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Porsche 918 Spyder full review

Porsche 918 Spyder full review

. Porsche 918 Spyder gives us a glimpse into the future of the most electrifying sports car Porsche range , but all that technology makes more or less fun to drive ?

What's this?
The 918 Spyder is one of three radical supercar on the road right now, the others are LaFerrari Ferrari and McLaren P1. All three are built around a bath of carbon and supercar with motor ramping traditional hybrid power . With Porsche 's much cheaper , around £ 650,000 , but it's not the only reason why you are more willing to get their hands : Expected 918 - unit production run of Porsche three times larger than its competitors , and so far have been sold only half.

See what the numbers mean - ammo?
From the racing -derived Porsche RS Spyder , provides the 4.6-liter V8 608bhp 9150rpm at the rear wheels and towers. To add 277bhp power distribution to the front and rear axle for a top speed beyond 211 hours miles and 0 - 62mph in 2.6sec . 918 also holds the record for the current production car - Nordschleife , which stands on 6min 57sec (although McLaren says his P1 bathes in " less than seven minutes," without a specific time ) . Porsche says the hybrid powertrain is interesting that 5sec "bell time .

So the little hybrid is purely there to make energy?
No, it also helps to keep the 918 figures very un- supercar back - like the economy . Unless every trip is short enough to get the most out of a full battery charge , you can forget after 91mpg economy but purely electrically do 918 18 miles with speeds can be up to 93 mph and a long stretch of Stuttgart Introduction Spain, where the gasoline engine was in regular use , the car reached over 30mpg . For a car in the vicinity - 900bhp , it is not to be despised.

Does that stuff hybrid it handles like an arcade game ?
Certainly not . Ignoring the hybrid part for a moment, which is a good sports car in its own right 918. The electric steering is very good, much more satisfying than the 911 (engineers say improve ) , the ride comfort is excellent and the carbon-ceramic brakes, despite a continuing lack of sensation due to the regeneration effect braking massively effective and much less wood than the hybrid Panamera. As well as adding power at high speeds , you can really feel the work of the electric motor during acceleration , say, 60 mph in seventh gear . Traction is excellent and so that it can push the balance of handling , supported by four caster wheels that mimics the stability of a longer wheelbase , a surprisingly friendly car too strong.

Is it obvious when the gasoline engine starts ?
Unless you were born without legs , then yes. With these twin tailpipes emerging over the head V8 a right racket , even if the engine can come and go to the party in city traffic without massive shunt. A knob much like the Ferrari Manettino You can switch between modes. There are e- power that is purely electric, and can still to 62mph in 6.1sec 918 . If you need more , simply press the pedal at a notch to the gasoline engine bring Thu Hybrid mode are two energy sources , while sports and racing performance priority to maximize efficiency. Press the red button in the center of the dial mode course engages in the Hot Lap , and provides maximum performance.

The interior is very smooth. What can you tell us about that ?
Mounted through the door classic opening ( not hard , and by the removal of two roof panels , which facilitates to save in the nose ) and you face dials Porsche familiar style, but the rising center console has very modern with a touch screen, a little a 12C McLaren. Porsche design chief Michael Mauer told us to expect something similar to the next generation of Porsche. The workmanship is very good and very good driving position combined with a little pedal , even if the file is very simple and there is no tilt adjustment wheel ( the 600g would have added ... ) .

And what happens to these rather garish graphics Martini ?
This is a £ 10,000 option package with a red flame inspired painting from 1970 Le Mans winning Porsche 917th You can order them if you help for € 70,000 (approximately £ 58,000 ) Weissach package , a suite based on performance parts including alloy wheels, Alcantara roof ribs and behind the rear wheels decide to improve 40 kg hangar and stability . Not surprisingly, the time Nürburgring was done on a car from Weissach , including weight gain of 40 kg to 186 mph in 19.9sec , 2.1sec faster than the standard car .

So should I buy ?
We still have to take the wheel of the P1 or LaFerrari , so comparisons can not do, but Porsche is great to drive , and the promise to fully work in the city and on the track. You are most millionaires it really 72g/km care ? Probably not, but the hybrid supercar will only become more common , and it is a relief to find that the result is just as exciting as the cars they replace .
in short

Although the 918 is the way quite capable and probably the fastest road car we drove , it is not devoid of comfort. The dashboard contains three dials : a central tachometer 10,000 rpm redline at 9000 revolutions per minute and with a small digital speedometer, a 350 km / h speedometer on the left and a multi-function display d marked driver information to the right. A TFT eight inches to the right of the cluster a display of 3 - D navigation. A second touch screen vertically aligned seven inches in the top of the center column .

The center console is equipped with a Twist scan -friendly mix of tactile surfaces and three buttons classic climate control basically an entertainment medium and infotainment functions in top management . Cockpit - storage is in the door pockets , a vacuum beneath the surface of the console, a glove box, and provided a flap pocket on the back of the ski jump center . The 2.5 cubic meters of trunk is large enough to swallow two roof panels . In addition, a set of luggage is equipped carbon fiber option a role bag that is sized to cuddle in the front pocket and a piece that nests in the vacuum of the center console.

The sports bucket seats have manual settings back and forth , and the amount of power , but no way to change the backrest. The telescopic steering column , but not tip . Thresholds and door top " side almost rigid seats further enhances the application flexibility and patience during the entry and exit maneuvers.

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Partial to no clutch pedal return can be purchased as a 918 Weissach macho. This version 88 pounds weight and comfort . The roof, side mirrors and the frame of the windshield are clear-coated carbon fiber. Magnesium center lock wheels save 30 pounds. Instead of painting, the outer surfaces are coated with a film of vinyl . Inside , light suede replaced the steering wheel , center console and door - decorative cover . Lighter loops replace the interior door handles . The seats are covered with fire retardant fabric , and six-point restrictions are included. Rear Anti -roll carbon fiber versions 1.1 pounds, and save against titanium plates brake pads three books a bar . The glove box , the audio system and air conditioning are sacrificed , cut a total of 14.3 pounds.

Porsche has deposits received from the half of the production run, 918 , occur with first deliveries in the first quarter of 2014 . Every purchase includes a VIP program ensures status line before new Porsche will receive happen in the next 10 years , to 918 property. The final price for U.S. 918 was not announced, but Porsche says the base price for the standard car is $ 845,000 ( over $ 1000 for destination and delivery ) to be. With more than $ 84,000 for the Weissach option.

Since EPA mileage figures are still not available, it is unclear whether the 918 a greedy tax be assessed , but this is unlikely. Porsche expects that 918 mark for the equivalent of 71 mpg in the " New European Driving Cycle " , mainly because it is capable of a substantial part of this test run entirely on electric power only .


At the top of the task list of the 918 engineering team : Breaking the barrier seven lap time on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring minutes. In prototype form at the beginning of last summer , a car clocked 7 minutes 14 seconds - if the feat seven court should be at hand . Walter Röhrl fighter pilot , demonstration laps in Leipzig is provided , it is predicted likely to drop the car in 6:55 to 7: 05 range.

A ring around 420 seconds or less without SteuervielfraßEPA seems unrealistic, but are amazing feats that Porsche 918 Spyder goes . This is the super sports car with performance that dreamed possible. Thank you to some bright and many work hard technical ideas , Porsche produced the first hybrid everyone would ( with a million dollars or more to go )

Porsche 918 news and reviews

With the upcoming McLaren P1 and LaFerrari which is 918 one of a trio of hyper cars 21 Century , the push the limits of technology . Porsche describes as " a car that the technical possibilities of hybrids within the limits of what is possible , take " 918 is the maximum competence of Porsche.

Under the composite body , you will find that even the most complex energy sources to find a bathtub and lightweight carbon fiber stiffly mounted . Battery and fuel tank between the cab and the V8 engine, which is packaged with the rear electric motor and PDK transmission pinched. A second electric motor drives the front wheels, and combined they provide 875bhp and 1280 Nm torque.

Accordingly, the raw numbers are staggering. Garnish Weissach who throws 41 kg curb weight of 1674 kg with titanium screws and magnesium rims option , the 918 will beat 60 mph in 2.5 seconds , reaching 186mph in less than 20 seconds and bathed famous Nürburgring in less than seven minutes. Yet at the same time, thanks to its ability to glide silently in EV mode , the CO2 emissions of 72g/km and fuel consumption has never seen before in a hypercar .

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However, you should not worry purists - see the 918 in the flesh excites the emotions , like a hypercar box. There is beauty in the simplicity of the lines , while the exquisite detail complements the magnificent proportions.

With a racing position - and on the road , pavement lights , active rear spoiler and the tapered tail mean that the 918 seems striking rear , while the extravagance of pure hypercar high Lüftungsabgasist a treat. Inside the ultra - modern interior has a shelf -inspired dials and traditional Porsche , home to a mix of analogue and digital displays center console.

COCOON in monocoque composite is the perfect driving position when the roof panels are easily removed and stored in the trunk tiny nose. Refreshing for such futuristic Autofahrerlebnisbeginnt by simply turning the key - only the strange silence of the electric operation - even if you are not greeted with the roar of a V8.

E-Power mode is still 918 at age 62 mph as long as you do not press the accelerator pedal in just over seven seconds to 93 mph and , at the cheap shot on the motor remains inactive. With a full battery of the 918 promises a range of 18 miles in full zero-emission mode. Gliding silently through the town is a surreal experience, but pleasant, and despite its size, the 918 is not intimidating to drive while active PASM damper mean that the ride is surprisingly compliant.

Apart from pure EV car, there are four other driving programs to choose from : Hybrid , Sport Hybrid and Hybrid Race Hot Lap . In hybrid and electric motors, the work of the engine alternately while in hybrid sports motor Runs constantly with electric motors scaling if necessary after overeating. Hybrid race lasts a little further, and here the level of the battery is varied so that the total electrical energy to be supplied performance.

Finally, Hot Lap allows you all to exhaust a couple of turns the battery power for the ultimate boost. On the track the performance of the 918 is simply incredible - we have never experienced an acceleration as . But it is the character of the V8 Spyder LMP2 RS - derivative that really leave you - speechless.

Passage of electric mode, it roars to life with a rich intensity racing - motor. Rev it so quickly that you are at 9000 rpm redline at a glance. Fortunately, switches the PDK quicker and has a nice place on the downgrade . Hybrid technology can catch the headlines , but the V8 engine custom is a big part of the magic of the 918 - as the chassis is simply stunning. Because it weighs more than a ton and a half of you expect the 918 to feel a little lazy, but you did not notice the weight .

With a center of gravity that is at the hub , the 918 feels so down the road you planted your expectations of what must be accessible to recalibrate in a road car. There is no perceptible role or not, while the grip levels are huge - so you can feel g - heavy force on your body before you notice loses custom floor suspicion Michelin tires.

The direction of the active rear axle with agility , while the steering is quick and well weighted , the most nervous you find unhurried in cars like the Ferrari F12.

Porsche has also worked hard to calibrate the braking system to avoid the feeling of incompatible pedal strike most hybrids . And overall , they did a great job - on the track with heavy braking, you may feel a slight pulsation in the pedal , but only at low speed E-Power mode it is a fraction of feels inconsistent , but never to the extent of the disruption of driving pleasure.

Amazing on course and fascinating on the road, the Porsche 918 is a truly spectacular automotive experience .

What's this?
The 918 Spyder Porsche is loud , the future of the sports car . It is also the spiritual successor to a series of classic Porsche hyper cars from the past - the 959 Carrera GT - and is a technological tour de force at the same time .

The combination of 4.6 liters worth of high speed, the classic V8 engine after the race with electric motors that power the two front and rear axles , it is currently the fastest car on the road in the world , with a combined capacity of 875bhp at 8500rpm and 944 pound feet of torque deafening.

And before you answer a cynical "Yeah, but his means of lithiom ion battery weighs much more than it should be if it is not as fast as it could be if it were a pure sports car ," consider this: the battery on his own act adds some 314 kg unladen weight of the car but its hybrid Porsche engine , says the 918 would be more than five seconds slower around the Nurburgring.

In other words, the combination of the Spyder batteries , electric motors and internal combustion engine classic force not think it affected in any way as a design , but rather optimized to provide as much power , but also the most economical at the same time .

And the numbers they are producing truly exceptional. As in less than seven minutes in the Nürburgring 0 - 60mph in 2.5sec ( in Weissach specification) , 0-186 mph in 19.9sec ( new spec in Weissach ) and between 25 - 30mpg tootling if, in the real world. Really .

Forget for a moment the claims 94.1mpg headlines , they are produced with the wheel of the car only in hybrid mode , the reality is that the 918 in about the same amount of fuel as a high-powered sedan -ish regularly burn rates drive on the road .

This is just unbelievable , you will agree with me, but is also the reason for the 918 to be - because the object of the start of the project , a super sports car, which was able to return 3.0 liters per 100 km was built ( 94.1mpg ) , which also could round the Nurburgring in 7min 15sec . This also means that the car delivered massively on the front of the specifications in its final exposure .

And the cost of all this magic ? € 781,155 ( £ 652,849 ) in the standard specifications or € 853,155 ( £ 712,088 ) to 41 kg lighter Weissach Pack spec.

How is it?
Much more natural to drive than you might think, and , if the fine-tuning of the Porsche 918 for use on the road or on the track , despite their levels of technology , however, was one of the main objectives - fraying , it should feel natural and intuitive driving.

Although initially it can be a little confusing trying to work out what the different types of drives to choose from, which are five in number ; Edrive , hybrid , sports, racing and Hot Laps .

In Edrive exactly from the start you get, but it still means that you have taken enough ecological drive to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds . The ghostly thing in Edrive , as always with electric vehicles is that there is no perceptible noise in the two electric motors , front or back.

But if you press harder on the gas pedal , boom, awakens the V8 and you find yourself driven by a combination of classic and V8 power . However, the transition is smooth as long as you are not very awkwardly with the pedal.

Choose to get hybrid and instant combination of the three engines , but always with answers relaxed seven-speed PDK and gas. Select Sport and the answers to everything - engine, transmission, V8 and two electric motors - are sharper sharper.

And then go back to the sport, and possibly Hot Laps program in which the ESP allows a little slip back and food on more torque to throttle on the front axle with openings to compose the broad middle to upper end of the sub .

The best thing about the Spyder , however, as it disguises its weight. On a track , it feels like it weighs more than 1350 kg - 1400 kg . How it changes direction is amazing , so great for something .

Understeer is almost nonexistent in healthy speed and evenness with which she coins - and serenity , it shows a result - is mind boggling. On the way , on the way through and out of corners , fast or slow.

We have a ricochet exercise with Walter Röhrl driving a GT2 RS forward to follow at a certain time in my Spyder , and the relative lack of effort to stay in touch with Rohl and WG2 was a revelation. This is the only how much more the 918 could accelerate in straight lines , how much better it could look like and how much more speed , it could be mid- corner.

Best of all, Porsche seems to the artificial atmosphere of the brake pedal have suffered as the first prototypes apparently eradicated. On this evidence, the brakes feel a bit like that of any other Porsche feel under heavy loads , it is fantastic , even if the pedal still feels a remote contact under lighter loads , especially in Edrive .

Should I buy ?
Would you like one of the Porsche 918 Spyder , which will be built on the basis of now and buy the end of the construction program : Only about half of the backlog is currently occupied. But these comments are now much more confident that they want.

In the isolation of the 918 Spyder a pretty fantastic combination of high-tech and traditional technique , but the best thing about him is , as natural and pure, it still feels to drive.

In the heart of the 918 is only a good thing to do in cracks and go for a breath in. And it's fast , too, without ever feeling nervous or frightening or overwhelming. Most people can do most of what the car can when it get done . And some people closer to the edge than ever. McLaren P1 and LaFerrari will be quite special, even the freaks , a wider range of functions than that.

Porsche 918 Spyder

Price £ 652.849 ( £ 712.088 Weissach -Pack) , 0 -60mph 2.6sec ( 2.5sec auto Weissach pack ) Maximum 214 hours miles; economy 94.1mpg , 72g/km CO2 curb weight 1674 kg , V8, 4593cc - petrol and electric motors front and back, in the middle of the installation , longitudinal, all-wheel drive , V8 600 bhp at 8700rpm , torque V8 398 pounds ft at 6500rpm , electric front 127bhp/154lb ft- engine, rear electric motor 154bhp/276lb m; 875bhp combined 8500rpm/944lb m transmission 7-speed PDK
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