Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster full review

What is actually happening?

A further Edition limited, but Horacio Pagani Zonda assurance that the last iteration of the famous Cinque roadster supercar, the on stage in 1999. One version was not provided for the Cinque roadster at the beginning, but the Customers cognement preserved on Horacio door and begging him. It costs £1.5 million.

Technical characteristics?

As the hard-top roadster Pagani Cinque, core for new 'astonishing Material" Carbo-Titan . A type of carbonfibre Titan tissues is found with standard sheets has been on the road for the first time only Zonda R and is an important aspect of the Zonda for the replacement of C9. In the present case of the Zonda Pagani allows you to educate kilograms weight Coq chassis should already by even more, the bathtub.

There are suspension of magnesium components carbonfibre, records brake and alloyed magnesium app center, blockade of the wheels, which tipped the scales all Cinque roadster on a nebulous 1210kg SEC, what 70kg less than the original Zonda S roadster 2005.

What is the result?

The best Zonda we never turn away a lot of the automatic transmission, as in fact their non-Cinque zondas. The smooth roads we tested cars according to their position Frost more strict, chassis completely - even though we know that, according to our previous Cinque meetings although almost racing low manages remarkably well with less--perfect tarmac - and alveolee insulating is much better than expected.

Well, that is a little more serious, the 'Green, it is on the right path, and it is not as fast as, as it were, the 'F1' shift to a Ferrari 599, but also the quality of the manual via a standard Zonda alveolee insulating large or unconsciously not exactly what you use more of the bass-low before starting the engine, they could, were brought to the alveolee insulating not by times.

In Cinque, but you have a means to the top or bottom of the transmission time and time again, with the help of the strength in the in the upper the REV-range more than in other zondas, Cinque feeling a lot more lives. This is a raquette-shifter for those of us on the Manuals - rev in the framework of the budget line red and nothing is until you ask him, so that they are always in the control. This is exactly what the pallets really a variation of speed a pleasure to.

How compares?

Is? If you have a £1.5 million Zonda, you can you the possibility to include almost any other car seats, on the side. If the a supercar dogfight, you want, there is a Pagani Zonda V Porsche Carrera GT V Ferrari Enzo V Bugatti Veyron video here. We are all four.

So what needs the other?

Only five will be constructed, and this is the last is due for Zonda production, where necessary, of an amazing new Pagani C9 supercar is imminent. If the however, it will take advantage of the 11 years of living large in the specific expenditure is uncertain

Pagani, Italian Super Car, is based on a Mercedes Benz' power plant recently a different brand new roadster Zonda R version. The introduction of the Pagani Zonda Cinque roadster to the market, and his sister is similar Pagani cut, would be 5 units and has been sold and 1.3 million EUR prices (1.85 million dollars).  It is also the Modenese workshop.

The performance of this

super car is Carbo-Titan Material (fiber carbon ammunition with Titan threads), Super engine built from you as an AMG V12 machines. This makes up 678 horses of the traction. The car accelerates vessel inspired by 60 km/h in only 3.4 seconds. There is thus no longer 200 km/h in less than 10 seconds. Overall, its maximum speed reached 217 km/h. This version features cut off with lining E
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