Tuesday, 29 October 2013

General Motors Company

Education general contractor, known with the name general [ has begun a multinational company based in Detroit, Michigan, in the case of finished products and the markets of the models broken down motor vehicles and spare parts for motor vehicles and the sale of financial services. Normally produce vehicles for at least 37 countries eleventh marks, including a vehicle وبويك شيفروليه model, JHA, كاديلاك vis-à-vis the major هولدن, وايسوزو, JHA اوبل place, as a result, وولينج. [ 4] [ 5] general 212.000 someone's day and 157 countries" [ 1] general" is divided into five areas: because General Motors of اميركا North (gmna), because General Motors of Europe (OSCE) greatly), because General Motors of the international transactions (gmio), because General Motors of South America (gmsa (etc. ), general of finance. (6) (marg, 12, 13 (
because General Motors of all over the world under the direction USA sales vehicle to 77 consecutive years 1931 up to 2007 the automobile industry, and this is the largest company in the automotive industry in the world of vehicle sales group [ 7]

History of General Motors Company

general in most of the United States countries outside of the companies of the United States, but in China in the last 10 projects" (6) The p. 18 AND 96 in general terms in-general اونستار trade in the vehicle for the safety of information services.
2009, In the case General Motors of various research activities german closure of a car بونتياك, show the reorganization of the government of chapter 11. For the year 2010, in the case General Motors of advantages in general terms in the world was one of the major 5 initial bids in general terms of the history and that it has returned to profit-making purposes, in the course of the year.

A company without the 16 september, September 1908, mandate فلينت ميتشيجان بويك Holding Company controlled by William sector lwd. [ 9] at the beginning of the xx century are less vehicles 8,000 of America and lwd are at risk of a firm leader صوانى finished horses of vehicles, Michigan before its expertise in the automotive sector. [ 10] general founder and co-Charles stewart mott were incorporated, the transfer in a society بويك in general. At the end of the year the largest donor general mott in general and on his own life mott of the institution has received the city فلينت life. In general terms اولدزموبيل general syndrome must recruited in the year 1909, on the subject, lwd كاديلاك, has in Auckland and many others, 1909, in the case General Motors of took the acceptance of the society of trucks vehicles owosso, ميتشيجان, the vehicles in the company and rapid of the mandate of the michigan بونتياك before in the context of heavy trucks on lwd loss of control of the general 1910, as a result of the great banks trust, the debts with the fall of the purchase of new vehicles sales in the next year

, sector lwd has started from a company شيفروليه purchased a vehicle for anyone and a secret items of general interest are in general for lwd has taken measures to control the company after a War more cases of temporary work to date
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