Saturday, 30 November 2013

Indian rich young girls Purchasers Giving Philip to the Luxury Car

 Indian rich young girls Purchasers Giving Philip to the Luxury Car

Women in the country now consumers are showing a growing attention to the luxury-class vehicles. As more and more companies the objective of this section of goods and customized packages for the needs of women vehicle customers, their numbers from, BIS meaning.

", Mercedes-Benz , Hall of passenger cars and commercial vehicles Sport previously directed a small number of women buyers. According to a study in the year 2011, about 5% of all Mercedes buyers were women. This trend begins to process a class by novel, in rolls up to the end of May 2013," said Eberhard from MD & Head of direction, Mercedes-Benz in India.

"The Class A is tempting a completely new class customers typically between twenty to thirty years from the customers much higher than female the other vehicles. Almost all customers are a class Auto-Piloten and surprisingly they distributed to red of the nation, has been both Office also 2 &3 uproar

"female for cars such as the x1 based on a mixture of causes, the automatically is a large draw vehicles are easy to manage and the tires Anti-let shows that you don't need a can be stopped and change," added the spokesman for BMW

idem for Lamborghini, has said that the head of the operations Pavan Shetty, "has recently begun to certain requests for information but the proportion of women in particular perspectives of his office." "We have had some experience in the direction his meeting female part in the national capital and we were pleasantly surprised by the ease you distributed. With the luxury vehicle, section on the Indian market slowly matured for at least we are planning the number of Lady drivers of vehicles of deluxe to move closer to," said Shetty.

Michael perschke, head, Audi in India, said: "Many women are bought luxury vehicles sport utility vehicles in the Indian market and for this reason is a special target group the sections of the brand. As part of our marketing we have to do this with our girls spectators also exclusively with openings, such as " Audi of women's power drive" took the female animals triumphant all areas, so that we the Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 diagonal strong, topographies difficult."
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