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Toyota Aqua full review

Toyota Aqua full review

Toyota unveiled a handful of production and concept Aqua models at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011 . As you know , the Aqua will serve Prius C here in the United States when it lands at Auto Show in Detroit in early 2012 . The size of the Yaris sedan come with Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine of 1.5 liters and fitted electric motor , though Toyota has not said what we expect in terms of overall performance. We know the unladen weight of the vehicle lean and small motor will probably - Prius besting fuel economy numbers translate, so the buyer can watch about 50 mpg in the city .

The color version Kiriri Aqua and Aqua Piriri Version joined the production Aqua under the lights of Tokyo , the world a better idea of what might be to offer the model in terms of changing supplier. The small hatch looks sharp , and consumption figures are enough to make anyone smile .

Toyota provides evidence that hybrid technology is " not an obstacle to the creation of eye-popping individual concepts" Tokyo Auto Salon 2013. A concept car based on the Prius sedan - a model that quickly a bestseller cars from Japan since its launch last year, you will achieve with the unveiling of the G Aqua Sports.

The new concept of sports Aqua G adds another aggressive exterior and interior look, as well as a chassis and body re - listening - reinforcement spacers for its sporty handling and strengthen . Despite these updates, the concept of continuous aqua conventional hybrid transmission in the Prius. In other words, the new concept of Aqua 1.8 - liter four-cylinder engine , the power supplied PS 99 in combination with an electric motor 82, which provides another summed output .

All details about the new Toyota Aqua G Sport concept will be presented at its official debut at the Tokyo Motor Show .

As the idea of ​​a Prius Convertible hit you work? Such a model could be on the cards as the Toyota Aqua Air concept appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show .
The open concept could point to the introduction of a convertible model hybrid execution of the Toyota range .
There are some details on the bright pink concept , but it was the Aqua , which is based marketed as the Prius C in the United States . No direct equivalent sold in Europe - the nearest is the Toyota Yaris hybrid.
Obviously designed to appeal to fans of small cars fun, Aqua Air is a machine sporty and elegant look with a large trapezoidal grille and triangular headlight. It measures 3990 mm ​​long , 1690 mm ​​wide and 1440 mm high and has a wheelbase of 2550 mm .
The study design uses the same hybrid powertrain as Aqua Sport G - a gasoline engine 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle , an electric motor and a CVT transmission. The maximum power is 100 hp, with fuel consumption rating of 2.82 liters per 100 km or 100 miles per gallon.
Aqua Air joins the likes of FT- 86 Concept opened, the Taxi Concept JPN and Toyota i- road on the Toyota stand at the show. See the full report Tokyo Motor Show here .

2013 Toyota Prius c is consumption impressive and easy to use technology functions fuel , makeing it a great commuter car .

Overall, in 2013 Toyota Prius c four-cylinder engine and the electric motor of 99 horsepower. Many critics say that the Prius c lack of power is evident , especially at high speeds and when accelerating from a stop. The Prius c has a continuously variable transmission . Although its performance may be absent , most commentators agree that the Prius c is a decent city car with a strong braking and steering . Excellent fuel consumption ratings are also in the Prius good choice for commuters in the city. It is an EPA - estimated 53/46 mpg city / highway . In fact, the 2013 Prius c one of the few small cars with mileage exceptional gas, a safety score above average and a reliability score above average .

Reviews of the motor indicates that the cab is equipped Prius c hard plastics . One critic says that the rear seats are tight for adults, which is provided in this class, but another critic is impressed by the amount of the head - and legs , which is available for adults. Add evaluators note that the front seats are comfortable and spacious. A spokesman of the car think the Prius needs more cargo space behind the rear seats . Prius c base comes with a USB and Bluetooth port. Navigation , infotainment and satellite radio with higher order systems . Examiners automobile think these functions, and the climate system are easy to use .

Building on the success of the original Prius, the Toyota Prius C is a small town and friendly variant. The Prius C compact dimensions allow a reduced hybrid transmission and a lighter weight vacuum. This in turn lead to improved driving dynamics while returning fuel consumption almost identical to its big brothers . As another attraction , a new Prius C rings to several thousand dollars less than the standard Prius Liftback .

Sacrifices are made on behalf of some prices , and are generally limited to mount and interior refinement . Given the strengths of the Prius C unsurpassed fuel economy , maneuverability (for a hybrid) and hatchback versatility, we believe it is a very good choice for a small affordable car , hybrid or not .

Current Toyota Prius C
The Toyota Prius C debuted in the 2012 model year, a smaller input range alternative to the standard Prius Liftback . The small size puts it in the small car segment with four doors . As expected, the Prius C a less powerful of the hybrid powertrain smaller version is used in its greater stability leads .

A 1.5 - liter gasoline engine four-cylinder with two electric motor / generator mated combine to produce 99 hp . The gasoline engine drives the wheels and invites the two nickel-metal hydride batteries, while the electric motors to improve drive and battery during deceleration . Energy is transmitted through a continuously variable transmission (CVT ) for the front wheels . The Prius C is obviously not a lot of excitement way, but its power is sufficient , and the owners are likely to find satisfaction with EPA - city/46 mpg highway and 50 mpg in combined driving about 53 mpg .

The Toyota Prius C is trim levels, which are numbered from one to four available. Key standard features for the Prius CA includes 15-inch wheels , automatic climate control , Bluetooth phone and audio streaming and USB / iPod interface. The Prius C Two adds cruise control , adjustable driver's seat , rear seats 60/40-split-folding and upgraded audio system . The Prius C Three further enhanced with navigation, keyless ignition / entry , Toyota Entune system integration of smartphones and satellite radio . Finally, the four say adds alloy wheels , heated mirrors , faux leather upholstery and heated front seats. Sixteen inch wheels and faster - ratio are optional on four , while the sunroof is both three and four are available.

While the Toyota Prius C is quite similar to other Prius vehicles , there are some distinct differences to be aware of. Taller drivers will find it difficult to be comfortable due to a lack of the adjustment range of the wheel while Beifahrerfu├čraumist limited by invasion glove compartment . Backseat passengers adults , however, plenty of head - and legs. The cabin suffers from an overabundance of hard plastic surfaces that give the Prius C , feeling decidedly rate cut .

Hybrid vehicles in general, and the Prius range in particular, tend to be rather dull and uninteresting to drive. The Prius C , with its compact dimensions , it manages to inject some vitality into the mix, with responsive steering and handling compound. Unfortunately, the results of hardness is more athletic in some way. But considering the Toyota Prius C is miserly fuel economy and competitive pricing are easily forgiven this error.
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