) that sounds an alarm to the driver are standard in the industry.

Volkswagen also has covered the price of Golf Maintenance 90,000 km or six years , with regular service every 15,000 km. Additional 405 dollars for the first of two visits cost is $ 465, $ 670 , $ 405 and $ 465 for the final service .

Volkswagen Golf 10

For comparison, the Toyota Corolla is offered with the assistance of the price covered for three years or 60,000 km , but the fees are much less than $ 130 provided for a maximum of six visits .

The "reduced" service fee could go to the view that the possession of land can be a costly affair for maintenance, but for a car is good , it is worth reinforcing .

This is a great reputation, but in a segment of stars , there is simply no other basic model of competition , which has reached the heights of the evolution of the VW Golf .

Volkswagen Golf 09

With a level of refinement , ride quality and closer to the aesthetics of a luxury competitor , the VW Golf is now a point of reference 90TSI rival could not match.

The fate of Volkswagen United States regularly risen in direct correlation with the severity of Wolfsburg on our market , a market, to be honest , is poorly neglected for nearly three full decades . The period of neglect is now complete and the Germans especially difficult with a focus on North American drivers who have never owned a VW .

For many in the United States will be the first Volkswagen Jetta and Passat , two excellent strains . But we went to this new seventh-generation Golf, and should be considered in the same list , because it is a pretty big machine nearly perfect , without the trunk.

The data in the Gulf since its invention in 1974 , is enormous. In the early months of 2013 , the Golf (called Rabbit for many of these dark years here in the U.S. ) , nearly 30 million units sold worldwide . The Golf Mk VI , which is still available in many markets such as the United States, the best-selling car in Europe remains dominant at the end of its life cycle . VW does not really need to update, something to keep the ball rolling sales .
View2015 page 2015 Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf before view2015 Rear View

But the Golf VII , which launched in September at the Paris Motor Show, is a completely new car , even though from the outside it looks strictly evolutionary . The main ingredient in the production of this statement as true "new" is the use of a completely revised architecture called MQB modular transverse matrix meaning , or " modular transverse matrix . " New architectures for business: incredibly massive investment and the damn things had better be really good for the bottom line . In the case of the MQB , entrepreneurs appreciate the price of its four-year development totaled $ 65 billion , the intention is to MQB will remain for at least a decade before replacing architecture is also discussed .

The Golf VII is a completely new car , even if the outside looks strictly evolutionary .

With it, some make a living fast, the VW Group 's MQB has announced that with transverse engines , which are used by VW , Audi, Seat and Skoda ranging from the size of the next VW Polo to the Passat next - that is, a large percentage of all production vehicles of the Volkswagen Group . So far we have driven the new MQB Audi A3, and now here with the four-door Golf Mk VII .

For this event, we have TRIM for upgrading 146 hp Golf 2.0 TDI Highline top European with a six-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission with optional paddle . At this inaugural event , the TDI engine we have for us standing next to a revised version of the 138 - hp 1.4 TSI engine cylinder gas with active technology , but it is not on the demand for U.S. supplies , so we took the road to diesel in the world. The second motor current are used in North America , recently re-developed 1.8 TFSI four-cylinder with 158 hp, and this is finally the engine block casting , 170 - hp 2.5 - liter five-cylinder engine compartment at the entrance of grazing .

2015 Volkswagen Golf Engine

Perhaps the most impressive performance of the current generation Golf VI is that it is done on almost all of the Golf V - sold all over the world , but actually gained market share - something he criticized former. A jury has chosen the overall World Car of the Year in 2009 after modernization half - life. [ Full disclosure : Your author is involved, says prices . ] So , I repeat, we were not really long for a menu for this remarkable improvements Golf VII .

Changes underbody would be if they noticed . Less than before the Gulf

The biggest challenge for Volkswagen was to ensure that the first real public - and extremely important - model MQB bring this tradition to the next level of the premium. This is because changes in bedrock are perceived by the public, if any. Less than before the Gulf This is an investment 65000000000 dollars to ensure that buyers will find almost nothing to interfere with the golf legend , in a sense . And even recognize patterns that make VW MQB offer very welcome , however, improvements for drivers and passengers , the new architecture subtly integrated much more movement for the increase in costs and a spiral world.

Thus , the Golf Mk VII is the monumental importance . As a European version of the expectations of the range of vehicles Ford F-Series is based on country without success , everything else suffers in the automotive sector , too.

2015 Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf headlight2015 wheel2015 taillight2015 tailpipes

EPA data should theoretically reach 36 miles per gallon in the city and 50 mpg highway .

Against the Golf VI , Golf VII, which the United States that the 2015 model year car arrives in April 2014 and is 2.2 inches longer on the outside with a 2.3 - inch longer wheelbase , wider and a half inch 1.1 inches shorter in overall height . This results in a visually appealing entertainment for the Gulf without flattening - this look is always recorded 16.3 CU . Since vertical space a little ' longer and larger original amount back of golf to the legs inside the rear is 1.2 inches and cargo space is increased to 1.1 cubic meters to 16.3 cubic meters , as well as the door charging is now easier wider and lower stress .

All new models to MQB sled weigh less than their predecessors and have a structural rigidity . For the Golf VII, the inclusion of measures of thinner high-strength steel body and chassis , as well as the ' use of aluminum allows a trim 200 pounds lighter than before weighing. In our case, the 2.0 TDI with six - speed DSG current weight loss seated around £ 50 for a total of £ 3,024 . 14.5 gallons to 13.2 gallons U.S. - A ribbon of weight loss can be attributed to the smaller tank on the Golf VII . 23 - percent increase in energy efficiency for new gas engines and diesel cars has reduced the capacity of fuel without compromising the autonomy of the vehicle. This latest version of the TDI engine family is EA288 2.0 TDI 18.5 percent effective if the number EPA should theoretically reach 36 miles per gallon in the city and 50 mpg highway .

Conducted in 2015 Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf driving2015 driving2015

We prefer all honesty Golf Package VII on the new Audi A3 .

Inside and out, the Golf VII is simply amazing bonus Kleinfamilienautoin not quite an Audi segment of the import market . That is, we sincerely prefer the whole package Gulf VII on the new Audi A3 . In fact, it is difficult to justify the choice of the most expensive on the A3 Golf VII . If you believe that our test is what the equivalent trim top is the four-door Golf Technology Group in the United States and other practical add-on , the general feeling on this new design , even in the basic version is more challenging and funny how the Golf VI focuses on the driver .

With the manual transmission and the clutch pedal there is a love that burns hardcore for the great lever of the hand brake . Well, unfortunately , it's all gone now on the Golf VII , so that Zwangssteuernin be allowed any further parking slippery. In a compromise , the area around the driver is now much cleaner and the gear lever in the center console moved to eight-tenths of an inch in the front, which , though perhaps resemble small changes will better orientation for most lengths modern weapons . As with the A3 , now the central axis is more inclined towards the driver .

2015 Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf interior2015 before the rear cargo area of seats2015 Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf rear

Low drag coefficient from 0.32 to 0.28 .

Legroom in the forefoot is comfortable not only increases due to the longer wheelbase , but also the new , universal alignment of each engine mounted transversely on the MQB platform . Each model is constructed with MQB have a transverse engine - petrol or diesel - supported at an angle of 12 degrees to the side and rear exhaust simplifies even backwards , so routing of the exhaust system , gaining space knees and feet together . And even if the total height is 1.1 inches, get the new body - Train seats young birds that are thinner and therefore more likely to be placed deep into the cabin , causing more room for everyone. All of this reorganization also slip out of reach in the air - the drag coefficient to 0.32 to 0.28 , which has helped to reduce wind noise while driving at high speed.

A standard feature on all routes now , has been reserved for varieties is the hottest and virtual - Diff XDS , which works on the front brakes to stabilize the car, while driving, through and out of corners . PS TDI 236 pounds -ft of torque , while the driver all day agile - This, along with the new generation of the optional Dynamic Chassis Control on our test car , even on the 146 .

Acceleration to 60 mph with this trim is two tenths of a second to 8.4 seconds.

We can clearly hear the rigidity and caution in the corners and transitions car, while Lenkgefühlist is determined by the assisted rack and redesigned three-spoke steering wheel for more civilian disguise , while we wait for the future GTI model . Acceleration to 60 mph with this trim is two tenths of a second to 8.4 seconds and acoustic insulation measures and acoustic glass in the frame make this acceleration will all run without unpleasant noise . During this time, the Dunlop 17-inch axle VW expanded acted strictly according to plan , and not have to compromise what we had in mind , as long as disappointed.

Check out the new Pro interface Integrated high-end screen with 5.8 - or 8.0 - inch , and feel a bit ' like a piece of modern consumer electronics with its displays of pre-contact sensors that displayed before the main menu touch the surface . Beyond the cool factor , the system itself works well and is extremely fast access to all major functions . With this level of interface with the full 3D - graphics can even feel Phaeton - and for us. Again , the design is MQB under the skin of a new wiring possible, which is used for many options that are reserved for the cars richest made ​​possible . Adaptive cruise control, automatic parking assist, lane departure warning and is now available from a number of other security technologies and high-class comfort .

2015 Volkswagen Golf 3/4 rear view

VW holds off on our markets , ready to have the new start time of the GTI.

Europe always starts with the first deliveries of the Golf VII at the end of this month. This has happened in the United States and Canada Golf VI , we have to wait 18 months before our first new Gulf to arrive. On the positive side , this means that VW holds off our markets as a new finish GTI start time .

This new door Golf is a solid step forward compared to the current generation, and with the series and specials that were not possible before the MQB architecture . After all, given the difficult economic situation in which the world and the need to maintain sales figures despite the current crisis , VW certainly not the prices are very or change altogether. The 1.8 - liter TFSI two ports should be about $ 18,000 for the base model with the new six-speed manual gearbox , while the 2.0 TDI four-door we tested is offered in the highest finish with a DSG probably about $ 29.500 . Expect a six-speed manual transmission to start the future 217 horsepower two-door GTI a little more than $ 24,000 .

Add a little ' German for the shopping list , kids, new Golf VII feels like a car costs ... almost like a new Audi A3 Sportback . Or better . It would be too heavy for Audi ?

What's New for 2013

Other than a small restyling of functions between the trim levels , returns the Volkswagen Golf in 2013 unchanged.


In a general sense , the tail trying to embody the best of all vehicles for the incorporation of comfort, style , utility, value and performance in one package . And among sedans 2013 Volkswagen Golf is better than any other competitor . When you consider that the Gulf has been in production since 1974, perhaps should not be surprising .

In 39 years , since its inception , Volkswagen has had a lot of time on the zero target. 2013 VW Golf is certainly the case in the dark with regard to the interior with materials and construction of the first class , we are more accustomed to the premium sister brand Audi . The list of features is also very impressive, with options that include premium audio and navigation systems. Honestly , the Golf looks and feels much more chic than anything else in its class - even when compared to the VW Jetta sedan possession .

On the road 2013 Volkswagen Golf continues to demonstrate comfortable with handling and a comfortable management and secure. The base of the five-cylinder 2.5 liter engine also contributes to the overall experience that acts as rivals, but unfortunately at the expense of fuel consumption of this . More power The decision to Golf TDI diesel model to increase class cars - beating levels, but the model is the baseline and greatly more expensive.

Among the competitors , VW Golf, Ford Focus 2013 we estimate there with the ground when it comes to behavior and luxurious interiors of conduct. Others, such as 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT 2013 Mazda 3 lacks the fit and finish VW cars or even praiseworthy . The choice of 2013 Volkswagen Golf will ultimately depend on where performance, price , refinement and efficiency among your priorities.

The types of bodywork , trim levels and options

2013 Volkswagen Golf is a five-passenger sedan in two - and four-door body styles . Everyone is a 2.5 L TDI , and equipment options for the choice of the motor is broken. GTI - High performance Golf R and discussed in separate comments .

Standard equipment on the base 2.5L Golf includes 15-inch steel wheels , full power accessories , heated mirrors , keyless entry , cruise control, air conditioning , driver's seat height adjustable passenger seat adjustable lumbar , a breakthrough and telescoping steering wheel , height adjustable armrest , on-board computer , a refrigerated glovebox and an audio system with eight speakers and a CD player with auxiliary audio jack . The Comfort package adds heated front seats, Bluetooth connectivity and Lederlenkradund button . Convenience and the opening of the package roof adds these above points , as well as a sunroof, multifunction steering wheel, a six-disc CD changer , satellite radio, audio interface audio interface iPod / USB and touch screen .

The Golf TDI has all the standard equipment listed above , minus the sunroof. Also included are 17-inch alloy wheels , sports suspension , a lowered suspension , fog lights , headlight washers heated and ambient lighting. Sunroof and navigation package adds a sunroof and a navigation system , but subtracts the compass and auxiliary audio jack . The technology package includes a sunroof and navigation and adaptive bi-xenon headlights , LED daytime running lights , keyless ignition / entry and a Dynaudio Premium Sound system .

Powertrains and Performance

2013 Volkswagen Golf 2.5L is powered by a 2.5 - liter electric powered five-cylinder that produces 170 horsepower and 177 lb- ft of torque. These models are used as partial golf Zero Emission Vehicles ( PZEV ) rating if sold in the states in which the emission standards of California. A five-speed manual transmission is standard and includes a Hill Holder function , while a six-speed automatic is optional. Golf 2.5L with automatic transmission achieves an EPA - estimated combined 24 mpg city/31 mpg highway and 26 mpg. Sticking to work better as 23/33/26 . But anyway, this is worse than the fuel consumption of the Golf primary (but less efficient ) competitors.

To get the best fuel economy, it is recommended that the Golf TDI . It features a 2.0-liter turbo- diesel inline-4 , which provides a modest 140 hp complemented by a 236 pounds -feet of torque robust . A six-speed manual transmission is standard and a six-speed manual automatic (DSG ) is optional. In Edmunds performance testing , a Golf TDI with a manual went from zero to 60 mph in 8.7 seconds - a bit ' of time for this segment. Estimated consumption or transfer 30/42/34 mpg, although it is very likely to do better in the real world - the U.S. EPA.


Standard Sicherheitsfunktionenfür 2013 Volkswagen Golf include traction and stability control, antilock disc brakes , front side airbags and side airbags. In Edmunds brake testing , a Golf TDI came to a stop from 60 mph in 121 feet - a good distance for this segment.

It was in crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety , the Golf has received the highest rating of "good" in tests , and resistance of the secondary frontal offset roof .

Interior Design and Special Features

Just replace the VW logo on the steering wheel of golf with four rings can be enough to convince you that you will be in an Audi , and this is the beauty of indoor golf .
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