Thursday, 28 November 2013

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class full review

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class full review

If she is like us, you are already looking forward to this car for the better part of 10 years. No, not the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-class-specific, but the technique including. Perhaps you remember the Bosc active suspension system? Yes, Bosc, a company more known price of audio equipment, which has shown a surprising complex system Automotive suspension approximately ten years ago, which is on a few 1994 which LS luxury slices. A LS, with the system teams, and the other without. The two could be envisaged to split-screen Video a travel battery and exercises in view of the load management, with the Bosc auto problems surprisingly little seitenneigung and the head are a big thank you to the network of fields motors and microprocessors. It was, as if the car on the road and the suspension uses these data, to act against a And do you the housing horizontally and drama-free. Bosc has shown the technique once more in 2004, but he was in the technology since the Carter administration. We have active suspensions before and here, but also today, the Bosc the power seems positive, with body Control, that in a certain way the mode of thinking. And this is before the jump to the end of the video presentation.

As it appeared that the Bosc-auto was great on the road abtriebsseite was held in the video, it was not the control of the road, it was to be expected, as the soil. This could be the reason for a decade, we have not yet managed to buy a system in a ".  It is the lack quality preventive maintenance - the road - this was not happening. Up to now. The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-class has exactly the type of technology, but the means of suspension itself nothing to see with the architecture Bosc. Daimler said to the body control unit the S-class, the landing gear hydraulic active body Control (ABC) with cameras said twin fixed before any a mirror and relax or rationalization of the suspension in preparation on the carriageway. As well reach their prime bodenschwelle with the system activated is not just of spooky - Michelin-tires for everyone, as you sanit√§rsystem BY THE if noise as if the space-temperature Brie. How is it is not once again. You'll laugh and applaud, we did.

But this brand of THE has its limits: it only works during the day, bad weather can lead to the fact that the system of avalanche (when the camera is blocked thanks to the snow, for example) and it is really the best on the major disorders such as above speed bump, as it is not enough schlagfertig, to various different correctly and if well. strange, it only works with ABC-SET, the comfort-mode, if it sport they are to themselves. Most of the time, such as during a traditional luxury car, to know very well educated, but not quite remain sportsmen. The world of the rich, the efforts in the City Center, or all the speed bumps to the common will, they have reason to rejoice, but this is not the revolution of the presentation Bosc air conditioning to wait before all these years.

Yes, to a certain extent, to the body Control, behind the previous, what we are aiming for, and this is not so simple for the rest of the w222-series Benz. While it shares the position of principle system and other dimensions of predecessor, the S-class was not more new. This has been again this of my 250 miles route of the great international Strait on the launch in Toronto in show 2013 s550 a very good product of luxury for the segment of the eternal tome leader by accident, the w221 yet feels really can cope with this new generation.

This printing starts at 2014er years an enclosure. If the prior authorization generation foresaw a little overloaded with fenders and se handgemachten details, the w222 is both herrschaftliche and remain sportsmen. Even if it is not the form the more when sphere, it provides balance and doing so in a way his predecessors have not been successful. the eye of the is of the remarkable view non-gratings and of the complexity led-sche
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