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Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero full Review

Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero full Review
The company formerly known as Shelby super cars, known today as the SSC, has already tea replacement for its extreme for spa, tere, the ultimate Aero. It is called the Tuatara . You would never have thought that SSC would his A-multiple-world-record-holding for spa future only when driving into the sunset, you have?

If you have done it, they are wrong, as the SSC has recently launched a special edition model of the ultimate Aero, aussi tb praise the ultimate Aero XT Odeon has power plant had never been seen before in year ultimate Aero and design to match tea might be behind the seats.

This model is in the truest sense a Flash model you get it, as there will only be a small number of copies. After a brief glance, it looks like this special edition is the ultimate Aero SSC has proper send to retirement, goal it is the new XT is worth all of the hype?

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SSC Ultimate Aero XT tea
outside of the SSC Ultimate Aero XT is never seen on a two-color paint on any Ultima Ultimate Aero and will never be seen for all new Tuatara. The customer can choose any of the two colors he wants, and the SSC will specify a color in the middle of tea because, on the roof, the rear, on the mirror and in the lower half of the vehicle. The second color is fill in the sides of the vehicle and the outermost regions side of the hood.

The overall styling of the car is the same as the ultimate standard Aero, without the wheels coded, the selection of the customer. It has a wedge-style front end that leads to a low roof flies to pull back the tail'.  The tail is up again, so that the rear downforce aero XT has little and this small wing race in the high braking, so that the brakes be has little help.

Around the rear end of the ultimate Aero XT have you seen tea six tail light system on the Ultimate Standard Aero, together with its center, the exhaust pipe.

The ultimate Aero the facade has been plenty sexy, so we are glad to see SSC do only minimal changes, tea special edition from all the rest.

Inside there is not
very much information about the interior design, goal we can assume that there is pretty much the same design as the model database Ultimate Aero, goal from the pictures, it looks as if the colors are coded to the exterior, but this is not confirmed.

As an add-on service you will receive a/c, electric windows, electrically adjustable outside mirrors, adjustable steering, 7.5 inch LCD screen, a 10-Speaker Premium Stereo system with CD and DVD player. You also get a full-time rear view camera and navigation system.

Engine and drive train
is behind the seats, where the wide difference is seen in this version of the ultimate Aero. He has the new in sections 423.6 cubic-inch engine, used tea tuatara, with 1.300 hp at 6.800 rpm and 1.004 lb-ft of torque at 6.800 rpm Aussi from its big brother, the cooling system and fuel-delivery system. This is a 13-hp increase over the base Ultimate Aero, goal has 108 pound-feet loss, which is odd. It does, however, turns up on a tractor 9.200 rpm before hitting the engine of the Redline

this type of ponies. text from this engine requires a own bard turbocharge pressure pumps in tonnes. The forced air aer has torque of the cool water-to-air intercooler, tea non-heat-soaked and therefore useless as air-to-air intercooler.

Connected to the engine is a 7-speed triple Disc carbon clutch, lightning-fast switching and precise answer, and everything falters, only the rear wheels. This transmission does not have a traditional floor mounted shifter. Rather, it has a bucket-shift interface behind the steering wheel.

SSC Ultimate Aero XT
chassis, brakes and suspension
in the body measures 174.4 cm long x 78.4 cm wide x 43 cm high and has a weight of 2.800 kg, thanks to the carbon-fiber construction with aluminum structures - such as F1-cars. You will receive 44 percent of their body weight on the front axle and 56 percent to the rear axle. We'd like to see a little closer to the 50:50 Mark, aim at least d

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