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ford fiesta 2014 full review

ford fiesta 2014 full review

Not long ago , people would have laughed in your face unconscious when it was said, would be a Ford grille Aston Martin to stay on a small car . Today, with the Ford design more and more attractive loan supercar styling convicted, the idea is not really crazy . Get his first update of the mid- cycle since its introduction in 2010, the Fiesta is passed the gates of the company and signature shaded headlights Ford in 2014 , as well as some new technologies to keep things fresh .

Liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine and five-door sporty ST model with a 1.6-liter 197 hp turbo four - Although Ford Fiesta mechanical remained largely alone, a new engine option , a 1.0 and six - speed manual transmission . We Fiesta 1.0L prototype almost ready for production and TD in specific European driven both. Thus, this review focuses on the volume of the engine, a naturally aspirated 1.6- liter four that makes the same 120 hp and 112 Nm of torque, just like last year .

MyAstonMartin touch ?

Instead chassis, suspension , steering or updated , Ford cooling to zero , reducing the Fiesta looks today. A new hood , grille , headlights and make the fusion style Mini Me to the front end , and the sedan and hatchback , and attract new tail lights. S, SE and Titanium trim levels cover last year, and the equipment for the 2013 series Ford added applies to 2014 as well.

Inside, the center console has been slightly redesign accept the touchscreen infotainment system MyFord Touch Ford , already available in the smaller Ford. MyFord Touch is optional on the SE and standard on Titanium and it is easy to reduce the screen size from eight inches elsewhere in the range of 6.5 inches set for Ford Fiesta used to scale. Unfortunately , the graphics and buttons on the screen MyFord are simply reduced to the small screen , which means that the system buttons below are also attached here , and are always together and slow to respond . Worse still , the screen is several inches above the length of the arm , which means that the manipulation of the display requires a forward tilt and a concentration that the public thinks that you could go to lift a game before they sell gas - furrows . This discomfort is not limited to the driver - passenger must also be extended to a screen is available .

Suit dual dry clutch

Fiesta has brought almost exactly as before, so quietly and with a refined touch , essential that deceives its small size . Ford redesigned part of the instrument panel sound-absorbing material and added some noise buffer - cancellation in the transmission tunnel , so that the Fiesta remains subdued on the highway. The suspension of a balance between road holding firmly corners and respect for the welfare of off -over uneven pavement Michigan.

If the Fiesta was launched , we have criticized the PowerShift six-speed dual-clutch automatic optional lenses for its unexpected changes in speed and response delay . 2014 Ford solves the problem with all new - mapping software and the friction of the transmission. Even if you are not always near the excellence of design dual clutch Volkswagen / Audi is better than before. Changes felt more alive, and asks demotions were greeted with more urgency.

Also new this year is a manual mode, which is operated via a rocker switch on the side very unsportsmanlike the move handle and a sport mode "S". No new transfer functions to pull the heartstrings of fans, and the programming of the S mode upshifts should not be delayed in order to make sport . The five-speed manual transmission is based transmission back to do it if you are interested in optimizing presentation thrust of the Fiesta . The shift lever has a game, and the clutch pedal is progressively well- calibrated.

We already have the money to upgrade the Fiesta deck slightly increased, and now Ford has final data of fuel consumption for the sedan and hatchback opened in 2014. Both body styles are still EPA -rated 29 mpg city and 39 mpg on the highway with the automatic transmission . Strangely models with manuals from 29/39-27/38 are dismantled . A spokesman for Ford said , because of the changes in the test between the manufacturer and the EPA has been the loss . This is a story much better, however, was with the optional Super Fuel Economy trim level 2013 version good for 29/40 mpg, and in 2014 the Fiesta SFE gets an estimate / 30 41 .

Go mid-cycle update , the changes are reflected in the Fiesta appears to be significantly improved and a more sophisticated feel . The Fiesta is still not going to like commitment (aging) Honda Fit or Mazda 2 , but Ford is the smallest , more than ever against the current, S - Chevrolet Sonic and Kia Rio5 environment . photo Gallery

You may not be interested in owning a small car (segment B) hatchback for $ 20,000 . I'll be here from the beginning to be clear: There are a number of reasonable arguments for the content of these previous versions of small cars remain . Ford players in the arena of the B-segment , the new Fiesta to date in 2014, and topping Titanium is the most luxurious model instance. We recently paid Fiesta Titanium for a week, the final sticker price touched $ 20.390 , navigation is the only standalone option has been added to the bottom line . For comparison, the simplest version of the all-new Mazda3 sedan segment to cost $ 19,740 Delivery and destination account and no option is included.

Hang on to that thought for a moment , we will return to it.
Ford has done a good job to seriously upgrade the Fiesta for 2014 , even though most of the efforts have been made to make an already good tune to go sit much better car . The change immediately recognizable on the car has been forged on the front panel , where is the newest face of the company's Ford Fiesta features a new wide grille . The muzzle hexagonal takes the same type of vibration Aston Martinesque the Fiesta as it has done with the new merger, and the multi- series line of titanium, aluminum wheels 16-inch assistance in compiling language .

2014 Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Titanium Titanium2014 Titanium2014

La Fiesta '14 have made ​​a compelling case as a substitute - Aston Martin Cygnet reality .

In fact, when we first started the images are aligned - in front of our storm gray tester they beat us , that the '14 Fiesta have made ​​a compelling case as a substitute - Aston Martin Cygnet really was not for this show Toyota has received Scion iQ her . We do not know what is left as a missed opportunity for Ford, but the fact that the '14 Titanverkleidungist worn very well.

Open the driver's door and you will see that some small cars - the prize is within the cabin Fiesta . The leather seats standard and key wrap the steering wheel that looks like a big win for the segment heard again when the Fiesta launched , and continue to contribute to define actions for titanium in 2014. Crosstown rival Chevy Sonic with leatherette seats can have, but not the real cowhide , and the Hyundai Accent end leather steering wheel, if you opt for the SE trim, but no seats. Ford President are a variety of species with a flat bottom, with not much in the way of the support leg , you expect a machine worked to accommodate drivers of all sizes maximize . Its author is the head and neck support is found exceptional ( I'm super great, too ), but the lateral support is below average .

2014 Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Titanium Titanium2014 Titanium2014 Titanium2014

Aside from looking expensive , the integration of the new school , a touch screen 6.5-inch touch-enabled MyFord done much to clean up the mess scattered small button control station Fiesta happy . Our car was offered the option ($ 795) as a navigation system , SYNC , and we found that it is relatively easy to use , honestly. The screen turned bright and easy to read , and respond a bit ' faster than we expected given previous disappointments with the MFT -touch control .

The biggest differentiation " prize" for the car ... is controlled, the quiet ride .

Overall, soft-touch plastic , brushed metal accents and glossy blacks and large Leuchtspurweitenalle worked in harmony to make the Fiesta Titanium look quite sophisticated in use. But the greatest differentiation " prize" for the car compared to its competitors is controlled by the quiet ride . Ford himself has given us many problems at the Fiesta feel like a bigger car , including the modulation of the driving qualities of filtering bad road surfaces and cushion tires and wind noise at the place of classroom management . Although our personal preference is to have more feedback on our small car , we have to admit that the feeling Fiesta filtered through the bar low light is well suited to the overall package .

For a small car with a small step sedan feels more comfortable that the cruise is to pinch one corner to another . Of course , the structure of the car is much more rigid , and if you feel the need , it will be just as good at throwing a piece of asphalt groove . But low sensitivity to touch and restricts fedoras Fiesta really the driver to spread an opinion as an attack angles.

2014 Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Titanium Titanium2014 Titanium2014 Titanium2014

The combination of the 1.6 - liter four- cylinder engine and five-speed manual gearbox is an integral part of this relaxed nature . The manual transmission is more suitable to use every bit of 120 horsepower and 112 lb -ft of torque when you need to cover ground quickly, but not its mild action and not long casts confused a bit ' of sports equipment, too . , The clutch and the gearbox, but are as easy and painless to use, we can not imagine opt in six - " Powershift " automatic speed unless they were determined to do something better fuel efficiency . (The camera manual is rated at 29 city and 38 highway miles per gallon , while the car is to be 30 and 40 mpg . )

It is interesting to note that to be the best yet to come in terms of engines here .

It is interesting to note that to be the best yet to come in terms of engines here . We had a short drive in a Fiesta equipped with three -cylinder EcoBoost engine and a manual five-speed last year and I still think that the car is fully loaded with 123 hp, capable of 148 pounds - ft Transmission his lovers final series . For now , so Ford Motor only as an option on the SE model with manual transmission.

To summarize , about 20 large ( $ 19.595 target and without options) you are selling a Ford Fiesta Titanium , the good does almost everything a car needs to do, but it is feature rich and very comfortable. Go to the top of the hour, we reported that you have found what appears to be a very nice place, completely redesigned and a large hatch segment Mazda3 for about the same amount of money, but in the end the "base" of the spectrum packaging . ( If you do not like the Mazda could be developed , or perhaps golf, even if they offer fewer configurations of C-segment sedan car) .

2014 Ford Fiesta Titanium

If you are looking for something " big car" the Ford Fiesta with evidence , why not opt ​​for a bigger car ?

That's why we think this is a credible budget comparison : The thing that separates the Fiesta from its contemporaries B - the hatchback segment , it is the most widely cited as the capacity bigger car to drive. Sonic and Accent are both very good shops cross Fiesta in terms of price, size and amenities . In fact, with more power and fuel economy ratings are very close , we would say that the Chevy and Hyundai could be the best compared to the global Ford . But these two cars drive more conventional small car with more feedback and noise , a little ' less stability at high speeds , etc. The same case is wider for the more sporty Mazda2 and Honda Fit, is to drive a lot of fun , but very more mature reason the Fiesta . (Honda and Mazda are the generations day , as we speak, and may come out as good as cooked more competitors when it happens. )

So if you are interested in something "big car" the Ford Fiesta with evidence , why not opt ​​for a bigger car ? Well, Mazda3 example , do not give up much more than in an area that is expected to be dominated by the large selection of segment C: Interior. Well, more or less. Mazda actually about 10 cubic meter of the total internal volume , but the one associated with much behind the front seats . In front of the Fiesta offers more space and the same amount of legroom , as well as the Mazda , but in a much closer together (Ford drops of 4.5-inch shoulders ) . If you are someone who does not see regularly the rear seats is surprisingly competitive height of the car to work with, considering the Mazda3 Fiesta is 16 inches overall .

2014 Ford Fiesta Titanium

It is not a comparison between the height of the perfect finish to draw, but it gets more or less the same equipment the Mazda3 tested in our Titanium mean for the Mazda Grand Touring trim . This leads to a Mazda3 , which costs about $ 24,000 with larger wheels and without the skin, when all is said and done.

All the contents of a C-segment car (more or less ) with the same kind of experience on the road, but in a smaller format .

Everyone likes to have a lot of options , and our point here is that the Fiesta Titanium seems to us an important issue that has not really been in the market to give first . All the contents of a C-segment car (more or less ) with the same kind of experience on the road, but in a smaller format . For some people who do not feel much of a deal at all , see a smaller car in the driveway that less impressive than a larger point . Or do they want more power from a bigger engine , or make use of the back seat more often. But Ford is curious to buyers who are single, living in urban areas or at least appreciate a car with a small footprint, but still want a lot of bells and whistles that can be almost predictable. Give yourself a margin of elbow , earn a little ' chic. The choice is ( now ) on you.

There are many people out there who look at the sticker price of $ 20k , laugh, and move on to the next revision Autoblog . But , as in the case of the small car to grow in the United States , we believe there is a real possibility for half pints as Fiesta Titanium. The proposal is bold for American car buyers traditionally held Size: value is not measured in inches of wheelbase . The small car has become an option rather than a last resort.

Americans are gradually the idea that small cars are a consolation prize - something you could settle for - and understand that in many cases today , a small car can be quite charming and sensitive. The Ford Fiesta has been in the forefront of change in the heart , with its sporty driving experience flamboyant and aggressive. It was found that the small economic models should not be so soulless machine - like .

2014 he will win many more hearts - with a new face, upgraded interior , the technological progress of the MyFord Touch system , and two new engines, both of which offer improved performance.

New this year's program brings the Fiesta in line with the rest of the Ford range , and we believe there is a sedan especially some zing . A five-door are too sporty and handsome of the two body styles, almost all eyes , but it is a four-door sedan range . The five-door is stylish and even a little ' racy , with an urban element - Ford Streaker missing in the United States, and in this sense exactly what more you see . Thanks to the management and impressive management and agile, agile feel , which is better than most , the devices for the deaf soft size , the Fiesta is to ride the fun of accounting.

The 120 hp 1.6 -liter four- versa the base engine . At £ 2600, it is quite fast , especially if you Gearbox and keep the speed up, even if we do . Not big fans of the Automatic PowerShift 's high-performance Fiesta ST is new this year and in overboost mode that makes 197 hp and 214 lb- ft 1.6-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder is paired only with a six-speed manual gearbox and with updates on the brake

Figure 2014 Ford Fiesta Review
New for 2014

For 2014 , the Ford Fiesta is a new production Fiesta ST , which has a more powerful engine and sporty handling . For the other parties, there is a three-cylinder turbo option efficiency-oriented . Other changes for 2014 are external day design provides additional serial interface and the availability of MyFord Touch electronics .


Since Ford Fiesta subcompact reintroduced into the U.S. market in 2011 , we were big fans . Small but brave, the Fiesta has a validity period of all proportion to its size, with a variety of talents , a smooth style (updated in 2014) , the management catchy and a high level of interior refinement are .

Both the sedan and hatchback models received light facelift in 2014, and even the basic models offer an impressive array of standard features , such as Bluetooth, iPod interface , and seven airbags. The largest donor can order holiday with heated front seats, leather upholstery, keyless ignition and MyFord Touch touchscreen control interface (with or without navigation system) .

Responsive steering and precise handling make it the standard 2014 Ford Fiesta fun to drive. With the base engine , the Fiesta probably will not take in everyone's heart , is set at acceleration from a red light , especially with the automatic transmission sometimes hesitant. Acceleration is likely to be modest for the new three-cylinder turbo option of the Fiesta , but Ford promises that will return more than 40 mpg on the highway .

The most exciting change for Fiesta , 2014, however , the arrival of the new Fiesta ST model . The ST has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine makes 197 horsepower, a six-speed manual transmission , 17-inch wheels , sport steering, suspension , performance tuned , upgraded brakes and sport seats ( with Recaro seats actual optionally available) . Buyers enthusiasts on a budget will want to check in any case, the Fiesta ST before plunking their money on the Fiat 500 Abarth and the Mini Cooper S.

With add-on content , style, and recently updated the engines available for the 2014 Ford Fiesta its popularity is able to maintain even compete formidable class , the brash Chevrolet Sonic , the versatile Honda Fit , Hyundai Accent understands and focuses on the value Kia Rio .

The types of bodywork , trim levels and options

2014 Ford Fiesta is a small car in two body styles: a four-door sedan and four-door sedan . Both are available in S, SE and Titanium trim levels , while the high-performance ST model is only available as a sedan .

The base S comes standard with steel wheels 15-inch wheels with covers , central locking and mirrors, air conditioning , tilt and telescoping steering wheel , audio system with CD player with six speakers , Ford Sync different functions ( iPod / USB Bluetooth phone connectivity , voice commands, some services and app audio interface - communication functions of security ) , and an auxiliary audio input for the sedan models , a rear window wiper plug .

Fiesta SE includes everything above , plus keyless entry, power windows , outside mirrors with side marker lamps , cruise control , upgraded cloth upholstery , a trip computer, painted aluminum wheels , 15 inches, interior fittings , metal a front center console with armrest , steering wheel and ambient light - covered in leather.

The appearance package adds alloy wheels 16-inch SE , fog lights , rear spoiler (sedan ) , upgraded seat fabric , leather wrapped shift knob , MyFord Touch interface 6.5-inch touch screen and Sync Services ( gVirt_NP_NNS_NNPS __ < __ traffic updates and turn - by-turn instructions ) , and satellite radio. SE is suitable for Super Fuel Economy (SFE ) package to help special tires , wheels and aerodynamic parts to get to the Fiesta, has slightly better fuel economy . Fiesta SE buyers can also opt for a Comfort package which includes heated front seats , heated exterior mirrors and automatic temperature control .

Fiesta Titanium has all of the above , has a different set of 16-inch wheels and chrome exterior trim and a black grille though. It also has a rear view camera, rear parking sensors , keyless ignition update / entry , leather interior , Sony speakers , HD radio , auto-dimming mirror .

The sedan Fiesta ST has all the amenities Fiesta SE, and has a unique body , fog lights, dual exhaust tips from a six-speed manual transmission , a sport-tuned suspension , 17 - inch wheels with summer performance tires , steering and improved brakes quickly . Are automatic climate control, keyless ignition and entry , a leather wrapped shift knob , MyFord Touch, Sony speakers and HD radio , leather steering wheel and sport seats tissue ST - find specific aluminum pedals , floor mats and door sills .

A sunroof and a navigation system are independent options on the SE models , Titanium and ST . Further information on ST model a merger of Orange paint single color, fabric / leather - trimmed Recaro seats and painted gray 17-inch wheels with red brake calipers .

Powertrains and Performance

The base engine is a Ford Fiesta 1.6 - liter four-cylinder engine in 2014 that produces 120 hp and 112 lb- ft of torque. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, but a six-speed automated manual called " Power Shift" is optional. This type of transmission "automatic" is always on the move for you , but it does a better job of power and efficiency of a conventional automatic transmission engine is maximized.

In Edmunds performance testing last year, with a Fiesta manual went from zero to 60 mph in 9.5 seconds, which is average for the class. The model equipped Powershift did the same sprint in 10.6 seconds , which is the average of the inputs with automatic transmission.

EPA fuel economy - an estimated 33 mpg combined (29 mpg city/39 mpg highway ), the six-speed automated manual transmission . If you opt for the SFE package , Edge speeds up to 34 mpg combined (30/ 41). The five-speed manual adjust is the least effective of the group with 31 mpg combined (27 /38) with five-speed manual gearbox .

2014 Newly available is 1.0 -liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine , which is good for 123 hp and 148 lb- ft of torque. First , the combined only with a manual five-speed gearbox , this engine is definitely more to set the high performance fuel consumption. Ford projects that the three cylinders - give more than 40 mpg on the highway .

Turbo - pump 1.6-liter four-cylinder 2014 Ford Fiesta ST 197 hp and an impressive 214 pounds -feet of torque . A six-speed manual gearbox is the only transmission offered. During the test , the Fiesta ST Edmunds sprint to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds , making it easily one of the fastest cars in its class track . EPA estimates for ST equal to 29 mpg combined (26 city/35 road).


Every 2014 Ford Fiesta comes standard with antilock brakes ( front disc , rear drum for non - models - ST , discs on all four wheels for ST) , traction and stability control to help the launch of the hill , integrated blind spot mirrors , front side airbags , side curtain airbags and a knee airbag for the driver. The new synchronization features include a standard 911 Assist, which uses the ' coupled to automatically connect to a mobile phone operator 911 . The titanium model has a rear view camera and rear parking sensors .

In Edmunds brake testing , a Fiesta SE with 15 - inch wheels stopped from 60 mph in 136 feet, which is one of the longest routes in the segment. On the other hand , a Fiesta SES with 16 - inch wheels stopped at 119 meters , while the Fiesta ST held just 112 meters away. These are two shortest distances we've seen for this segment.

In government crash tests , the Fiesta four out of five stars for overall protection , combined with four stars for frontal protection and five stars for side-impact protection to receive. The ' Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Fiesta highest possible score of "good" in the test, side impact and roof - offset frontal moderate resistance overlap.

Interior Design and Special Features

With its bold , sweet style touch tabletop, metallic accents and waterproof construction quality , the Fiesta 's cabin has an elegant atmosphere that is unexpected in a small car . Ford has improved some of the materials for the 2014 models and surrounded with the new MyFord Touch interface and touch screen 6.5-inch piano black trim look particularly high, even if the black trim at the prone task . Outdoor lighting in SE, Titanium and ST models gives the place a chic night , too .

The synchronization system allows standard voice control on the audio system and mobile phone , and also provides functions such as turn- by-turn spoken navigation instructions (which works decently well ) and emergency assistance . Another high-end feature not often in this segment is the ' / start system keyless entry .

In ST , optional Recaro sport seats with their larger side bolsters wrap and both front seat occupants cuddly. To keep them in place , while the ST hectic along a winding road . But make this aggressive cheeks to find in and out of the car a bit ' more difficult, and great people uncomfortable seats on long journeys.

12.8 cubic feet , the trunk volume of competitive class sedan . The Fiesta sedan offers slightly lower than that of the rear seat in place. Unfortunately , the seats do not fold completely flat and Fiesta 's 26 cubic feet of cargo capacity pale in comparison to 57 cubes Honda Fit.

driving impressions

2014 Ford Fiesta is one of the most rewarding to drive on cars in its class . Even if its acceleration is just average , in the real world traffic stop-and -go - and the highway Fusion offers the 1.6-liter Fiesta basic one big punch and is very poor fluidity Redline homemade. Turbocharger ST takes the form of a higher level , because you always feel ready to charge with its impressive variety of muscle strength.

If you like manual transmissions , five-speed standard is an excellent example of the breed , enjoy a tightening of the clutch and throw light linear . A six- speed manual transmission automated provision replaces a conventional automatic transmission , the Fiesta . It feels really different at first , because it can occasionally roll the car back on the hills and can Fiesta reluctant to slide forward when it is parked . Ford has perfected the behavior of the transmission after the introduction of the Fiesta , however , and most people get to use .

But there is nothing unusual, like the Fiesta driving on the road . Thanks for responsive steering , sophisticated suspension tuning , the Fiesta feels important and flexible. The car behaves with a precision rewarding, but the ride comfort remains flexible and bumps and ruts swallowed without drama . 2014 Ford Fiesta ST is even more impressive. It ' also fast and precise as the largest Focus ST while driving in a curve, and the quality of driving, even if solid, not to punish , not
Critics say that the Ford Fiesta 2014 is characterized , where many small cars fiasco with its management, fuel consumption and an impressive list of optional features.

A four-cylinder engine is equipped with Ford Fiesta 2014, and tell users which usually provides enough power for most situations . A five-speed manual transmission is standard and a gearbox with six-speed automatic transmission is optional. The EPA has reported that the reason Fiesta gets 27/38 mpg city / highway , while an optional SFE package will increase the fuel economy of 30/41 mpg. Two engines are turbo Fiesta in 2014, possibly containing a three-cylinder EcoBoost engine and four-cylinder 197 hp high-performance Fiesta ST . Automotive writers agree that the sports management Fiesta fun to drive . They say that when the Fiesta has a firm ride , the suspension does a good job of absorbing bumps and road imperfections . The Fiesta ST also won praise from the press noted as a journalist, which is largely Mini John Cooper Works models in terms of driving dynamics.

Critics say that the Ford Fiesta car has a beautifully designed interior , which is built with a combination of soft-touch materials and hard plastics. Many test pilots say that the Fiesta offers comfortable front seats with a big head and legs. One critic wrote that the record could use a little ' more space, but it is not uncommon among small cars . During the Fiesta sedan has a little ' less space overall exposure competitors such as the Kia Rio , critics say that the Fiesta sedan offers a good amount of luggage space for the class. One critic says the dashboard of the Fiesta is the key a bit heavy ' , but the other test pilots enjoy features such as the synchronization system that allows you to control your stereo or smartphone by using voice commands . Base Fiesta is equipped with air conditioning and a stereo with six speakers with auxiliary input. Available features include cruise control , sunroof , keyless entry and leather seats , automatic climate control , heated front seats, infotainment system MyFord Touch Ford , navigation and timing , which adds a USB port and Bluetooth.

2014 Ford Fiesta small car, the only American who can really resist, the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris being. EUR Style Slick looks , great fuel efficiency and real fun to drive chassis setting do the trick. Fiesta also features unexpected load in this class, including interior and exterior colors wild , a version of Ford's SYNC infotainment system and an automatic transmission with double clutch. The Ford Fiesta Titanium is a 4 -door sedan and 5-door hatchback , S, and SE trim levels . A new single- door high-performance ST model joined the line this year with a 1.6 -liter EcoBoost turbo . Another new feature is a 1.0 - liter EcoBoost 3 - cylinder available that Ford says it's not the fuel - the hybrid on the market.

If you like this car ...
If you are looking for a small economical car , but you do not want to sacrifice quality or features in it are usually found only in larger , more expensive models , the Ford Fiesta small car in 2014 is a good choice.

You may not like this car ... when
If you're all about the interior and the high resale value , Honda Fit trumps the Fiesta . And the new models like the Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio offer many of the same features at a lower price.

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2014 Ford Fiesta small / large picture of the front
New for 2014
2014 years of model brings a little ' makeover and a major boost to the performance of the Ford Fiesta online. The ST EcoBoost engine with 197 HP 1.6 is the presumption King Hot Hatch in the small car category . A unique experience EcoBoost 3 - cylinder 1.0 is optional in other models.

Driving the Fiesta
2014 Ford Fiesta on viewing angle photo
driving impressions
Ford has maintained the excellent chassis European atmosphere when she Fiesta in the U.S. On the road, the Fiesta offers a ride that is comfortable and controlled. Press ...

the car through a curve or ramp rear torsion road and you will appreciate the balance , response and communication. 120 horsepower 4-cylinder engine of the Fiesta can be a bit ' weak, but in 2014, there are two alternatives new EcoBoost . 3 - Cylinder provides 1.0 liters focus on energy efficiency, but also good pressure hose. Model 4-cylinder 1.6 spirited ST offers a scintillating 197 horsepower, a number, nothing else in this class approach . ( Stiffer suspension and steering still alive the experience of driving faster ST . ) Standard 5-speed manual transmission ( 6-speed in the ST ) can turn a good acceleration. 6-speed automatic transmission with standard engine is a sophisticated dual-clutch design , but there is no manual control .
Features favorites
Ford SYNC voice communications and voice still strong and desirable to grow.

EcoBoost engines
The new - to -2014 1.0 - liter 3-cylinder and 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine thrust combine efficiency with the spirit of high technology. But , as usual with turbocharger , the real lead foot driving - can run as high fuel consumption.

2014 Ford Fiesta Details
2014 Ford Fiesta Dashboard , center console, shifter view photos
One of the reasons for choosing the Fiesta Asian competitors on the inside. Ford has done a masterful job with styling and interior design of the Fiesta offers a distinctive series of internal decisions , such as white / black leather seats, contrasting trim and leather seating surfaces plum. Soft-touch materials are , where you want ( arm rest , console lid , wheel) and high-end options include heated front seats, starter button selectable ambient lighting, and multi-colored . Navigation is now available on the top models of finish.

2014 Ford Fiesta Photos
2014 Ford Fiesta small car is available in 4-door sedan and 5-door . Both are functional , and blessed with strong character lines , it is worthy young savvy shoppers Ford. Aspects front and rear facelift this year, and the new model ST gets its aggressive treatments that grille, spoiler and side skirts lower . Luke was equipped and positioned as the first model. Fortunately, the painted parts are cheap and ugly hubcaps in sight. You can add sports 17-inch aluminum wheels, keyless entry key keyboards and a variety of colored paint.

The main equipment
standard equipment
Ford Fiesta S sedan in 2014, has air conditioning , four audio radio speaker AM / FM stereo with auxiliary input jack , steering wheel tilt / telescopic , manual 5- speed transmission and the same chassis and powertrain happiness All Fiesta . You also get all the good things of security , such as electronic stability control and seven airbags - including knee airbag on the driver 's side of the first category. Basic Constraints - model are steel wheels and 15-inch roller covered Winch ` em-up window , but SYNC is now included.

optional equipment
A fully loaded 2014 Ford Fiesta Titanium includes a 6-speed automatic transmission , leather seats , sunroof , keyless entry and start roof, the SYNC integration of intelligent voice , audio steering and cruise control , heated seats , satellite radio and a on-board computer mounted on wheels . There is a generous list for small car economy. The new high-performance ST model provides a set of Recaro seats , leather upholstery , heated seats and heated mirrors contains .

Under the hood
Photo 2014 Ford Fiesta Engine
A lot goes into the engine compartment Fiesta 2014. The 1.6 -liter 4- cylinder in-line , it is connected by a pair of turbocharged EcoBoost engines . The exclusive 999cc 3-cylinder EcoBoost 1.0 makes only three horses more than the standard engine, but a lot more torque - good for acceleration - at a very low speed . According to official estimates , the EPA is still coming , but Ford is confident that this will be the most fuel efficient non-hybrid car on the market. Reload the standard engine creates the ' EcoBoost 1.6, with his eye - opening of 197 horses in the ST model . So far only come EcoBoost engine with 5-speed manual transmission with the 1.0 and 6 - speed with the 1.6 . The base engine offers a choice of 5-speed or 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission Ford.

1.6 - liter inline-4
120 hp @ 6350 rpm
£ 112 - ft of torque at 5000 rpm
EPA fuel economy city / highway : 29/39 mpg

1.0 - liter turbocharged inline -3
123 hp at 6,000 rpm
£ 148 - ft of torque at 1400 rpm
EPA city / highway fuel economy : 34/43 mpg (estimated)

1.6 - liter turbocharged 4-cylinder
197 hp @ 6000 rpm
£ 214 - ft of torque at 3500 rpm
EPA city / highway fuel economy : 25/34 mpg (estimated)

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Price manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) 2014 Ford Fiesta range and provide : Sedan S $ 14.795 Basic S Hatch, $ 15.395 , SE Sedan, $ 16.245 , SE Hatch, $ 16.845 , Titanium Sedan, $ 18.995 , Titanium Hatch $ 19.595 and the powerful new ST ( Hatch only ) , $ 22.195 . Loading on most of the options available may increase S sedan at about $ 16.300 and $ 23.000 Titanium Hatch. ST reach $ 26.300 thanks to the option package Recaro leather seats ( $ 1,995 ) . 2014 Honda Fit, the direct competitor to the Fiesta runs $ 16,000 - $ 20,000 and is not as good as the Fiesta usually equipped. Person in the class (including the Mazda2 , Toyota Yaris, Chevrolet Sonic ) offers something like 197 hp Fiesta ST . We plan to fair purchase price is based on transaction prices only stickers. As for resale, we expect the Fiesta reasonable residual values ​​hold just behind the Honda Fit proven.

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