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Koenigsegg CCX full review

Koenigsegg CCX full review

If you want to buy a new supercar Koenigsegg , you need be ready somewhere between $1.5 to $2 million, depending on the model and the market. Even more recently, a special edition Agera S sold for 5.3 million dollars, so that you can easily see that for ordinary people, these are: not.

But now that the company has more than 100 cars, it intends to launch a "support from certification procedures' for the customers can not a new supercar, but for a previously belong. For example the JRC Vor-Besitz recorded a EUR 400 000 (about 550 000 dollars at the exchange rate), so it's much less than a brand new Koenigsegg.

In order to certify as a valid Pra-Besitz car, "it must be after a difficult process of monitoring and updating according to the criteria of the automotive industry and renovated koeningsegg." If it is approved, the vehicle is a two-year factory warranty and free service. A prerequisite for the World Cup; the vehicle should be purchased an Official Koenigsegg representatives the cause.

Please jump to the rose for more information on the latest and more offer: Agera Koenigsegg a R
R supplied by the Koenigsegg Agera chamber-developed 5.0 liter, V-8 engine with turbocharger you developed a total 1,140 horsepower - an improvement of the 25 hp on 2012 year model.

The Agera R can strike a maximum speed of 273 km/h and currently holds four topics Various : 0 to 300 km/h in 14.53 seconds, 300, 0 km/h in only 6.66 seconds to 0 to 200 km/h in 17.68 seconds and 200 to 0 km/h in * 7.28 * seconds.

The program designed and structured way a warranty and a good service of a new vehicle offered near what Koenigsegg.

Koenigsegg famous 10 years production this year. With numbers of production which is now more than 100 cars, we recognize the need for the introduction of an early program facilitating a healthy on the market for used for our vehicles and the buyers of the vehicles, the ESPRIT in the peace and quiet of your car to benefit from the more full. For

a vehicle for the allowable will be "Koenigsegg subsidies from certification procedures" must suffer a lengthy process of monitoring and be updated and renovated according to the criteria of the automotive industry koeningsegg. This means that all cars sold in perfect condition with official Koenigsegg representatives all measures carried out at European level from the factory.

The Koenigsegg gets support from certification system is exclusively and only available official Koenigsegg representatives. We offer up to 2 year the safety of works and free on the preparation include approved vehicles by an official Koenigsegg representatives.

eu Top host Jeremy Clarkson past behind the steering wheel of the new Koenigsegg CCX for a test of the Sunday Times in the UK. With between 800 and 900 horses, and a speed of tip of 250 mph, CCX many in the same league of the Bugatti Veyron. So "in a sense," says Clarkson. While the two cars can leave similar to accelerate and speed numbers are very different animals. The Bugatti is cumbersome, more stable, and my powerful. The CCX on the other, is easier, and a little more rugueux quirkier edges. During the Veyron feels relatively controlled 250 mph, Clarkson was not so much on the AISE with CCX. After a frighteningly high speed experience with the car, Clarkson " NOT do not receive units for the 200mph New Marker." There is no doubt that the CCX a universe ruthlessly car, it says. "Try a nerve with the car and kill them." But in the end, which is a real supercar can around. "Today many bolides feel a little means, a bit slippery," Clarkson in writing. "Koenigsegg is.

A-beats the Nardo high speed record in 2005 with 806ch JRC really, Christian von Koenigsegg the car of the dream in the RA

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