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BMW 1 Series Convertible

BMW 1 Series Convertible

What's New for 2013

2013 BMW 128i and 135i are substantially unchanged and increased standard equipment and options packages and random. In place of the now discontinued 1 Series M, BMW 135is coupe or convertible door is cut.


BMW was not even sure of the automotive industry, the performance of the individual deformation model next year, growth or swelling almost to the size of the next largest class. Therefore, the 2013 BMW 1 Series is a gem, the size of the original series 3, series 1 coupe or convertible is probably the last person who still defends the characteristics of agile BMW that once defined all of the BMW brand.

Under the hood, there is growing evidence that the 1-series is a true BMW. With the same excellent series of inline-6 ​​engine as the BMW 3 Series, feelings are for the taking. Transmission choices are top notch, with a choice of six-speed manual, six-speed automatic or a seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual gearbox sophisticated.

While Americans are still accustomed to the idea of ​​compact premium car brand, is becoming more and more support for the purchase of small, but also the purchase. Although the 2013 BMW 1 Series may seem expensive compared to a Hyundai Genesis Coupe or 2013 Nissan 370Z, especially if you select one of the options packages. But if you think that the first rear-wheel drive compact as in Europe, then it begins to look rather than the exception.

However, you owe it to yourself to make purchases against some other coupe / cabriolet before such an important decision. Consider a four-wheel drive Audi TT, front wheel drive Mini Cooper, and even some American muscle flex with a Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang. With reference to the above, we believe that you will feel the exceptional quality and the dynamics of the series 1.

body styles, trim levels and options

2013 BMW 1 Series is available in two-door coupe or convertible body styles, both of which are configurations in 128i, 135i and 135is.

The 128i is equipped with 17-inch wheels, automatic headlights, fog lights, rain-sensing wipers, cruise control, eight-way front seats of the hand, a rotating wheel and telescopic steering column, premium vinyl upholstery, dual-zone air conditioning and Fully equipped with a 10-speaker audio system with CD player, HD radio, USB / iPod and auxiliary audio input interface. The 128i Cabriolet adds several style wheels, electric folding roof fully lined and a special convertible mode for the climate.

In addition to its powerful turbocharged engine, the 135i adds a sport suspension, 18-inch wheels, eight-way front seats, adaptive xenon headlights, an aerodynamic kit, and (on the coupe) a sunroof. The highest levels of 135is also benefits from a more powerful turbocharged engine, sports seats, sports steering wheel with shift paddles (if ordered with automatic transmission) and the external features and internal professionals.

The Premium package adds keyless ignition / entry, anti-glare mirror, interior lighting, satellite radio, leather seats, and the 128i coupe is missing the contrary, it adds 135 to the front seats and a power sunroof. If the 128i is available with a premium, group adaptive xenon headlights with automatic level control are available.

Packages 128i and 135i cold season include a heated front seats and steering wheel. 128i and 135i M Sport Packages essentially mimic the extra features that come standard on the 135is.

Finally, the technology packages for all trim levels adds a navigation system, online information services, BMW Apps, smartphone integration, voice commands and BMW Assist (concierge).

Unbundled, standalone options on all versions include rear parking sensors, Auto High Beam Assist and BMW Harman Kardon sound system. BMW 135i and 135is are available with variable ratio power steering.

Powertrains and Performance

Engine BMW 1 Series offers a choice of three engines, 3.0-liter inline-6. The naturally aspirated engine produces 230 hp 128i 200 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed manual transmission is standard and a six-speed automatic is optional. In Edmunds performance testing, a manual-equipped 128i coupe sprints from zero to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds. A (300 pounds) convertible with a manual gearbox, recorded a 6.7-second time. EPA-estimated fuel economy coupe 128i is 18 mpg city/28 mpg highway and 22 mpg combined regardless of transmission. The 128i Cabriolet deserves 18/27/21 with the automatic and 19/28/22 with the manual transmission, however.

Turbo inline-6 ​​engine in the 135i has 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed manual transmission is standard and a dual-clutch transmission with seven automated manual transmission (DCT) is optional. In our tests, a 135i coupe with manual transmission sprint to 60 mph from a standstill in an impressive five seconds flat and fast 5.5 seconds for the convertible. However, this figure increased to 6.2 seconds for a 135i with DCT. EPA-estimated fuel economy is actually better than the 128i, achieving 20 mpg city/28 mpg highway/23 mpg combined with the manual and 18/25/21 with the automatic transmission. The manual-equipped convertible gets 19/28/22.

The new-for-2013 135is a modified version of the 135i engine, which produces 320 hp and 317 Nm of torque. Even if you do not have a test case, we suspect that it will be easy to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds when equipped with the manual transmission. The DCT seven-speed is available.


wheel antilock disc brakes (with brake drying and standby function), traction and stability control and hill start assist for manual-equipped cars are all standard on the 2013 BMW 1 Series. Front and side airbags, full length side curtain airbags seats are standard on the coupe, convertible are equipped with side airbags for the front seats that extend beyond the protection of the occupants heads. The convertible also has pop-up roll bars.

In Edmunds brake testing, a 128i cabrio from 60 mph in 115 feet instead. , A 135i coupe with 18-inch wheels and summer tires, however, stopped from 60 mph in an excellent 107 feet.

Interior Design and Special Features

The interior of the Series 1 is competitive with high quality materials in general the competition. While there is still more hard plastics than we would like in a BMW, aluminum or wood trim things a little dress option '.

Most of the controls are straight from the playbook of BMW series and are easy to use. The seat base is particularly lacking in the support given to the potential performance of this car, it is highly recommended anteing for the M Sport package and excellent manually adjustable sports seats, which some say better performance sport seats. Solar reflective leather seat option The convertible bond has a remarkable job of keeping your butt roast.

Although the small car BMW 1 Series is technically a four-seater, the rear seats are significantly smaller than the 3 Series coupe, so they are the best products or the small left. Rectum coupe trunk of 13 cubic feet of luggage, in a convertible, there are 8.5 cubic left when the roof stowed.

Driving Impressions

It 'the first to flee built a sports car real purpose of a winding road 2013 BMW. While some fundamental drivers believe that the treatment is no longer rewarding BMW M Emblem enthusiast driven, the vast majority of owners will find the joy in steering response, good body control and a splendid view to the outside. The path of the 1 Series is not as refined as that of a series of 3 or, but it is pretty good compared to its rivals.

Even the base 128i naturally aspirated inline-6 ​​is a gem of an engine, sweeping power from idle to redline a smooth shaft of the turbine. With its turbocharged inline-6, the 135i and 135is crank power, while maintaining every bit of this feature alone.
Last spring, while taking a few cars in test drive fast back to back, I had an epiphany: Tooling around in a BMW (BMWA) convertible on a sunny day with the top down and the engine growl echo hoarse in the ears is one of the all time great pleasures of driving today. This observation led me to the BMW 135i Convertible 2012, a one-week trial. I came with a sense of conflict.

The joy of it, for sure. The 1 Series Convertible 128i and 135i versions that are as-sawn 3 Series Convertible, which are always made for the best ragtops. Speed, agility and handling are all similar. Remove cabriolet, which lasts only 22 seconds, and you get the same race as the 3 Series Convertible do.

SLIDESHOW: 2012 BMW 135i Convertible
The 1 Series Convertible, however, is nearly 10 inches shorter and a little 'closer than the 3 Series. Personally, I find it difficult to pay a higher price for a small car as a restoration back seat. Again, the Porsche 911 has a restaurant on the back seat, too, and I like the 911 .... As I said, this leaves little Bimmer feel conflicted.

I prefer the 135i Convertible 2012 on the 128i. This is because BMW ultra-fast-shifting, seven-speed dual-clutch automatic (a standard six-speed stick on both models) as an option on the new BMW 135i for only $ 450 is available. You can take a leather steering wheel and shift paddles for an additional $ 100. In the 128i, the car does not cost more, but is less efficient six-speed Steptronic more.

If you have not yet tried the new dual-clutch transmission in German, a try. They are dynamite. They move faster than a human can, which is why many German cars (including 135i) are now slightly faster than an automatic with a stick. BMW high-speed-sensing steering system is also available as an option on the 135i Convertible for $ 1,550, but it is not available on the 128i.

The other obvious advantage of the 135i Convertible is more power available from a six-cylinder 3.0-liter turbo magnificent 300 horsepower in-line, the same one that comes in the 335i. The 128i is powered by a 230 hp aspirated version, which has been found in the same 328i. (In theory, the speed junkies who do not want a convertible could be used for limited production 1 Series M Coupe, which is powered by a 335 hp twin-turbo, to decide a BMW spokesman. Said, however, the 1 Series M Coupe will be sold in the United States "at this stage, it would be very difficult to find one.")

Of course, you pay more for the 135i Convertible, which starts at $ 44.675 with a stick shift, compared to $ 37.475 for the 128i, but I think it's worth the premium. For comparison, the 328i and the 335i Convertible, which start at $ 47.325 and $ 53.525 each costing more than nine or 10.

One drawback is that the fuel consumption is easy when you go with the 135i and the automatic transmission with double clutch. With automatic transmission, the 135i Convertible is rated at just 18 miles per gallon in the city and 25 on the highway, or 20 mpg on average, a decrease of 18/28/22 with a stick shift. The 128i Convertible is evaluated exactly the same thing with a stick shift, but it does something better than the 135i with an automatic (18/28/21).

2012 1 Series does not have a government crash test ratings. However, the convertible comes with pop-up roll bar and special protection airbags and side pockets, and stability control and front-wheel drive head.

BMW has made a great success this year with sales in the United States 193 565 units in the first eight months of the year by 14.6 per cent last year. The gains are, however, largely SUV (the new BMW X3 has been an increase in sales to 254.1 percent in August). Sales of most models of BMW cars are, and the 1 Series is no exception. U.S. sales were down 31.3 percent in 5898 only one in the first eight months of this year compared to the same period of 2010.

Behind the wheel

A major attraction of the 135i is its speed. The car accelerates from zero to 60 in 5.4 seconds with the manual gearbox and 5.3 seconds with dual-clutch automatic. The 128i is a full second slower (6.4 seconds) with a stick shift and is far behind (7.0 seconds) with automatic transmission Steptronic. Yawning time difference is a measure of superiorty dual-clutch automatic.

It is by no means the best or cheapest terrace around, but only a few cars in the range of the first premium compact as a complete package as a BMW convertible class.

The level of aesthetic challenge BMW 1 Series front entrance began with the conversion of the convertible coupe - the square in the chaotic lines and an overview.

But it is not as bad news. With the low, the hard lines are less obvious and thanks to an update of half life in 2011, the model has a front slightly more aggressive with air intakes specially designed a "curtain air" in order to minimize the resistance to the wheel to create.

Updated mid-cycle has also added a new headlight design on the 1 Series, which has provided a striking signature of the lamp to the front and rear cars.

While the BMW 3 Series Convertible gets a folding metal hardtop version is the one to deal with an electrically operated fabric roof.

The important thing to know is that there are no rattles and the mechanism is simple and refined. The roof can be done with the touch of a button with low or flat close in 18 seconds and if you're flying with a maximum of 40 km / h.

It 's easy, so there's no excuse not to enjoy the excitement of "wind-in-the-hair" is often heard.

The noise of the wind largely contained and the engine noise is impressive in the behavior of the car, where it is easy to forget that you're driving a convertible with a fabric roof.

Refinement car is impressive in this regard.

It could be the entry level model in a wide range of BMW models, but the 1 Series Convertible has all the features of its more expensive brethren and sisters - a motorist rewarding.

To begin with, the great location of specific conduct, is a machine for drivers has been built around.

The dashboard and instrument panel are refreshingly simple and easy to read at a glance.

Sports seats upholstered much can be a bit 'tight for those with larger structures, also with electric strengthen, but simply wrapping it are brilliant.

There are also a lot of steering wheel adjustment and a lot of space in the front for taller drivers comfortable.

Is not completed within the BMW 1 Series Convertible luxury, but plastics are of high quality and there are a lot of metal and glossy black to distribute highlights in the cabin to do something special.

Gadget-wise, it is not overloaded with standard features, but all the important stuff is an excellent audio system with Bluetooth phone and music streaming (which provides excellent audio 80 km / h, bottom), sport-wrapped multifunction steering wheel leather, full leather trim, climate control, dimming mirror, cruise control, rear parking sensors and automatic lights and wipers.

Our test car was available with the option of Business Navigation Pack, which provided a high-resolution 6-inch screen in a box on top of the dashboard, which was accessed through the iDrive also supports car.

In practice, there is much space in the rear leg of the seat for two children, but is very narrow for adults. luggage space is limited, especially with the top down, but once again, there is not enough space for (260 liters) for a couple of soft bags or grocery store this week BMW 1 Series Convertible surprisingly livable as a daily driver.

Disappointing, there are no buttons on the rear window and rear passenger access without air conditioning vents in the back, either.

There are also a lot of choice in the 1 Series Convertible line-up - three petrol engines - (2.0-liter 120i, 125i 3.0-liter, 3.0-liter 135i M Sport) and two diesel (- 2, 0 liters 118d 123d 2.0) .

Price for the entry-level 118d departure, we tested is $ 53,200 (before on the road) with the highest range of $ 83.700 for the 135i M Sport.

Our BMW 118d receives a start button, but unfortunately (at least for this hotel) driver is required to connect the first-fob into a slot before you start the car.

This is the sound of diesel reveal both the start and stop, but once moving sound effects of oil have been largely removed.

Fans will almost certainly bypass the 118d for the most powerful models in the BMW 1 Series line-up, but it is anything but slow or boring. The four-cylinder diesel produces 105 kW and 300 Nm of torque from 1750RPM and progress is effortless.

Transmission standard on the BMW 118d is a six-speed manual, but our test car was optioned with the right shift six-speed automatic. That's why it's just a slow 100 km / h tithe, but much more practical in a habitat of the city.

Forget 0-100km/h-acceleration time (9.6 seconds if you must know), it's all about the speed of the punch with the 118d - and there's a lot of it.

This is not entirely in the classroom, but the 118d is a lot of fun behind the wheel. The steering is wonderfully direct and communicative with great weight and feel through the steering wheel.

It 'important that the body BMW 118d, so that the car be driven rigid correspondingly with safety through the winding sections. Turn-in is quick and accurate view more balance, traction and stability you would normally expect from an entry-level diesel car - a BMW.

The trip is also a well-ordered and generally comfortable. Only the most difficult hole is the organ of the 118d is not compromised, the rest is effectively damped by the suspension of the car. Our only problem is with the tire rolling flat standard is the tendency to produce a thud on the biggest obstacles.

This guide is a relatively inexpensive, too. BMW claims a combined fuel consumption of 5.5L/100km for the 118d automatic transmission, but the best during our one-week test (mostly city driving), we were able to achieve was 7.2L/100km. The CO2 emissions to 129g/km evaluated.

The BMW 1 Series Convertible is not without its rivals - most are less expensive.

Brilliant management Mazda MX-5 can be had for as little as $ 47,200 on the road, before fees and Volkswagen EOS for $ 49.990. Cheaper is always the $ 36,990 Golf Cabriolet, Renault Megane Cabriolet for $ 45,990, $ 50,990 for the Peugeot 308CC and the Mini Cooper S Convertible at $ 48.800.

All are worthy competitors, but not the overall supply as a whole, such as the BMW 118d, if the overall performance, handling and verify the overall functionality of the day.

2013 BMW 1-Series ranks 2 out of 12 small premium car. The ranking is based on an analysis of published reviews and test drives of the BMW 1 Series, as well as the reliability and data security.

2013 BMW 1 Series able to:

# 2 premium small car
# 5 luxury convertible
authors of cars like the 2013 BMW 1 Series transmission features smooth, powerful and easy to use, but its small cargo space is at a disadvantage.

Standard on the 1 Series is a line six-cylinder engine 230 horspower. There are also two optional turbo six-cylinder in-line, which are 300 and 320 hp respectively. This engine is new for 2013. Authors cars are the base engine, which is one of the strongest impression in the classroom, and they say it has a quiet strength. Each model prefers a six-speed manual, test drivers are listed in the automatic layout. With automatic transmission, the base 1 Series Cup 18/28 mpg city / highway, according to EPA. Overall, critics consider it one of the 1 Series, more agile car fine in the class, characterized by limited roller and powerful brakes.

Although the series 1, surpasses her classmates when it comes to performance, the four-seater cabin is one of the smallest in the class. According to commentators, the front seats as standard 1 "have a good head and leg room for adults, but the rear seats are comfortable for adults only for a short period. 1 Series Coupe and Convertible does not have a lot of cargo space . the coupe offers 10 cubic feet of trunk space, which is the minimum for a small car. With high quality materials and eye-catching design, the cabin of the 1 Series for examiners expectations for a small luxury car. every model is equipped with a USB Bluetooth adapter and HD radio. A infotainment system and a navigation system are optional. According to commentators, the air conditioning and audio systems are easy to use. they say that even the infotainment system is quite simple, that is an unusual amount of praise for
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