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Ferrari La Ferrari full review

Ferrari La Ferrari full review

The laferrari is at once with a purge valves V12 and e-motor. The purge valves V12-pumps of a dangerous 800hp, and the THESE-kers Electric Motor generates a 163hp extra, as regards the performance of 963ps  The 6262 dockingstation and CC to be used in the purge valves V12 laferrari saugmotor is the strongest in a Ferrari. gesamtdrehmoment of two engines IS OF 663 Al-FT, the wagon at least 178 Al-FT torque more than the Enzo. But what can be with a powerful heart? As would it with a F1-doppelkupplungsgetriebe? Yes, it is all that thou BETWEEN. Even 0-60mph is reached in less than 3 seconds. just wanted to say that I have only a keypad, the small other to there is not of a impressive number or if little ... All this would not be a good idea, if this car is a serious hunk of metal, but if you really think Ferrari would allow it? The laferrari has a bodywork manufactured completely of Carbon, with a few extras. For example: the driver and front passenger seat, kevlar-fabric is the carbon fiber. What is kevlar? Ah you know, it is the looks, this is no longer bullets. Ferrari has the intention of buildings 499 this beautiful nature, but unfortunately all of them have already acquired. It seems, as if they must be perhaps wait until one of the owners of their bored laferrari in order to buy a ... But really, do you think someone to never getting bored? It is doubtful. But if you get bored, I am sure that we have done of the DuPont Registry. Details on the laferrari ( i have that he has said: "The laferrari") are a little vague in some areas. Ferrari has we the exciting details, such as the power figures, an engine, and everything possible, but it is perhaps a little to us an assessment fully developed on this great car. Always for other times News on the laferrari!

It is in Geneva lunch hour, Ferrari and president Luca di Montezemolo, that is precisely it has preferred the bettdecke of Ferrari's Pharaonic expected new hypercar which is expected reveal ... the Ferrari laferrari.

The what? The Ferrari of Ferrari? Or simply laferrari? It is a strange, certainly for it. As with many other things beautiful Italian, the name of the Maranello at the more recent does not want any to done in English. In effect, is not technically also in Italian. But what the hell, it is what it is, a limited edition 499-strong final Declaration of A COMPANY WHOSE flagship cars have not been less of milestones in the evolution, i think be 1984s with 288 gto, ' 87s Carbon fiber F40, ' 95s F1-F50, and any Enzo 2002dru.

laferrari. We have in hand, and they are also. Here, the bits, they should remember: the relevant to, direct injection 6.3-liter-purge valves V12 is an evolution of the f12berlinetta ausf√£¼hrung of the powerful unit, and it is with a double-clutch gearbox and an electric motor, whose main command above is sitting on the "box. A 120-cell 60 kg lithium-ion -akku Pack is very well packaged under the seats of a kevlar enclosure, and there is high-voltage orange cables to isolate the high voltages, produced. The purge valves V12-spins at 9250u/min and manufactured 790ps, puts the electric motor the equivalent of another 160ps  Yes, it is a sum of 950 CV in a car with a weight of approximately 1300kg of dry air (nearly identical to that of Enzo).  It was also to have 663lb ft) attract.

See topgear.com 's exclusive images of the new Ferrari laferrari

performance? Intergalaktisch, as they expect: 0-62mph in 3.0 seconds, 0-124km/h in less than 7.0 seconds. It is incredibly fast. laferrari blows, lazy Old Enzo cycle - - the total to the criterion of Ferrari unglaublichkeit, by five seconds blocked to maintain a rundenzeit 1min in 20sek. Less empirical, the laferrari should feel hundeelend before he did that the e-engine which durchzugskraft already at low speeds, the engineers were free to purge valves V12. Therefore, that the red-line.

This is the first time Ferrari HAS THESE-kers on a "- developed by the F1 boys in gestione sportiva - and it reduces the emissions by 40 percent, increased the purge valves V12 to 10 per cent, adding kinetic energy normally lost of brakes (a
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