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Mercedes-Benz B-Class review 2013

Mercedes-Benz B-Class review 2013

B - Class Mercedes hopes the success of the manufacturer changed and "premium compact" of the automotive industry.

Mercedes previous efforts were innovative and interesting, but I never received anything like the Audi Q3 and BMW 1 Series.

Nic Cackett
Meters from the road
The previous B - slipped radar many buyers "Class, the new version has some catching up to do.
Faced with a mechanical platform that has delivered excellent packaging, but at a considerable price, the brothers of the Class A and B - Class have not managed to win a big success. But change is coming to the area of ​​the small - Mercedes "and the new Mercedes B-Class is the first taste of it.

Stuttgart pseudo - MPV received a new platform and format stylistically and dynamically so that there is a conventional measure of the so-called "end C-segment above."

And "the vanguard of a new effort by Mercedes to be exceeded to make real progress in a piece of the market for luxury cars, where it can not afford. As such, the crater significant investment is obvious.

B - class, as the new A-Class is offered a brand new car with a choice of four-cylinder engines, manual or automatic transmission and numerous security features first class.

The characters of the owner
Before taking 2013 Mercedes-Benz B250 home for a week, I had the opportunity to ride on a road between the tastes of the SLS AMG, C63 AMG and other powers. In all honesty, I was very impressed by the ability of B250, and impressed that he held his own.

Unfortunately, the assessment that quickly diminished when I brought home B250. It's not that it's a bad car, but not what I would expect from a German luxury brand, even their entry-level model.

What is a Mercedes-Benz B250?
In essence, the B - Class is their introduction to the Mercedes family. Introduced for the 2006 model year, the B-Class, Mercedes-Benz is known as "Compact Sports Tourer" instead of the terms most frequently mentioned: wagon, hatch or a minivan. Ideal for the modern family, the B - Class offers space, comfort and Mercedes - Benz luxury.

In Basisverkleidunggut equipped, Class B has received what appears to be some cosmetic changes since it began, but has been completely revised. During offered with a variety of engines in Europe, in North America where we have a range of engine and trim level America: Mercedes - Benz B250.

2013 Mercedes B-Class Sports Tourer B250 front 3/4
If nothing else, the appearance of the B-Class is hot. As he held his lamp, dare I say, looking wagon that still manages to look a bit sporty. (Photo: Colin Stryker)
2013 Mercedes-Benz B250 features a new 2.0-liter turbo direct injection mill, which grows on a decent 208 bhp. The four-cylinder is new this year for class B and is stronger than the previous generation. If you need, you can get 100 shots hit zero in 6.8 seconds, not bad for a family - tractor.

Equipped with 7G - DCT (dual clutch automatic transmission 7-speed), the B250 delivers power smoothly and without too much turbo lag.

As there is only one model in Canada (not available in the United States), the price is easy. From $ 29,900 2013 Mercedes-Benz B250 can be a good way to get into the Mercedes family.

Driving the Mercedes-Benz B250
I mean I enjoyed driving 2013 Mercedes - Benz B250, but I just I did not. Recovery of the vehicle is the transmission, which is very comfortable to play. Double game Cutch - ensures gear changes are virtually transparent.

With three driving modes - E (ECHO), S (Sport) and M (manual) - I quickly learned that the start and resulted in an automobile coma for me. So this was the sport mode, and B250 fact led a normal car instead of a slow, uncertain econobox.

Despite this, Mercedes-Benz suspension upgrade for a softer ride, I found 2013 Mercedes-Benz B250 be quite difficult. Streets defects were immediately obvious and terrain (read: holes) of the whole car was more shaken I had hoped would be a model with Merc logo. Overall, management was quite good.

Please note: The Mercedes-Benz B250 is very strong. Engine noise and road noise in general is, again, more than I expected. The cabin is an oasis of escape or while driving. And the few times I had the car window while driving, I had to stop for a moment and remember that I was not driving a diesel version of the B-Class

The control buttons 2013 Mercedes B - Class B250 Sports Tourer
With three driving modes - E (ECHO), S (Sport) and M (manual) - I quickly learned that the start and resulted in an automobile coma for me. (Photo: Colin Stryker)
The interior and exterior of the Mercedes-Benz B250
If nothing else, the appearance of the B-Class is hot. As he held his lamp, dare I say, looking wagon that still manages to look a bit sporty. With strips of LEDs in each headlight is sitting next to the logo MB large chrome grille is beautiful 2013 Mercedes-Benz B250.

Inside, at first glance, the B250 is luxurious. Take a look, though, and you may be disappointed. The materials are not as lavish as you might expect, and for the price, I guess it makes sense. But I wonder if the Louis Vuitton bag would support a faux leather (which was affordable) to be with their logo on it?

The screen of the iPad - dashboard esque HMI offers the usual Mercedes-pension system "that is easy to use, if you're used to that, however, I do understand the position of the knob, as it was too far behind the gear lever .. It was difficult to use. Also, the location of the climate control was too low and was used as a very disturbing evidence that requires my eyes off the road for too long.

2013 Mercedes B-Class Sports Tourer interior B250
Inside, at first glance, the B250 is luxurious. Take a look, though, and you may be disappointed. (Photo: Colin Stryker)
Comparing the Mercedes-Benz B250
When I think of what we in the same kingdom in 2013 Mercedes-Benz B250 to have, I can not help but think the Merc lose, even if it is only for reasons bang-for-your-buck .

Sure, you can go around in a Mercedes, but you'd be a bottom of the barrel Merc. Why not spend a lot of "less and get dressed Mazda5 (which offers more space) or even a Toyota Matrix XRS slightly less (with the same power and dining room)?

Mercedes - Benz calls the B - Class A "Compact Sports Tourer," cried one of the best money can buy premium sedan, as if she was the younger brother of A-Class Mercedes-Benz Mix and quality. style with space and convenient for families and children, rollaway great value for money and the B - Class flexes muscles in a market that is expanding globally.

This is the second generation of class B and that is the growth of this segment, Mercedes - Benz shot - all the stops in its development, which labeling of the premium sedan as the beginning of a new era in the compact class of Monaco of Bavaria. "No model change in the history of Mercedes-Benz has ever seen so many changes introduced in one fell swoop" Mercedes "Head of Research and Development Dr. Thomas Weber, was delighted when he presented the last B -. Class "Future B-Class customers will benefit from this quantum leap in terms of low fuel consumption and C02 emissions copy combined with driving pleasure, many advantages of space and the highest level safety was also in this class. "

Bottom line is, the environment and the pressure of society means that buyers are particularly complete high performance sedans of the family because they offer the space and functionality required by the authorities and luxury "green". "Benz has recognized this trend and go

Mercedes - Benz B-Class: the presentation

Do not ask the previous generation B - class, is that the new model is not only superior in every way, and "much more" Mercedes-Benz "... luxury, style, dynamics and design guide - intelligence that we expect the German giants, but it is Mercedes-Benz Style 2012 and this means good value for money, as we have ever seen..

B - Class is part of the premium hatchback, Querteilmit Located on a high high seating position and a larger interior. The entrance to the Mercedes - Benz C - Class B180 BlueEFFICIENCY is priced at $ 38 950 and B 200 BlueEFFICIENCY Dealer intermediary is $ 43.950 (BlueEFFICIENCY, the generic term "Benz is used for vehicles equipped with its own set tested stickered fuel-saving technologies - for example, all models B - Class are equipped as standard with Auto Start / Stop).

Measuring 4359 mm long, 1557 mm tall and 1786 mm wide, the compact B - Class is ideal for tight spaces and urban, despite its compact dimensions, the Mercedes-Benz exudes quality and style throughout where you look.

E "Benz" Benz brings new Class B security features for the first in this market segment. For example, all models B - Class are equipped with collision prevetion ASSIST, Mercedes alarm system based on radar - Collision with Adaptive Brake Assist - Enders - "to avoid the back", the most common type of accident.

Engine Benz B Class - Mercedes

The new Mercedes B-Class debuts "new generation of four-cylinder gasoline designated M270 -., In this case version 1.6 liter It means" Benz introduced in this segment of the direct fuel injection (Fuel System B - based on BlueDIRECT V6 and V8, which arrived last year) class.

Our Mercedes - Benz B 200 was good for 115kW at 5300rpm power and maximum torque of 250Nm from a low 1250rpm. Drive is to the front wheels via the new 7G - DCT seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission Mercedes "- the only seven-speeder in this league.

Fuel consumption is rated at 6.1l/100kms (combined cycle) and C02 emissions of 141g/km score discharge.

Mercedes - Benz B-Class Interior

Is the class where fans of the Mercedes tradition notice a change of seismic proportions - Inside B, the new German king is compact modern ... but in the traditional way "Benz.

More understandable and three large air intakes elegant, round on the center console (located to maximize efficiency) and the dashboard itself is a brand new design in three dimensions in a choice of three variants. About vents is the color TFT screen 14.7 cm (six - disc audio system with six speakers) and everything is in an elegant combination of metal, black finish - ash wood and piano black.

Four analog instruments are in an inner curve Installed while flying three branches (height / depth adjustable) and posts support ARTICO leather with contrasting seams add a touch of sportiness.

And this is where the design of the Mercedes-Benz - intelligence come into play - the general framework of the B - Class is dominated by a space-filling. Even with the rear seats in place, the B - Class offers an impressive 488 liters of cargo space (split seat folds 60/40 - cargo versatility). And rear will be surprised by the amount of legs Available from these so-called small cars.

A little 'surprise for B-Class Mercedes-Benz comes by default with the safety of a rear-view camera - it's a $ 590.

Satellite navigation (the usual excellent system "Benz) is also an option ($ 2,990) and carries a large color screen of 17.8 cm.

Mercedes - Benz C - Class and exterior styling

A 1557 mm high, the second generation of Mercedes - Benz B-Class is actually 5cm lower than its predecessor and is 71 mm closer to the road. However, the last Class B is the tendency of its predecessor, a member of harvesting high cutoff frequency of the body, which is very popular in Europe.

Of course, aerodynamics and special attention is Mercedes - Benz B-Class features a CD with drag of 0.26 - which would be the best class.

The overall effect is reminiscent of the old Class B, but completely new and we feel much more elegant and modern.

To the front there is a network of Mercedes-Benz, but a much larger before emphasizing the width B - class. The aerodynamic profile of the hood rises to the position.

Roof pitch again, but this time has a rib and results in a significant statement hatch spoiler. Nice wheel arches and side skirts convey sportiness B - Class as a whole.

To the rear of the Mercedes - Benz B-Class features a large rear window, low-opening tailgate and modern taillights.

Alloy wheels with seven-spoke 17-inch round - Super excellent look.

Mercedes - Benz C - class on the road

The new B - class maintains a sophisticated front McPherson with a four-link rear takes electromechanical steering and fuel consumption. Ride is usually "European - Stop" management and, of course, precision balance and the setting is great.

In addition to our mountain roads of the high-speed test cycle, the B 200 was at home with this sharp chassis combined with a good response from the 1.6-liter turbo and seven-speed automatic.

Back in town, baby "Benz" was good too. A bit 'of rain and waited for the traffic that we had acoustic insulation and refinement of the B200 and enjoy once in power, the turning radius of 11 meters is at hand, makes light work of our CBD Parking .

Challenges B-Class - Mercedes

Addressing our bad roads / road yelling some circles bitumen chip and the front suspension noise when the evil plans.

Mercedes - Benz judgment Class B

We are family guy here in the Mercedes dealership and for us - Benz B-Class is the premium compact. Certainly, the excellent new style inside and outside on the scene reported B - Grade.

And dynamics of quality and conduct typical of a Mercedes ... Well, we expected these attributes.

But the tires were spacious interiors and beautifully decorated real value for money.

Mercedes - Benz B-Class Competition

The premium compact segment to grow around the world, if you're spoiled for choice.

The Lexus CT200h is a Lieblingsautohausf├╝r its clever fusion of hybrid technology in a premium sedan. The compact Lexus starts $ 39.990 (Prestige), but the Mercedes-Benz B 200 is a realistic look at the alternative "luxury" is marked $ 48.990.

BMW X1 compact SUV offers two-wheel drive prices from $ 43.900 to $ 52.180. Of course, the X1 is an SUV and "Benz B-Class is" crossover ", but considered the Beemer overall for buyers of elegant and spacious interiors families Mercedes -. Benz B-Class would probably decisive factor in his favor.

Volkswagen Tiguan 155TSI region - Topper ($ 42.990) is a gasoline engine 2.0-liter turbocharged and AllradantriebSUV but may be too much for most of the so-B - Class and the trunk is small.

The Mercedes B-Class compact MPV developed the German premium manufacturer in the fight to other traditional rivals such as the VW Golf and Ford C - MAX install. Originally launched in 2005 to life, the oldest B - Class was replaced by the current car in 2011 and is significantly better than its predecessor rather boring, many sports a more elegant appearance, combined with the small "space and flexibility and. " built around a platform in front - wheel drive system, which are also used in the latest and stylish next three models Mercedes Class A and will. The interior is spacious and versatile, while the quality of its heavy "Mercedes reputation. B - Class comes with a choice of two diesel and two petrol engines and a gearbox double-clutch seven-speed automatic, which is the whole spectrum. B - Class is in only two main functions - the "entry-level SE and upscale sports.

MPG, operating costs and CO2 emissions

2.7 / 5
Diesel engines are very economical with intelligent technology
If you are looking for more efficiency and reduce emissions, 107bhp B180 CDI is the best choice, with a consumption of 64.2mpg and CO2 emissions of 115g/km. Even the most powerful petrol 154bhp B200 still manages 45.6mpg and emits just 144g/km back thanks to a combination of turbocharging, direct injection and stop-start technology as part of the BlueEFFICIENCY Mercedes. As with all high-end models, but you pay more than the average of parts and maintenance, no matter how reliable it is.

Interior & Comfort

4.2 / 5
SE standard cars are very comfortable, but the Sport models have a firm ride
So you get the legs in the back of the class B, as is done in cars of the Mercedes S - Class, really ruin the space for rear passengers. In addition, all seats - front and rear - are very comfortable and supportive. All major functions, including navigation system, controlled by a button and the display mode on an Apple iPad touch screen central style. Road, wind and tire noise are well suppressed, while driving on the road, while the soft suspension absorbs minor bumps, too. If you order the Sport model is that, which has a much firmer ride. While SE get 16-inch wheels as standard, sports car models 18 - inch wheels and lowered suspension, which means that wobbles around a lot on uneven surfaces.

Practice and trunk space

3.6 / 5
More space and more flexibility, but the sliding seats are optional
The new B-Class is simply much more convenient than the car it replaces. It may be less, but actually get more space (thanks to the seats, which are mounted low in the car) and more interior space in general. If the Easy Vario Package £ 600 (which is not particularly cheap, it must be said) to inside even more versatile. The rear seat is split into two sections (60:40) and slides back to increase the luggage compartment of 486 liters to 666 liters, or leave room for the legs - in practice, depending on what you need at any given time. The rear seats, and they fall flat boot floor can be brought to a perfectly flat cargo space that will always be time to more easily create in the luggage compartment large items. The front passenger seat also folds forward, releasing even more space. Unfortunately, flat with the rear seats folded, you only get 1,545 liters of space, which is about 200 liters behind the trunk of the Ford C-MAX.

Reliability and Security

3.5 / 5
Construction already proven high quality and many areas
During the same class B is not ranked 2013 survey of customer satisfaction the line it, Mercedes has three items on the list of producers have climbed to fifth place overall. This improvement in the voting in 2012 shows the Mercedes pull Audi and BMW, with only Mazda, Jaguar, Lexus and Skoda proves to be reliable and satisfactory from the point of view of the owner. This reflects the reliability reputation of Mercedes. Similarly, the B-Class is too new for there to be problems, but all major mechanical failures are unlikely, anyway. All engines and automatic transmissions are new, but is derived from the Mercedes-proven technology. For example, the 1.8-liter diesel engine is a modified version of 2.1 liter engine. Already in the C-and E-Class, both of which has so far been used as a very good in terms of security, Class B, of course, brakes scored the maximum five stars in tests Euro NCAP safety Each model comes with a full range of airbags, electronic stability control, collision prevention and Mercedes Assist automatically when it detects a collision is imminent. There are also many accessories available as safety accessories, including wool further support and blind-spot detection.

Motors, Drives and Power

3.4 / 5
Clever-automatic transmission is excellent and worth the extra money
B - Class is now even more comfortable and fun to drive thanks to the new suspension and a low center of gravity. Improving the electric power steering also allows incredibly easy to use and you turn the car in the city, but it lacks a bit of "feel when driving fast on the main roads, but not much roll get when driving in cornering.'s supercharged gasoline engine 1.6-liter with 120bhp or 154bhp can B180 B200, both of which offer impressive performance be controlled. But it is a family car, diesel engines with class B may be better tolerated.'s 1.8 liter engine with 107bhp or 134bhp in the B180 CDI B200 CDI, with two offers lots of speed and has proven to be very responsive. I'ma little stronger than engines gasoline, but the engine noise is never intrusive in the car.'s seven-speed automatic option in only expensive though, but worth every penny. Unlike standard, where manual to get the best out of the car, B - Class is automatic, smooth in automatic mode and gear changes quickly when mounted with the help of paddle wheels.

Price, value for money and options

2.8 / 5
Mercedes - Benz badge has a price, but the values ​​used are
This is a Mercedes, it is not surprising that you can expect to pay a good £ 4000 more than a Ford C-MAX cheaper for Class B. But as Mercedes, an exclusive interior and numerous equipment and accessories you get for your money. All models are 16-inch wheels, air conditioning and an automatic parking system (which is always a giggle) and include the optional navigation system, a panoramic sunroof and leather seats. You need to pay more for the B - Class, you may have to the old model, but really want to cancel the value of the additional features on. You must pay the full price for the maintenance and replacement of parts - it is a Mercedes after all, even if the silver lining is that you look a "little money back when comes time to sell in the UK car market is used by some very high resale value.

. Euro flavor entry level B - Class Sedan Mercedes-Benz is back in Canada after a 14 - pause a month, and they do not have gas - swillin "American SUV - Love can not always a. That is, no gasoline, at least people Mercedes Canada took care during the media launch of the brand new B250 on. This news has confirmed that MB United States publicly stated to reference can be in a B - showed a similar electrically at the Paris Salon in the fall or category.

Also, would not confirm whether an electric motor or fuel cell B - class was in Canada, or who want to keep the focus on the new B250 launched in 2013 arriving Benz dealerships across the country last December.

And this is an interesting story worth the kind of story that you often do by Mercedes-Benz, which very generally happy to hear the most expensive vehicle in each class in which they not offer in competition. Although the Company has attempted to suggest that the B-Class is available only if no direct competitor, admits that its competitors are the Audi A3, the BMW X1 and the Lexus CT 200h hybrid vehicles around the B 're of $ 29,990 price tag - and sometimes much more.

Mercedes - Benz said packed more than seven great value features
The new B-Class ... and yet fair prices kept the same base.

What it does is that the price of $ 29.990 departure is so remarkable, that updates to B company - go to class with a plastic surgeon in more than one reality star, and yet the price just kept the same basis. Thousands of former B200 Turbo cost more than the base four, and now a more powerful turbo engine is standard. Now comes with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission - date (manual or CVT previous Offers replaced), start / stop system, increased the airbag count to 11, received an advanced active safety ( Collision Prevention Assist) system, and jumped into the rain - sensing wipers, everyone on the standard equipment list. Mercedes - Benz says it has seized more than seven great value features in the new B-Class, and it is not difficult to find these updates.

So how do Mercedes-Benz, also built with a vehicle in Germany? And 'likely to help the Canadian dollar is stable around parity with the U.S. dollar remained for some years now, and much higher than when the B -. Class came to Canada in 2005, MB Canada responsible for product planning Chris Goczan downplayed the value of money, but noted that the B250 is the first of several new compact cars on the new Mercedes modular platforms " which soon becomes the CLA compact four-door "coupe" which the United States and other vehicles, in various forms, with the base of the - B and A - class in Europe and elsewhere.

The platform is natively front-wheel drive, but can accommodate four-wheel drive, and how future versions are cut variants and cross reported. Remember that derivatives are used in North America and when they might need a Mayan calendar to predict, and just as reliable.

The new turbocharged 2.0-liter engine is the only one currently on offer, and deletions
208 hp and 258 pounds-feet of torque much healthier.

The previous generation B - Class was built with a single stage, sandwich, inclined engine and under the feet of the driver and passenger shoehorned many elements of the transmission. But it also means that Mercedes-Benz could not easily share drive A and Class B components with other Mercedes models. With the new platform, the engine is now ahead, as usual, the B-Class is not so high, and all present and future of the global changes of the platform allows Mercedes-Benz the unit cost for each version to save.

A closer look at this great new engine in the B250, the new turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, the only one currently on offer, and makes 208 hp and 258 pounds-feet of torque much healthier, so low Pep end as uplevel 3.5-liter V6 in the C-Class sedans and E-Class larger and more expensive. Well started a price well in the shade, the first B200 upscale Turbo that produces 193 hp and 206 Nm of torque and has over $ 32. But when we know that Mercedes has a whopping 74 hp and 122 ft pounds added more more torque than the base engine in previous naturally aspirated, and has done a remarkable 18 percent more efficient, do not be surprised if, before B - storm owns Class Mercedes-Benz office to protest in Canada.

The most powerful B250 do not feel that the latest Mercedes B200 Turbo mountains peppier Located on the road thanks to its Eco mode to promote fuel economy more fun, but simply blows the base model lethargic, especially in Sport mode. Mercedes - Benz says the B250 goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds, an incredible number of 3.4 seconds faster than the B200 and over a second faster than the B200 Turbo.

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