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Chevrolet /ʃɛvrəˈleɪ-metaphorically on behalf of the Chevy, is a kind of American Cars General Motors General Motors Corporation), originally from the Louis Chevrolet ousted gm founder William, while in November 3, 1911 [ 2] Chevrolet because Company obtained by General Motors in 1918 and published by Wasserreinigungsbau sloan to part Vehicles a Major competition with Henry Ford model T
Chevrolet fire Vehicles sold in most markets in the world, with notable exception of our where gm is the Representative of the Australian s. In 2005, Chevrolet as resumed in Europe, in particular in the bait of vehicles a by General Motors of Korea and fill in the" a ople's apple pie.
In North America, Chevrolet produces and sells a range of vehicles from subcompact cars Medium duty commercial trucks. In view of the importance of the Recognitoin of the union of one of Chevrolet General Motors World brands, Chevrolet, Chevy to the problem is used in some cases synonym for gm to the products, for example, the gm 1 lira, Engine, known as the to or to the Evil or since they affect, Chevrolet Small Block Engine.

History of Chevrolet

On November 3 1911, Switzerland race because driver Louis Chevrolet engineer participated in the establishment of a company Chevrolet parking in Detroit with William will while Investment Partners William Company (Small cars, dr. with R campbell (a-in-law will while) in 1912 r.p.m. mclaughlin geographical of gm Canada.
Want to whilst from the Department of General Motors in 1910 for five years. The" ), operates a Vehicle, includes mason and small companies, the President of the company before the founding of the BUICK from gm want while hired Louis Chevrolet to drive buicks breeds promotional" [ 3] will while architecture to use a Chevrolet racer reputation in new taxation because Company
arguments this work First chevy, charged with C Classic six Group of etienne and currently instructions from Luis. The First Model Is ready months Before Chevrolet already included but the first arguments as production ( "until 1912, even in the heart of the n° 1911 production models, reading 1 Before the pattern of production.

The First use of the logo Chevrolet bowtie" [ 4] logo in 1914 the H series models of Royal Mail Baby greater) for series model (six). the background has been the this of will while when i saw the room in the hotel s french" [ 5] More recent Research dated capital raised the issue of the logo is based on the 'coalettes" Company Coal mining ] 6 [ 7] others with that the this style swiss in greeting to the as of Chevrolet that fathers" [ 8] Louis
Chevrolet differences with will while this and will while in 1915 selling the Share in the Company. by 1916, Chevrolet nor which serves enough with success In the lure of type to allow 490 series will during to buy a controlling interest in General Motors. After completion in 1917, will and became the President of the c
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