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2014 Mazda Mazda3 full review

The output is significantly improved to 17 horsepower and 17 lb.-ft. over the 2.5-liter and consumption of previous fuel. Last year, the former being 2.5 EPA figures of 20/28 with a manual and 22/29, an automatic. Mazda expects the EPA numbers for the new 2.5 is 28/39 and 28/37 for the sedan and hatch - manual automatic version is a couple of months after the 3rd September to join the date of sale. Aware of the serious fuel, Mazda offers its i-ELOOP the car equipped with 2.5. The i-ELOOP with shutters latex and an alternator that charges a capacitor to store energy when the car is moving. Energy is used to provide the supply of 12 volts. Select the check box for the i-ELOOP and EPA mileage option increases 29/40 mpg for the sedan (up to 1 in every column) and 29/39 (increases by 1 and 2) for the sedan.

A Fine Car - Car

There is a certain familiarity with how the third unit The steering is light, but the electric Servolenksystemist set to provide good feedback and cornering. Ride quality is not very different if the three roles for 16-inch wheels with 2.0-liter or 2.5 "Standard 18 -. Incher s What impressed us was the Dunlop SP5000 215 / 45R-18 A / S offer more grip than 205/60R-16 rubber small body of 2.0 liters. roll is very well controlled in both specifications, but the 2.5 is certainly net charge of both.

As already mentioned, the automatic transmission does not bother with the 2.5-liter engine at first, but early adopters. This involves automatic as well guided manual. Press the Sport button and the transmission upshifts and downshifts during braking off automatically give you the right equipment for the area. If you need more participation, the 2.5 includes moving pallets on the wheel. Unfortunately, bids or pallets of automatic transmission sport mode still 2.0 liters, but you can move and move the selector lever to move a manual door if you want to replace the computer.

Sit down, let it do its automatic thing, and take in your surroundings, and the simple and elegant design of the new interior features. The shape of the dashboard recalls - thank you! McLaren - 12C. Within 3 s, 2.5-liter version of the speedometer is in the center of McLaren. A small digital speed display is the lap counter at the bottom right and the other is a small digital speedometer, front and rear sights such as plastic - screen that folds dashboard. 2.0 - liter version is equipped with an analogue and centrally mounted digital speedometer.

Projection of the center of the dashboard is a screen, radio, navigation, phone and vehicle - control the information given is operated by the remote control button or touch input. Unfortunately, prototypes led us infotainment systems that were not ready to play for us, so we can not account for the usability and quality of the system.

When 2014 3 goes on sale in September, must be run as a major threat to development cabin class status. Prices should reflect the current, which starts at $ 17.495 and $ 26.445 rises to a high-spec 3 s hatchback. A new Volkswagen Golf happen next year, too, and our first race of the European version shows that you can make a strong play for the crown of compact cars. Oh, and the new 2014 Corolla is also available in the fall. We're pretty sure it will sell well. Intensive comparison test bride, so stay tuned.

The all-new Mazda 3 sedan to -2014 and five doors - models are great, so great that we do with a price pre-10Best for 2014. Mazda SKYACTIV technology both cars and light ever owned are blessed with a lot of sophistication than their predecessors. Mazda 3 i-models are powered by a 155 - hp engine, 2.0-liter four-cylinder with a six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed automatic, it offers a grid manual shift. Mazda 3s models get a 2.5-liter engine that produces a full 184 hp more. Firstly, 3 s only comes with an automatic six-speed transmission, a six-speed manual transmission will be available later in the production. FWD is standard on all models.
The 2.0-liter engine of the Mazda 3 offers decent acceleration and delivers torque smoothly. We found the zestier Mazda 3 s much more a fan of flavor, especially considering manual pallet automatic transmission fashion and sports are not offered by those 3.

Whatever you choose, three, fuel consumption is excellent. The EPA estimates the sedan 2.0 liter 29 mpg city and 41 rue employment and 30/41 for the automatic. Mazda 3 sedan with the 2.5 liter capacity 28/39 with the automatic and 29/40 when equipped with the system based capacitor option, the consumption of fuel i-ELOOP. Sedan models ring about 1-2 mpg less than comparable limousine equipped. In our tests of s Grand Touring with i-ELOOP we saw 26 mpg driving in general.

Unfortunately, the "claw Mazdaspeed 3 is not yet on the horizon.

The traditional compact car segment is the perfect example of selling Corolla and Civic infamous huge volume, because they are in the middle "white bread" - of - the - road, not in the "driving the car. "- In spite of the" vanilla. Unlike many in the automotive press, I find nothing wrong with that. In fact, I kinda like Wonder Bread. But sometimes you feel like a rye, and this is where the 2014 Mazda Mazda3 comes into play was so excited about his new line they invited me to spend the day with them in San Diego. Want to know if you have to spend five years with a? Click on the jump.

30% of the total volume Mazda Mazda3 call its main product would be putting things lightly. Following 2014 brings a complete overhaul of all aspects of derivative 3 and the compact sedan is conducted on a platform of more than 6. The "Kodo" design language of the large sedan was also on the smaller barn to amazing effect. While the old Mazda3 was all smiles and bubbles, the new Mazda 3 grid all grown incredibly attractive and aggressive. 3 Before the release, I was pretty torn, which was the most beautiful of all, but now there is no competition.

2014 Mazda3 Sedan exterior lighting Photo courtesy of Alex L. dykes
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2014 dimensions play an important role in how the Figure 3 on the road. Mazda pulled the mast of 3.5 inches in the rear makes the long hood, which extends up to 2.5 inches, the height decreased by 6/10th and makes the car 1.6 inches wider . So far so good, but somehow Mazda has managed to reduce the front overhang and increase the wheel - front - door - a distance almost as share RWD. That would probably be enough in a segment dominated pages plates, but Mazda has two rows of three distinctive features that separate it from the pack. On the return, we taillights that mimic the style front and the choice of a door or a suitcase. The decision of the Mazda3 hatch is a side profile reminiscent of the BMW X1 is not a bad thing to be remembered.

The problem is that people's tastes are different with rye bread. The same can be said of the new extension. Instead of reducing the dashboard Mazda6, engineers have opted for something more subtle, without a "double hump" screen infotainment. Take a page from the playbook of BMW, Mazda uses the 7 - inch touch screen with a thin perched on the dashboard body. Consider an iPad mounted on the dashboard. The view of some, but I find attractive style, as it maintains a high position of the screen, reducing the mass of the dashboard. New Mazda "hunting inspired" Heads-up display is similar to the dashboard but fixed perched fold flat when it goes off. The screen is as functional as any other screen heads-up that I've seen, but the composition of pop-up put me as the most useful function. Mazda tells us why not on the windshield, which makes sense if you check the windshield HUD project compatible.

2014 Mazda3 5D interior Image courtesy of Mazda
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Mazda says that the BMW 3 - Series Inside the reference point as the BMW 3 went down range in one direction, then it would be ridiculous, in 2006, makes the comparison valid. Except for an average segment headliner, which are plastic and Werkstoffauswahlin cabin at the top of the class. (. A logical statement, because it is too late) proved exceptional seating comfort with well-placed controls and reinforcing side is that you will not find in competitive models non - performance. Rear seat room was a problem for the "next generation Mazda3 and despite the distance, and this remains an area where it is lagging behind its competitors. For the rear seats and the largest trunk, watch Corolla. 2014 Toyota range has more space than the Mazda6 midsize.

Despite a long list of optional features and gadgets, real leather seating surfaces only occur in sGrand Touring models with the middle class sports fake cow and 3s lower end bearing tissue. Some comment was made in the press about 3 in 1990, headliner, but he could not insult me ​​and here's why: This segment is all about value and the value is about cutting corners. It would MetallverkleidungBits line in gaudy plastic - and - bob? The 'title is the balance that you have to pay, and that's the one I'm OK with.

MY2014 Mazda 3
Infotainment and Gadgets
If you remember my review of the Mazda 6, a few months ago, you know, I reserved the harshest criticism for the infotainment and navigation system. Forget everything I said since Mazda has taken customer feedback to heart. The Mazda3 is the first vehicle to receive, Mazda Connect. The system combines a touch screen 7-inch iDrive controller knob with light / MMI-like and keypad in the center console. Similar Infiniti systems allow both the controller or touch screen, or both, whichever is easier to navigate for the moment.
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The system is so intuitive and catchy as slow and painful Mazda6. High resolution graphic of a completely redesigned interface and greatly improved voice commands to save a system for creating UConnect, iDrive and MyFord Touch compete with the best in the industry. In this comparison, the only thing missing is Mazda Connect smartphone app integration and some form of accident - computerized notification. If you want to delve into the details, read the video.

MY2014 Mazda 3
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The minimum entry point for Mazda Connect is $ 23,340, because you only get the cab in the model iTouring with a set of options $ 1,600. Ouch. All models are in direct competition with white bread get something that resembles the shape of a clock radio in the dashboard (see photo above). The rationale was to maintain the controls for the driver and 'line of sight to reduce distraction and it works as expected, even if it seems a bit odd. If you are a high roller Mazda offers a high level of technology for this segment, with everything from blind spot monitoring and backup cam available on the - radar speed regulator, the collision avoidance systems will stop the car to 19 MPH as Volvo (safety system surrounded City), parking sensors and automatic lights road.

2014 also brings a new "it - is - what is light, which - not - say - hybrid - light" Mazda i-ELOOP the third is a retrieval system of light energy that uses a large capacitor system variable voltage generator, and a DC-DC converter for recovering energy during deceleration. system The purpose of the parasitic losses of the AC generator to charge the capacitor during braking, so that the vehicle to release the AC generator and limiting the current during acceleration or cruising. The system can not help the car, so Mazda has a hybrid system that does not deliver, but the statement is that it can give additional MPG in some urban cycles Enter. Why so little? Since the machine uses light engine power unless your air conditioner. The system is available only through a set of technologies and upscale Touring sGrand .

2014 Mazda3 units
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Later in life, the old Mazda3 was a part SKYACTIV powertrain. The reason is not fully implemented received, it is evident when you see the bottom of the Medusa. The beam of the snakes is "4-2-1" Mazda exhaust manifold, which is designed to give the top of the exhaust stroke of the cylinder 3 to the cylinder ends interfere preventing discharge. The tubes are twisted so that the catalyst is not "closely related" as is fashionable, warms quickly and lose less heat on your way to the cat. This huge unit does not fit in the old 3 because of the shape of the engine compartment and firewall. 4-2-1 for different shaping in 2014 Mazda3, it was necessary to have a huge dent in the machine firewall and chassis design, one thing can be formed in a single process complete overhaul.

2014 Mazda3 exhaust manifold
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With the last piece of the puzzle in place SkyActiv, Mazda compression ratio elbow on their new 2.0 and 2.5 L engines 1:01 p.m.. Why not one that promotes Mazda 2:01 p.m. in Europe? Why the United States, all engines must be "safe" on the regular 87 octane handled by law. Experts tell us that it is a loss of effectiveness of 5% higher than the EU will focus on low compression engines - the grenade octane fuel.

The base engine for 2014 is a 2.0L four-cylinder 155 horsepower, 150 lb-ft of torque, good and 30/41/34 mpg (city / highway / combined) with '6 - speed automatic. If you have the money to upgrade the 2.5L engine (with the Mazda6 and CX common -5), which borders the numbers up to 184 hp and 185 lb-ft while dropping fuel economy to 28 / 39/32.

The 2.0-liter engine is equipped with a 6-speed movement smooth, which is one of the best in the textbooks and smaller more compact. The commitment is accurate casts are moderated, and clutch engagement is well balanced and linear with respect to the movement of other two pedals. Unfortunately, this transfer does not come with the more powerful 2.5 liter engine. Do not shoot the messenger. Most Mazda3 rolls transmission Los Mazda 6 automatic transmission, "the efficiency and direct feel through the engagement of the lockup clutch in a hunting as soon as possible to use, and as long as possible. Well Mazda says is unique in the compact segment, the RWD 8-speed ZF plays the same trick in the name of efficiency. manuals Lovers and speed freaks should know that Mazda is reluctant to say a MazdaSpeed3. No a "departure." Read between the lines, if you want

2014 Mazda3 Sedan Exterior -004
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As a mechanical geek that I am, awakened something interesting for me caster. This is the angle of the steering mechanism acting on the front wheel. Think of it as a clock with clock being right vertical 12:00. I am most cars have a slight angle of 0.03, perhaps during 2014 Mazda3 winds to 24:06. Why is it important? Because we have an electric power steering (EPAS). EPAS is modern equalizers and does everything dull and lifeless steering. Enter the caster, it consists of the forces back on the steering column of the tire. This means that for the moment APES dulls everything there is a hint of something is left. I would say that the Mazda3 is a Mazda Miata, but I'd be lying. Instead, what you get is a hint of answers in the curve and a small hint of road feel at other times. Since we live in an assessment - Living Desert, the taste is a little too excited. No, this is not your Mazdaspeed3 2007, but is more alive than the Focus or Civic.

Zoom - Zoom is more about managing 0-60 times, highlighted by our race 7.6 seconds to 60 in a sedan with the 2.5-liter engine. If you select "No - segment sedans hot" multi-speed Turbo Kia Forte pending absence, I do not have the chance to enter to verify 2.0L model at the event, but my "ass - test "tells me it should be about two seconds slower and perfectly in line with the competition. And "when the road starts to curve the difference is obvious. This can dance 3. Mazda is simply the best treatment and the best feeling compact car in the form of shares. Yes, the Civic Si is a bit more fun, but it is not a mainstream machine, not a machine, and still do not feel as connected as the Mazda. With the driving behavior like this, can not wait to Mazdaspeed3 vs Focus ST grows, I guess the three could dethrone Ford hot hatch.

2014 Mazda3 Sedan Exterior -009
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What about the day to day driving? And "good and just to be the best handling compact thing, but being a commercial success, you must be able to get a bit of white bread can influence buyers. His rang 50 mph in a 73dB below the Corolla, but in the Civic. No problem. The limo ride is on the stiff side of the segment, but very close to the sharpness can be a problem for the average Corolla buyers. The point of great advantage for most of the cross - the customer will save fuel. The sedan with the 2.0-liter engine and automatic transmission is the volume model and pitfalls 30/41/34 mpg (city / highway / combined). This is a better MPG Sentra, two better than Corolla and Civic or three best focus. Even if it is not stored in a lot of money on an annual basis to translate is one of the largest department factors Shopper website in this segment. However, I must say that we had the last time the Sentra is better than what is EPA - class, while the Mazda3 score was fairly close to the EPA. My big take away from this is that Mazda has managed to beat the fuel efficiency of automatic CVT competition with a traditional touch. White bread buyers do not have to worry about feeling, but the numbers could get them to take a second look.

With prices ranging from $ 16,945 (sedan), a hair under $ 30,000 (charge trapping), if you tick all option on a door Mazda3, it is clear that the Mazda extends beyond range of white bread price a bag on a sourdough artisan organic cheese wrapped paper. Like the Ford Focus, the great Preisspannebedeutet the $ 19.495 and $ 20,645 iSport iTouring compete with the majority of buyers Corolla / Civic, while decreases higher level to compete with the Ford Focus, Acura ILX, Lexus CT200h, Buick Verano and few purchases Volvo C30 is dead.

Compared to the Civic and Corolla, the Mazda3 offers excellent dynamic characteristics and most precious materials fall in exchange for less technical and non-touch infotainment. This is a dangerous job in a positioning segment are known before pleasure. On the other hand, all Mazda3 used to compete with fire, ILX, Verano and CT200h. The suspension tuning Mazda is the most fun player (even taking into account the Civic Si ILX roots 2.4 s), the infotainment system is an entry level luxury worthy and 2014 brings everything full speed range control radar speed el 'gadget Buick and Lexus may wish to buyers. Thus, the Mazda3 is the price of bread rye perfect for Wonder Bread? Just about. Civirolla buyer who can be against shop convinced they are satisfied with Mazda sexy exterior, comfortable seats and behavior on the road, but those who are after large armchairs and large logs back to white bread alternative. I suspect that luxury buyers are similar to those in the greatest need, however, think that nothing could come in a package with a Mazda logo on it that delicious. Your loss.

Mazda, I flew to San Diego, put me in a hotel and fed me stuffed mushrooms.

Specifications as tested

0-30: 4 seconds

0-60: 7.6 seconds

Innenschallpegelbei 50 MPH: 73 db
Replace the old and the new Mazda 3, Mazda 3 and it was as if the fast forward button has not been pressed heard one, but two generations.

The new Mazda 3 sedan and hatch range are of equal length to extend the five models they replace, but the rate of 60 mm and 35 mm short overhangs front/25mm return on the two body types.

Körperbreitebis 40mm, while intelligent packaging means before Schulterraumerstreckt by a 57 mm full - about a third of the typical console the center of the width. Rear shoulder room is up to nine millimeters, even if the second leg line falls actually 10mm.


The largest internal reflects the newfound maturity of the third Mazda There are more plastic soft-touch dashboard, but it is still quite hard for rivals Volkswagen Golf to its benchmark status quo of internal quality.

Beautiful accents abound, however, including the central tachometer and electronic speedometer is, all wrapped in silver foil inside.

The highlight is the new seven-inch color display that offers high resolution and easy to use (but only available at higher levels) connection MZD.


Connected to a 114kW/200Nm 2.0-liter and 138kW/250Nm 2.5-liter six-speed manual or automatic transmission - diesel abandoned, which will be two petrol and two transmissions of the new Mazda 3.

The first two new Mazda 3 models to arrive in Australia, and here in a private test track in Anglesea, Victoria are tested, they are a "middle class" manual 2.0-liter "high quality" 2.5 liter automatic.

Mazda has also provided the equivalent of the previous generation Neo Sport SP25 manual and auto models for the comparison test back-to-back.

Mazda 3 July

The extra width and a new interior of the third generation Mazda 3 are supported by a strong increase in the levels of refinement. Not only the new car feels bigger and more elegant inside, but the streets shouting the big dirt - reduces chips and parts of the test track, in particular being.

In other words, the previous Mazda 3 has been one of the most powerful cars in its class, and improving road noise and wind at all with the new Volkswagen Golf and Holden Cruze also meet the standards.

Perhaps the most obvious is the reduction of engine noise. If other 2.0 - 2.5 liter engines are crowded and noisy as they are in the range of average and top speed is the new capacity is equal to the quieter and softer ear unit.

2014 Mazda 3 February

Because up to 90 kg lighter than its predecessor - apart from the fact that 30 percent stiffer - is the new Mazda 3 feels faster.

A higher speed on the SP25 car and adding the rocker right wheel even better taps in the field of energy 2.5-liter, while the manual control for the 2.0-liter is smoother, with a much longer than the second speed, in turn extends to 100 km / h.

In the long bowl speed on the test of the old Mazda 3 website management requires only a small entrance to turn the car, but the weight was so light that require fine hand movements. The new steering system is much more progressive centering additional block in the curve requires, but also meat and consistent when the front wheels bite.

2014 Mazda 6 March

The direction of the new Mazda 3 is faster overall, however, despite initial contribution required to turn in, it also takes less time to fully realize the block left or right. This can be on the golf handle some twists in which the driver does not have the arms folded-up will be evaluated.

Not only the old Mazda 3 change quickly, but also felt a light on his feet and was interested to deploy quickly on the outside rear tire and oversteer after a lift mid-corner throttle. Part of this exuberance is the new Mazda chose three - in the same way has 6 generations of the latest Mazda - but even if she now feels more planted and secure - thanks to a longer wheelbase - but it is also well balanced and, most importantly, always fun anyway.

The limit curves are higher with the new Mazda 3, and the machine reacts less aggressive when they are achieved. Control calibration stability remains excellent.


The smallest model with wheels and tires 16 inch alloy unnamed it goes much better than the car more on the 17-inch alloys with tires Dunlop SP Sport Maxx low profile.

Both models lose light jiggliness upcoming dropout rates the old car, but not found a less gentle treatment is of crucial importance for the manufacturer who satisfies the slogan "Zoom - Zoom" reflects reserves.

Mazda Australia has remained tight-lipped about the launch line-up of the new Mazda 3, just to confirm that the car does not connect voice MZD and not less than $ 20,000 cost (current 3 Neo Sport compensation to $ 19.990 early -up).

Mazda 3 of 5

2014 Mazda Mazda3 full review

The tested model was the middle class manual air conditioning, cruise control, and it included a Lederlenkradund gear lever, plus alloy wheels above.

It was also suggested that the SP25 is not the flagship Mazda 3 may be raised, indicating that the top 2.5-liter able Akera Atenza badge or wear under the new sixth Mazda

This is especially true because it is the new Mazda 3 with blind-spot monitoring, HUD and self - braking four km / h and 30 km / h and standard versions Akera Mazda 6 (and CX - 5).

Mazda 6 March

These security technologies, the new operator, the application and the Internet and iDrive integration - Cruise by this way, the previous Mazda 3 feel more than a generation.

In excellent ride and refinement, large transmission new and very important new design, which will undoubtedly help to show call and if the price is right, the third generation Mazda 3, its commercial success is expected to continue.

We do not beat around the bush: the kind of person who decides to deliberately take more time to get the windiest and most picturesque routes to point B is the Mazda3 2014 auction of the new compact car auction must s evaluate each other.
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