Sunday, 10 November 2013

Gdihya wait to finish, starting at Honda City Diesel

Gdihya wait to finish, starting at Honda City Diesel

Well still no official announcement has yet been taken about . In view of city at the present time sales record but it is estimated that the company its City sedan very soon the new model to submit Feslifted . The new City sedan variant will be available in a total of 6 to 8 . Both the petrol and diesel variants will include . Petrol variant is expected that the company will use the 1.5- liter engine capacity of 1.5 liter capacity of the diesel variant of the company I - Ditek can use diesel engines .

Well Amej also handed people - had hands . The main reason was that , on behalf of the company was the first diesel car . But hearing that such Dillership Hoda, Member of the City sedan car diesel variant is also recorded for booking . And the amount has been fixed at Rs 50,000 .

Let me tell you , in the Indian market Honda car sales have been quite a long time , but so far the company did not have any diesel car . In bygone days, that country has drawn on its Brayo hatchback sedan car Amej platform was introduced . But most of the people are waiting for the City of diesel variants .

For a long time the country 's finest sedan Honda City car was waiting for the diesel variant . But now it seems the wait is over . According to information received its sedan car Honda City is planning to introduce new incarnation , which this time should be introduced petrol as well as diesel City
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