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ford kuga full review 2013

ford kuga full review 2013

This is the new second generation Kuga medium SUV Ford. As before, it is on the basic principles of development based on, but the good news is that the Kuga in Europe and replaces completely different - and established - Escape SUV in the U.S. - if the flight in the United States. It is a difficult balance: The Escape has a reputation for solid, no-nonsense, practical SUV. The Kuga is a recovery mode.

This is the Kuga in Europe or America built?
It is a symbol of our One Ford global politics: The platform is in Cologne, the engine Dagenham and upper body and interior in Detroit built. It will be built in Louisville, America and Valencia, Spain.

What's the line-up?
There is a choice of two 1.6-liter EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engine - 148bhp or 177bhp and with the same £ 177 m - and two 2.0-liter turbo-diesel - with 138bhp/236lb 161bhp/251lb feet and legs

The base station can be had only in the form of front-wheel drive with manual transmission, while the 177bhp model, you can have four-wheel drive and automatic Powershift. The 138bhp diesel, meanwhile, can take place before or had full, but only with the manual transmission, while the top-end of the TDI capacity for change, but only with all-wheel drive.

It is the usual line-up Zetec, titanium and titanium X trim level. Prices range from £ 20,895 for a 148bhp 1.6 Ecoboost Zetec at £ 29.795 for a 161bhp 2.0 TDCI.

We drive a 161bhp 2.0TDCi Titanium drive manually, you for £ 25.545.

What is the Kuga like to drive?
And even if usually negligible. The most powerful diesel is completely flat below 1500rpm, but to hold above this level and two zings with a pressure wave that does not stop until 4000rpm. This is usually good, but you can feel a significant delay on the slopes.

The steering is electrically assisted whole family - a Ford that is fast and meatily perfectly weighted and comfortable to use, but if want something too springy self center.

They sit at the top and the frame is flexible enough that it's not a particularly sporting sense, but Kuga is actually a very capable manager: the respect that absorbs shock without disturbing the rough asphalt, more than four - drive is fairly amazing - it's just the hardware and software for Ford, and it is as if the frame height above the ground is soft and does his best to hide the brightness of the system. It suppresses the appearance subtly with something more neutral, which means the cornering speeds can obscenely high and juggles torque between the axles is his game much faster, more responsive and quickly under control responsive driving, for example, a Haldex system. It would be interesting to combine this example, the Focus RS.

But in reality it is a comfort-oriented car - even with impressive levels of refinement.

It is convenient?
You. The seats are comfortable - Half leather fabric with adhesive centers in our titanium-spec model - and there is plenty of space in the round, and there is much more legroom in the back, you will notice a focus - something that carefully just too much baking back. Rear passengers can recline their seats a little with a shot of a handle, while the same hand grips allow 40/60 split folding seats in an instant. There are also plenty of cup holders and storage compartments are maps and doors to aggressively carved, so that a greater flexibility.

The new car is 81 mm longer than the first generation Kuga, but it is also closer to 4 mm and 8 mm lower. These reclining seats mean there is an interval for seats start instead of a fixed number, but now stands at 438-481 liters compared to the previous 410 liters.

However, there is no way to seven seats, you'll find in the Ford Grand C-Max, or even with the Nissan Qashqai +2 to compete, you are basically dealing with a broader perspective, but as something that lasts really more creative ways to use the same type of room.

The Kuga will access, open keyless plus and close the door waving the foot under the bumper can - exactly how you can Merc SL and BMW 3 Series. It's just a shame that it takes so long to actually open and the sill is quite high.

The Kuga is a fine, nice car, but difficult to distinguish from the already very good opposition. Looks good, but not nearly as good as a (much more expensive), Range Rover Evoque or murmur that (cheaper) Kia Sportage, and has to be the possibility that rangey or VW Tiguan. It's fun to drive, but very focused on comfort: the "Evoque is much more dynamic.

The Kuga is not really a foot wrong, but nothing that you feel obligated to buy it makes. It is a practical, comfortable solid car that just fits family responsibilities, but he will never dazzle you with its brilliance.

"Surprising new Ford Kuga is, however, in the medium SUV class, because there are so many worthy contenders, including the excellent new Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX5.
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Price and equipment
But they are not giving away, with upscale Kuga Titanium TDCI Titanium with tech pack tipping the $ 50,000 mark. They start at $ 28 dollars for 000 petrol engine with front Dunger - it sharpish.
But you want at least a little kit on our test machine, especially the "Drivers Tech Pack, which brings the city, active, adaptive cruise control, blind spot to stop alarm, hold lanes, lane departure warning, automatic high beam and warning the driver's attention. This is the kind of thing that should be nowadays in every car as standard - maybe one day.
Engine and transmission
The Kuga Titanium we drove a vehicle that is an impressive 2.0-liter turbo diesel concise achieve a 120kW/340Nm output and 6.4-litres/100km offers.
Kuga is one of the first vehicles here with the automatic tailgate by offered triggered the foot under the rear bumper. It works ... sometimes. It is also one of the first vehicles in Australia to offer SYNC voice with your mobile phone (Apple) connectivity multimedia phone (and other things).

It is a massive system of automatic emergency call in the conversation SYNC integrated when the airbag is activated and the fuel stop. Active Parking Assist is standard across the range and very helpful, but the panoramic sunroof is an option to remove, as far as we are concerned.
The new organization will be enhanced by the judicious use of high strength steel. Kuga has a torque vectoring system enhanced by the development of high performance and Fiesta models, as well as what defines Ford wheels "intelligent". Torque Vectoring is to appreciate that a genuine improvement of safety.
We love the look of the Kuga from all angles - 19 - inch light alloy, double tailpipes, rear diffuser and the new color heroes Ginger Ale grows on you. But the active cruise control has a cat fight on the highway at 100 kmh thought half was in the way ... it was not. And Kuga Titanium is equipped as a five-star car - with all that it entails.
The engine is not the sweetest, the most powerful 2.0-liter turbo-diesel and the cheapest, but moves "heavy titanium (1738 kg) with a goal, if you get one mark. This is the tides dual-clutch sports shift six-speed, which maximizes the strengths of the engine will be easier while offering the Sport mode.
Funky interior will appeal to younger buyers with its smart features and eye-catching style. The dashboard is full of information and easy to use switches to improve the experience of unity. We particularly like the folding R├╝cksitzOne touch and cargo space, but the spare tire is a space saver.
It's worth it but the 1.6-liter EcoBoost petrol should be about the same, uses about the same amount of fuel and costs less.

The complete program in 2013 Ford Kuga:
Environmental FWD 1.6-liter petrol five door car: from $ 27,990 (manual)
Environmental AWD 1.6-liter petrol five door car: from $ 31.490 (automatic)
Trend AWD 1.6-liter petrol five-door cars: from $ 36.240 (automatic)
Increases 2.0-liter turbo diesel five-door Station Wagon AWD: from $ 39.240 (automatic)
Titanium AWD 1.6-liter petrol five door car: from $ 44.470 (automatic)
Titanium AWD 2.0-liter turbo diesel five-door cars: from $ 47.740 (automatic)
Other judgments
Ford Kuga - see other judgments
Price: from $ 27.990
Warranty: 3 years or 100 000 km
Low maintenance: 7000 km years/105 $ 2000 - $ 2795 (total, depending on gear)
Resale: 50%
Service interval: 12 months/15 000 km
Safety: 5 stars
Engine: 110kW/240Nm 134kW/240Nm FWD or AWD 1.6-liter 4 - cylinder turbo - petrol, 120kW/340Nm 2-liter 4 - cylinder turbo - diesel
Transmission: 6 - speed manual transmission (FWD), automatic (petrol AWD) or dual-clutch automatic (diesel AWD)
Thirst: 6.3 to 8 1/100km tank 60 liters CO2 166-186g/km
Height: 4.5 m (L), 1.8 m (w), 1.7 (h)
Weight: 1550 - 1738 kg
Spare: economic

Two models have been replaced by here is what we know as the Ford Kuga will also be sold in North America as an escape.

This is one of the reasons for the growth spurt (up to 81 mm total length) and explains the proportions of the "traditional" as the Americans would never be mistaken for a small SUV like the Ford Kuga also.

Stuart Milne
digital publishing
Outside finished plastic protects against fleas
In our view, it is unfortunate that ford Ford Kuga crossover does not have the old style.

Compared to him, the, body seems straight and slightly asymmetrical side miss around the mouth.

The good news is that the Kuga uses the platform "Global C" Ford basis, the same as the third generation of the Focus', which means that the mechanical properties do not come from a U.S. SUV market, but a management europe most sedans.

As can be expected, therefore, the Kuga has a self-supporting body made of steel (reinforced with ultra - high strength boron around the roof and columns), a choice of four-cylinder engines turbocharged petrol and diesel, manual six reports or double - exchange automatic clutch and the front-wheel drive.

Ford replaced the former Haldex all-wheel drive hydraulic coupling with its own equipment, which works by an electronically controlled clutch. You can move up to 100 percent of the power to the rear and while it is still essentially passive, can react in a seventh round of the slip of the front wheels.

The system is facilitated by the torque vectoring system, developed the Ford Focus RS, which slows a spinning wheel to force the internal hard drive to an external load.

This week, Ford kept the market in Asia Pacific in 2013 Ford Kuga in Adelaide. The new and improved Kuga is a world of the machine means that it essentially uses the same components in the world to achieve economies of scale. With an incredibly competitive landscape in the automotive industry, go to this model, as they have with the Focus, Ford was a decision he had to make.

This is one of the most technologically advanced, have had the pleasure to drive vehicles, it is of course if you choose the top model Titanium line. With Ford under pressure to beat the price determined classes, linings Kuga (environment) and average (trend) to miss a lot of magic. You will be under $ 50k also able to obtain the Technology Group one of the most modern cars.

Titanium is used by more than 15 sensors that will transmit more than 40 data points in the onboard computer. As a developer, I am very pleased that these data are available for the creation of applications on the top, rather than at the beginning.


Adaptive Cruise Control
The outstanding feature of this car is undoubtedly the adaptive cruise control. While this is certainly not the first car to implement this functionality, it is one of the first to offer this price, and Ford should be commended for it. After activating the function, it has me a little confidence. With my foot hovering over the brake pedal just in case, I came in front of a car.

After a few seconds tense, ask if it is how you want to work, luckily it done. For the next few miles of roads winding mountain Adelaide, I let the car do all the work. The distance between the Kuga and the machine was not, the speed adjusts dynamically. The distance between the two vehicles can be easily changed to the + and - another lever on the steering column. The options are set in seconds, 1.0 s, 1.25 s, 1.5 s, 1.8 s, 2.1se operates more than 30 km / h function.

Overall, this feature alone is the way to change how you ride and turn a frustrating journey for a single drive where you do not have to adjust the accelerator.

Another moment of the lamp when the car in front slowed to 50 kmh and out, my speed and then began to the limit of 100 km / h cruise control go already. While Ford has said she did not make a car without a driver, it feels like we went terribly with the driver to use. I say drop the charade, leading towards this future.

Lane Guide
The next impressive technology in the Kuga is his ways goes orientation. When activated, which drivers while keeping between the lines. During the test, the function I need to simulate a driver falling asleep, I turned deliberately toward the midline. The power steering and began to kick me. At one point I got my hands on the steering wheel (I do not recommend), but it allows me to see controlled by computer, the work of the brightness, turn the steering wheel for me and me back on track.

The most impressive part is that the technology is smart enough to make the difference between a driver turning into another lane and a driver intentionally took the lane to pass, know, for example. At the end of the day is a help, not a car without a driver ... yet.


Hands-free tailgate
Strongly encouraged One of the features of the vehicle, the opening of the speaker of the tailgate, so that two sensors on the rear of the vehicle, detecting a flapping motion under the rear bar. Just be sure you do not have not made a kick in your car that is not covered by the warranty. The idea is to solve the problem semi - regular, fully and thus the need to collect the keys to their hands.

With the key fob in your pocket, you will be able to open the tailgate with this technique. In the test, there are a few seconds behind, presumably to take a step back and not through the door that opens to be found. Just so you know, it also works to close the door when you take something out of the shoe, which also makes a lot of sense.

Do not give up control, I began to wonder where else this technology could be used .. Then I began to think that this is strange, there is no option for hands free rear doors that many (the target group) mothers with children's hands and could even use this feature. Of course the price for actuators and sensors could threaten on a rear door for free, the price level, but I see they are just as useful as a hatchback option.

There is a small statement to this feature if you decide to have a trailer hitch, the function is not. In principle, the sensor is two long Son, one which detects and measures the tibia foot. This ensures the absence of accidental activation are necessary to activate it. The disadvantage is that a trailer coupling interrupts the circuit that covers the entire width between the two tail pipes. The only real work around would be, essentially adding two systems right and left, that Ford decided not to do so.

In an attempt of the driver Ford SYNC distraction all their line continue to reduce their launch. There is a change in the SYNC Kuga based on user feedback. Have user controls by the dedicated lever from the steering column on the steering wheel for a simplified simplified only SYNC button. This is a positive change, and not the feedback that they consider too much before the driver had to address.

The SYNC voice control technology is ideally suited to make or to send music, but a text that is in my mind the biggest advantage is only a small list of supported phones a call. Australia, still waiting for the introduction of AppLink and the recent international launch of Spotify on AppLink and Aussie availability of Pandora is long.


Digital Audio
The Ford Kuga trends and Titanium models are equipped with Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio. While it is still not available in all areas when you are much better in a region that is with her lens. I thought it was like going from SD to HD TV if you have it, you'll want to never come back.

Assist emergency
Part of the system synchronization between emergency and first-class passes call. This service is free for all owners of Kuga Australians for the life of the vehicle. Although this feature is ready to focus, it is still active, so do it the Kuga the first. In the event of an accident, SYNC 000 election and the position of the mobile phone connected to the operator is warned by the text - to - voice.

If the phone does not get a current position of the accident, SYNC will use the latest available contact information. After the connection is established, the line is open, so that pinched an inmate communicate information. In the case of CEA are triggered in the event of a minor collision, you will have cleared 10 seconds. While many embedded technology to prevent an accident, it is good to know that if this is done, help will not be far.


Blind spot indicators
Lane change is often the result of an accident. If you see shows an intention to change lanes, not only for vehicles around you, but also for the system of the blind spot. In the model of titanium outer edge mirror has a LED that illuminates when the vehicle is in your blind spot. This is a stylish place to put when viewed from the side to create a visual under the natural eye.

Air ducts variables
In an attempt to extend the Kuga economy as far as possible, Ford is some extreme lengths. The front air inlet is to be closed by vent holes in which the air flow released by the cooling of the motor and, when the output signal at low speeds, but at highway speed where it passes needed is not so much cooled, close and reduce the strength of the vehicle, whereby the fuel efficiency.


By Park Assist
This function is expected by the insertion of new Ford cars on this point. Parking, it is basically. The reason is an important function on the Kuga is really the target audience. I was with friends who will not reverse park and with this feature and ample parking, it would mean they could.

Active City Stop
It is very simple goal of this technology is to low speed impact, avoid a high proportion of accidents represent. If you are less than 30 km / h and sensor bar in front of the vehicle detects an impending collision, the brakes will be prepared. At this point, if you are not to answer, yes, to bring the car to a stop before made a contact on the machine.

Identification of the speed
Unfortunately, the technology of speed measurement is a sign not in Australia or New Zealand, or the United States. Alone in Europe, because they. Using simple signal rate that is easily detectable by the vehicle When the titanium satellite navigation can tell you the current speed limit, there is no way to limit the speed to that number.

It is easy to see how this function can be added, if the measured values ​​of the visual character speed is out of the question to the speed limits will eventually be used on the streets with GPS in Australia. Could mean Assuming a high degree of accuracy, the end of infringements, provided, of course, to actively limit.


The 2013 model is more refined exterior equipped with a re-designed to appeal to a wide range of international markets and is aerodynamically designed to reduce road noise. There is more to it than just a DB-level Ford went to extreme lengths to get it right.

While R & D engineers studied the different road surfaces have been built worldwide. They took this information and then expanded to how to make multiple lane highway for the sole purpose of testing their effective noise suppression as create mirror Simplify, actually made a decision. The biggest focus in terms of noise, it is the sound frequencies that are used by the human voice.

As noise to the cabin manages to enter, was not in this area, so before rear seats discussions would be greatly improved. I can report with pleasure that they have successfully achieved their goal.


The interior of the Kuga is this cut, depending on the option selected. In the base model, the seats are only little and do stuff to keep you in the turns. The central model are cloth / leather combination and top of the line model has full leather seats.

You can use the 'image above to see only a part of sustainability, use the Ford engineers to ensure that the materials of the seats will last. This simulation reproduces years of service in the real world, but done in a much more compressed time period .

The seats in a design environment are considerably cheaper than in the Trend and Titanium. The top two models that take into corners, offers far superior lumbar support. Keep this in mind if your comfort Sitzanordnungist for the overall experience, if you are to live each day with the car. Want to feel good when you take car on the management of the school.

The Kuga comes only FWD and input range of 17 hikes "wheels. Models move higher AWD and 18" and 19 "wheels on. The dramatic difference between FWD and AWD have been presented on a path earth. Curve in the gravel with the environment I felt as if I were on your own. regarding stability

Ford has developed a software on all-wheel drive make and the trend Smart Titanium give a new evaluation of the state of the road, every 16 ms, ie about 20 times faster than the blink of an "eye., The data collection system 25 external signals, including wheel speed, the position of the the accelerator pedal and the angle of the steering wheel and pedal dynamically adjusts the amount of forward-reverse torque due to braking, if necessary, whereby the negative and positive control.

As a driver, you can hear the computer help your traction, so that the vehicle to take curves at higher speeds, which makes the management of the fantastic Kuga.


With out the large sedan market, the bottom drops is the growth area large SUV. One of the main reasons for this trend is safety. Even if you have no children, I can see the need for others to understand in order to protect them. The new design has a deformation zone that is designed to ensure that the engine does not compromise the firewall, which means that in a violent frontal impact, the occupants a greater chance of survival.

There is a choice of two powertrains in the Kuga, which is a 1.6-liter Ecoboost petrol or diesel engine of 2.0 liters. Although I do not personally know to drive the diesel version, the reports of other journalists, is that it is the only selection. When engaging a large hill, I have to downgrade to feed the climb. In automatic mode that was completely transparent to the driver.

So the global mid-size SUV has decent performance for use in the city, but not drags on it a lot on a hill count.

Price and Availability
The palette ranges from $ 27.990 to perform Kuga FWD 1.6L EcoBoost environment, with the 1.6L EcoBoost AWD Kuga Trend cost $ 36,240, the high-end 2.0L Diesel AWD Kuga Titanium costs $ 47,740.

I was impressed that with the introduction of a product, Ford was confident enough in the Kuga a number of direct competitors to. Apparently they believe have a compelling reason to the Kuga.


The new Ford Kuga is a global color called Ginger Ale, which Ford says is a subtle green hue to its active outdoor capacity, with rich colors and sophisticated to get it started to reflect with the water of the urban environment into harmony. Personally, I do not think the colors available require attention and that has been proven to drive through the city. I was in the luxury car, the heads and what I've done is change. In many ways, said it is not because an SUV is more about the work, rather than make a statement.

The Ford Kuga mission is cleaner to be safer and smarter, and that it is characterized. It is clear that in view of the low price to meet point, Ford has made many sacrifices, but the reality is that some people have lower budgets and simply can not and / or do not want to spend than that. There is a sharp contrast in the type of vehicle technology, and that is achieved by the difference of $ 20,000 in the models.

Despite spending more than 2,500 words detailing my experience with the Kuga, it's more technique that I do not as windscreen wipers, auto-dimming headlights and Hill Start Assist've mentioned, but it had to stop somewhere page.

Overall, the Kuga is a great machine for those who. According to a mid-size SUV that is safe and economically If you want a powerhouse, do not buy it, but if you want your life every day, can be improved by the technique in order, then the car is for you.

After driving the Focus ST in the past year adaptive management has been the must-have feature list for my next car. After driving the Kuga Titanium this week, an adaptive cruise control is now added to this list.

Ford Rocks the SUV segment with the new Kuga and is up to the top dog, Diesel Titanium ($ 47.740), the input level of the Kuga Environment ($ 27.990).
With entry-level model for under 30k is not "the only good news, Kuga also includes self-proclaimed" ... high fuel efficiency and safety level as well as the segment leader smart technologies "Ford.
We had the chance to put both the environment Kuga FWD 1.6L EcoBoost petrol and diesel TDCi 2.0L AWD Kuga Titanium. Take a closer look.
Ford Kuga Road Test Review

Brand: Ford
Model: Kuga environment
Price: $ 27.990 *
Transmission: 6 - speed manual transmission
Engine: 1.6L EcoBoost petrol
Maximum power: 110 kW @ 5700 rpm
Maximum torque: 240 Nm at 1600 to 5000 revolutions per minute
Consumption: 6.7L 100 km *
CO2 emissions: 157g/km
Security: ANCAP 5 stars
The car manufacturer Ford Australia
Brand: Ford
Model: Kuga Titanium
Price: $ 47.740 *
Transmission: 6-speed Powershift automatic w / sports
Engine: 2.0-liter TDCi diesel
Maximum power: 120 kW @ 4000 rpm
Maximum torque: 340 Nm at 1,750 rpm
Consumption: 6.4L 100 km *
CO2 emissions: N / A
Security: ANCAP 5 stars
The car manufacturer Ford Australia

Drive engine Exterior Interior Safety

Drive: 4/5
The range includes Kuga level of "environmental" entry, mid-level "Trend" and the top-level "Titanium". As I said, we were given for the environment and titanium models the key. The trend will wait another day!
We were very excited when you leave the Ford headquarters in Broad. We read a lot about the new Kuga, not more interesting is the so-called "Smart Technologies".
Given the environment only FWD, we had to wait up to two weeks, as we before we upgraded the 2.0L Diesel Titanium a look at the hands on Ford "Intelligent AWD." Basically, "Intelligent AWD" Terms "20 times faster than it takes to blink an eye, "what the driver the best combination of handling and traction by regulating the distribution of energy AWD.
In other words, the 2.0L TDCi Titanium AWD Diesel grows very well if you ignore diesel delay start, the most important (and expected). The PowerShift 6-speed automatic has a Sport mode and the function is smooth, supple and very competent.
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